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guess I cant really claim her as my own…. Err… Also, I browed some style of writing
from James Patterson, just the way he leaves everyone in suspense and all… so good! He
is my inspiration!!! Anyways. Second season era.. some facts changed… they will be
explained in the story.

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Meaning Of Love

By the Untalented JOxER

Chapter one.

Nathan Hale Bridger fiddled with his thumbs while he waited for the results on Lucas'
test. Nathan stretched his legs as he sat uncomfortably on the bench outside the DMV.
Nathan looked up as he heard a car coming in and looked at the incoming car- it was a
red sport car. Wrong car, Nathan thought. Nathan sighed as he returned to playing thumb
war against himself.

"Morning," A pretty woman said as she sat next to Nathan.

"Morning," Nathan replied nervously to the nice smiling woman.

"You too?" The woman asked. Nathan gave her a confused look and she continued. "I
have my daughter taking her driver's test too. I am a nervous wreck!"

"Oh ... yeah ... My son is on the road right now. He passed the written part, but what
counts is the behind the wheel," Nathan said, referring to Lucas as his son. He smiled at
the fact that it was his SON.

"Tell me about it. My girl, Ruby, is a good driver and all but that doesn't stop my nerves
from being jumpy."

"I know." Nathan was about to go further into the discussion when another car came
pulling into the driveway. It was a black small sports car. Nathan took a deep breath as
Lucas Bridger emerged from the driver's side and had a stone face. Oh no, Nathan
thought. Lucas came near his father with the same look.

"How did it go?" Nathan asked the emotionless teen.

"Well…" Lucas couldn't keep his happiness inside anymore; he began to laugh. "I
PASSED!" Lucas shouted. Nathan was pleased and, unannounced, hugged Lucas. Lucas
stiffened but did not move away from the hug. Nathan noted the reaction to the hug. It
has been four month since Lucas' real father was sentence to jail for child abuse but it
was hard for Nathan fix the 17 years of abuse in just a few months. Nathan started to
spend time with his new son and tried to give him the love his parents never gave him.

The seaQuest II was in development, since Bridger sacrificed the first seaQuest. Even
with Dr. Lawrence Wolenczak in jail, the World Project just replaced him with another
equally qualified scientist. After a power surge had frozen the whole world, they lost
control. Nathan had to make a decision on how to close the hole in the ocean. A
substitute for Dr. Wolenczak, Dr. Robert Jolivette mentioned to the captain that there was
only one way to save the world, and it would take an enormous force. Nathan made the
decision to autopilot the seaQuest into the ocean floor, using the million megatons to plug
up the hole. Nathan and the doctor made it out just as the seaQuest neared the hole.

Now, the seaQuest II was being built and Nathan was trilled that he survived, but even
more trilled that he had the 7 months to spend time with Lucas. Nathan had rented a
beach house near where the seaQuest II was being built.

Still, the nightmares from Lucas' pass never fully went away. The reactions to being
loved were all too new for the teen. Nathan knew not to force Lucas to love; it would all
come in time. Nathan let his son go and put his arm around his shoulders and walked
Lucas inside the building. Lucas took his picture and got his license at that moment.
Lucas frowned; his picture wasn't the way he wanted it to come out.

"What's wrong?" Nathan asked as Lucas moaned. Lucas handed his father the license
and Nathan smiled as he read the name on the license - Lucas Daniel Bridger. Nathan
laughed at the picture. Lucas eyes were half closed and his smile was a little crocked.

"Are you drunk?" Nathan laughed.

"Hahaha … It is not me! I swear they said 'I will count to three' and at two they took the
picture!" Lucas completed.

"It is not that bad." Nathan said as he reached for his pocket, pulling out his own license
for Lucas to see. Lucas chuckled as he saw the Captains picture - his mouth was opened
as if he was singing. "Told you."

"You're right - this is totally worse! … I never knew you had pure black hair?" Lucas
playfully said. Nathan ran his fingers through his salt and pepper hair.

"Hey, just because you have a license, that doesn't mean that I am going to let you drive
the car!"

"But DDDAAADDD!" Lucas whined.

"Don't 'dad' me," Nathan said as he opened the drier side door. Lucas looked at him with
pleading eyes to let him drive. "Fine, go ahead," Nathan said. He couldn't say no to the
teen and Lucas knew that, and used it to his advantage. Lucas got into the car and started
it. The seat belts automatically fastened around the two and they headed home.

"So Lucas, are you going to tell Dayna about your new license?" Nathan asked. Lucas
blushed at the mention of the girl's name. The two hit it off a couple of months back at
the hotel and, ever since then, the two have been chatting on the interenx or talking on the

"Yeah. Can I ask you a big favor, dad?" Lucas shyly asked.

"It depends … what kind of favor?"

"Can I take the car tonight and pick up Day at work?"

"Lucas, you have barely had your license for 2 minutes!"

