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Meaning of Love

By the Untalented JOxER

Chapter 15

Nathan Bridger held Kristin's hand tighter as they entered the room that was labeled Bridger, L in blue marker. Dr. Wayne Davis stood there at the door as the two couple walked in. Nathan had seen Lucas already but his condition still made him cringe. But, It was Kristin's first time seeing him and she actually turned her head away and gasped. Nathan pulled her to a hug and encouraged her to follow him. Nathan led the way to Lucas bed. Kristin had found the strength to see Lucas once again. She went over to him and brushed his hair that was on his forehead with her fingers.

"My poor boy... my poor Lucas..." She said as she kissed his forehead. Lucas moved his head a bit. Dr. Davis knew that Lucas was awake and alert, but he was still groggy from the anesthetic. "Lucas?" Kristin said as the teen tried to open his eyes. Nathan was next to Lucas, waiting for those blue eyes to look at him.

Lucas' eyes opened as small slits at first. He closed them again and opened them fully. He squinted a bit as to get used to the light and he looked around. He saw his father and Kristin hovering over him. He tried to speak but his throat was still sore for some reason. He tried to move but a wave of pain went through his body.

"Woa Lucas.. Take it easy.." Dr. Davis quickly went by his side.

"Dad?..... Lucas managed. Nathan quickly took Lucas' hand.

"I am here Lucas.. I am right here..." Nathan said as he crested Lucas' brushed face. He saw Lucas' eyes start to close once more but it seemed Lucas was fighting to stay awake. "Don't fight it Lucas, you need your rest.."

"Dayna?.. Where's Dayna..." Lucas whispered as sleep was calling him.

"Shh.. It is ok Lucas.. She is ok... " Kristin said to ease his worrying mind. Lucas looked at his father again for confirmation of what Kristin had said. He knew his father would never lie to him. Nathan only nodded his head as if he was in agreement. Lucas sighed out of relief and closed his eyes once more.

"Please.. stay...." He whispered once more as he fell back to sleep.

"The world could come to an end but I wouldn't move." Nathan said as he was going to stick to that promise. Kristin had turned to Dr. Davis as he was writing something down in his chart. She went into full doctor mode and discussed Lucas' condition. Nathan had heard this already and just turns towards the window that had a full view of the road below. His thoughts went back to the time Lucas tried to jump off the building. Even though he didn't and said that he was over that feeling, Nathan couldn't get that out of his mind. He turned towards the two doctors that were going over Lucas' chart.

"How secure is this building?" He said out of the blue. Both the doctors were taken back.

"What do you mean?" Dr. Davis said as Kristin gave Nathan a confused look.

"He might want to jump off once more." Nathan said as he looked at Lucas.

"Oh Nathan... he was hurting back then. He felt alone and scared out of his mind.. He has changed now. He has us..." Kristin said as she went towards him and took his hand.

"I know Kris... but..." Nathan said as he looked towards the doctor. "Just tell me if your stair doors are secure..."

"There are is no access to the stairs to the roof without one of these... " Dr. Davis said as he held up an access card. "Computer operated." He said, as he wasn't too sure what was going on. Nathan only nodded his head and walked back towards the window, lost in his own thoughts.

Dr. Davis informed Kristin that he had to check on other patients and that visitor hour's ends at 9pm but he would extend them if needed. Kristin thanked him and saw him out the room. She notices that Nathan was not even aware that the doctor had left. She went towards the window he was near and also looked out.

"Such a beautiful sunset.. " She said as the sky's purple and orange colors seemed soothing. She waited for Nathan to say something but he didn't. He was lost in his own world. She continued to wait. After a few minutes of total silence, Nathan finally spoke up.

"He doesn't deserve this... he has done nothing wrong to anyone..." Nathan said as his thoughts were still on Lucas. How could this happen to his son? Why this child?

Kristin knew there were no words that would ease the captains aching and angry heart. She held Nathan in a tight embrace and watched the end of the sunset. Nathan patted her shoulder as a Thank You and walked back to the chair near Lucas' bed. He sat there and rested his chin on his hand. He sighed as he shook his head and looked back at Kristin.

"Have you informed the crew?" Nathan asked.

"I told Ben. The only reason he isn't here was that I told him to inform them. Frankly I wouldn't be surprised that he won't be coming down here once he is done." Kristin replied as she smiled a bit. Ben would have walked also through fire for this kid. She didn't blame him. So would she. She looked at Nathan. Mostly as his eye that was turning a shade of reddish purple. "I can't believe Mr. Patterson's actions..." She trailed off. Trying to understand what was going on through the mans head.

"I can't say I don't blame him. He is very angry.. and..."

"He is hurting just as much as you are....." A voice from the door spoke up. Both Nathan and Kristin turned to see Brenda Patterson at the door. "I am sorry.. Can I have a few words with you?" She asked looking at Nathan.

"Sure.." Nathan said as he motioned for her to come inside the room. Brenda came in and looked at Lucas.

"How is he doing?" She asked, one of the reasons she came by.

"He's doing better than how he looks. He was more worried about Dayna when he woke up. How is she doing?" Nahtan answered.

Brenda sighed. "Shes alive..." She said as she was about to burst into tears. She held her emotions. "She was serverally beating up. And she had been in surgery for the past 3 hours to repair so many damages to her insides.... some technical terms the doctor used... She takes after Dan.. Shes so damn strong..." Brenda said as she kept looking at Lucas. Both Nathan and Kristin were silent. They all gotten to get attached to Dayna just like Lucas had and it was divesting to even learn that she was also hurt in all this. Brenda couldn't take the silence in the room. She coughed a bit. "I came down here for several reasons... one was to find out about Lucas.. and I am glad that he is ok..." Brenda said.

"We are also glad to find out that Dayna is going to be alright as well." Kristin said as she tried to take Brenda's hand. Brenda stood up as she was fighting to say what she came down here to say. Kristin and Nathan took notice of her behavior. "Mrs. Patterson.. What is wrong?"

"I don't want this.. But.. Dan.. He is my husband... and..." Brenda said as she rubbed her arm. A sign of nervousness. Nathan had a bad feeling of what was she going to say. "After this whole situation.. we are taking Dayna away for a while. Back to the country with my parents for her to get this past her.... we don't want Lucas to have any contact with her anymore after this..."

"You can't be serious" Kristin said as she read the exact thoughts of Nathan's.

"We are. I don't want this to happen again.. Or for Dayna to remember all this... she is going to get some mental help for her and all... but... we wish Lucas not to be part of her life any longer." Brenda said.

"This will devastate him... how can you think this.. They both love each other. You can't tell us what is best. This was not Lucas' fault and yet you are punishing him!. Dayna has to make this decision on her own...." Kristin defended Lucas.

"We know what is best for our daughter. We don't blame Lucas at all."

"Yea right!" Nathan now said. Getting a bit angry.

"Mr. Bridger, I am sorry for Dan's action... And we don't blame Lucas at all...It is just that..." Brenda tired to come up with something. They did really blame Lucas but saying was wrong. She knew it was wrong to blame Lucas. But they had to blame someone. She began to walk to the door. "If Lucas tries to contact Dayna.. I don't know what we will do..." Brenda said as she walked out of the room leaving the two seaQuest crewmembers in confusion. They both looked at the sleeping teenager. One thing after another. They both hoped that things will get better for Lucas... but it seems that it only gets worse.

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