"Yeah but I…"

"You are not going to win this one. Wait about two weeks and then we will see."

"Two WEEKS!?"

"You want to make it two months?"

"Fine, two weeks sounds good to me," Lucas said sadly.

"So, how is the new programming for the seaQuest II coming along?" Nathan asked,
trying to pick up another rhythm of conversation.

"Great! I am almost done, just some nicks in the hardware to get done and viola!"

"That sounds great. I heard from the other staff that the computer program is top of the
line." Lucas blushed again at his father's comment.

"It's nothing."

"Uh huh, come out, let it out! You know you're that good!"

Lucas laughed and polished his fingernails on his shirt. "Well, when you got the skills
…" The two began to laugh as they reached Nathan's little island beach house. Lucas
parked the car just outside the beach house and ran inside the house. Nathan had his
suspicions about the teen's action and locked the sport car before entering the house.

When Nathan entered the house, his suspicions were conformed. Lucas was in his office,
connecting a link to Dayna's house. Nathan only laughed as he softly knocked on the
office door. Lucas turned around, surprised that someone was with him.


"After the call, do you want something to eat?"

"Sure … but if you are hungry, don't wait for me ..." Lucas said, returning his attention at
the screen. Nathan knew from previous calls, Lucas would talk to her for hours. 'Good
thing that she lives near the area'. Within seconds, Dayna Patterson appeared in the
screen and smiled. Nathan left the two young lovers in the room as he went to the

Lucas had fallen in love with Dayna ever since they met at the hotel. Nathan remembered
when Lucas told him under what circumstances the two met, and laughed. Dayna was just
a year older than Lucas and a freshman in college. She was no genius like Lucas, she was some
what computer smart like Lucas.But other than that, She was just a regular girl. Nathan smiled as he opened the
refrigerator door and picked out some left over take out.


"Eat your dinner, Wolenczak," a guard told the inmate Dr. Lawrence Wolenczak as
Lawrence played with his peas in the cafeteria's prison.

"Would you eat this shit? No, I don't think so!" Lawrence shot back and went to his task.
Another inmate sat down next to the famous doctor as the guard walked away from the

"Hey Wolenczak, have you heard the good news?" the smiling inmate asked.

"What the fuck do you want?" the annoyed doctor shot back.

"Your boy is living the high life. He has been a pretty busy boy - the seaQuest II is
almost fully operational, so the news says!!! And here you are eating left-over peas from
Monday and drinking stale iced tea!!! It is just too funny!" the inmate laughed

The mention of his son brought up so much rage in the once-famous doctor. The inmate
that brought up the comment was so busy laughing that he didn't notice when Lawrence
got up and tackled him. They both were fighting and Lawrence was banging the other
man's head on the cement floor. Other inmates began to crowd around the two fighters
and cheered as Lawrence kept on banging the other man's head on the floor. The other
man was already passed out but Lawrence continued to bash the man's head. Four
warden's made their way into the center of the circle crowd and three of them had to
restrain Lawrence from the other man. Lawrence was driven by pure rage.

"Let the asshole die!" Lawrence said as the remaining warden checked out the man on
the floor. A small puddle of blood began to stain the floor.

"Let the fucker bleed!" Lawrence said as he was dragged out of the dining area. One of
the warden's turned around and gave Lawrence a punch to the stomach.

"Shut up fucker!" the warden said to the resisting Lawrence. Lawrence didn't expect the
blow and obeyed the warden. The warden signaled to the other and they both nodded.

"So, you're a tough guy, right? How does one week in I-SO sound to you?"

"Why don't you make it two, just to be on the safe side?!"

"You asked for it, fucker." With that, the three dragged Lawrence to the isolation wing
and threw him into a cell. "Have a nice two weeks!" The warden said as he locked the
door. Lawrence started to walk around the cell, growing madder and madder by the

"Let me out!!! Wait! You better not! Once I get out I will kill you!!! Just let me out and
you will see!!! FUCK! Let me out!" Lawrence screamed before he started to settle down.
He began to breath heavier and heavier, this was one thing Lawrence hated - being locked
up in Iso. It wasn't his first time either. He sat hard on the steel bunk and began to talk
to himself.

"You will all see … I will get out … I will get revenge!" Lawrence repeated in his mind.
He was informed by one of his lawyers that Lucas was living a new life with Bridger, and
that his parental rights towards Lucas were terminated. Lucas had made his life a living
hell! It was all the boys fault - here he was in jail because of the pesky boy. He lost
everything! His job, his money, his name! No one will ever think of Lawrence
Wolenczak as a famous scientist and doctor. Oh no, they would think of that the guy who
is in jail for child abuse! "FUCK! I will get out!!" Lawrence screamed out again.
Lawrence slammed his fist on the steel bunk and began to think of the perfect plan as his
knuckles began to bleed.