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Dawn to Dusk
Twilight of Mixing Time

She surveyed the battlefield from the top of a nearby hill. It was a sea of black as her forces clashed with the vile monsters from the vilest realms. They were her hated enemies, heartless souls forced to bear a mask to protect their bear instinct. "Our shinigami shall wipe clean this stain of hollow. The purified souls will return to where they belong."

The woman was tall and beautiful. Her slanted, hazel eyes almost appeared golden, and her dark, red hair almost seemed raven black. To her peers, it gave her a timeless and regal form. She was fairly buxom, although, her shihakushou's standard cut kept men from gawking. Sewn into her shihakushou in seemingly random spots were galaxy-like spirals. However, they were hidden by the white captain's haori she wore with 'hime' clearly printed in velvet lettering.

Instead of strapping her sheathed zanpakutou to her, she firmly hugged it to her chest. It looked fairly plain and katana-like while in its sealed state and sheathed. Just below the spiral galaxy-like cross guard, a pink ribbon was tied to the sheath's base. The grip was wrapped tightly in dark, velvet died leather, although careful inspection revealed what appeared to be spines sticking up at odd, random intervals. Surely if anybody were to wield the blade, said person would be hard-pressed to keep hold.

"Hime-sama!" She turned to face the man who greeted her. He was a field commander. It was before Yamamoto's academy or the division into thirteen court guards, so he wore no formal insignia to identify his squadron. She inclined her head to acknowledge him, and he reported. "Yamamoto-taichou wishes to inform you the line is holding. We're ready at any time."

She nodded, and he carefully left. As she approached the crest of the hill, she was flanked by two shinigami in very different attire. She recognized them by their reiatsu, so she barely even acknowledged them. She did incline her head towards each as she identified them. "Awai. Kago."

Awai's eyes were a darker shade of hazel, almost chestnut. Her eyelids were lazily half-shut. Her raven hair was tightly parted down the middle by two pigtails cascading down either side and down to her ankles. Her height was average and build feminine. Her shihakushou was left unaltered. Her only unique accessories were her right hand's ring and earrings. The band around her finger was platinum with gold outline twisting around a family symbol, a half-sun and half-moon with the sun in orthoclase and moon in sapphire. The earrings were of similar design.

Her zanpakutou was thick in its sheath, an almost cleaver-like katana. The cross guard was shaped like a four-pointed star, and grip was wrapped in nearly blood-red leather. The tassel hanging at the end was the same color. It was strapped diagonally left down her back for easy drawing with her right without concern for an opening strike.

Kago's aging eyes appeared ashen hazel with contrasting, bold lightning bolt-like shapes within. His black hair was tied back in a formal ponytail, and the grey strands highlighted his aging face. He was very tall and well toned. He largely left his shihakushou alone, except he tore off the sleeves because they got in the way of his movement. He wore a simple, gold wedding band on a necklace around his neck.

His zanpakutou was better described as a heavy blade. It wasn't exactly sheathed but rather held by enough leather straps to his back that it may as well have been. It was a double edged sword nearly as long as he was tall; it was easily as wide as an average body and thick as a finger length along the center. The cross guard stretched out as a thick triangle even thicker and wider than the heavy blade. The grip was easily long enough for four of his hands and wrapped in red leather. The pommel actually housed a ruby and held three pairs of platinum-colored tassels.

"Please release your zanpakutou." The woman continued. "The hollow will not stand back and simply allow themselves to die by Our hand." She turned her full attention to the sea of warriors. She started drawing runes in the air with her finger. The lines of each rune glowed until it was complete, and she started on the next. The air was soon thick with her reiatsu.

Awai unsheathed her katana to reveal the almost normal looking blade, except it was slightly offset near the center. Near the cross guard was a fist-sized red gem. She scraped the cutting edge along her thumb as she called forth her partner. "[Issai Ukiyo Musaborikurau, Chishiokage]." A blood-red color spread across the entire blade from where it appeared to cut her thumb. Tiny grooves started from multiple points along the cutting edge and led to a long groove ending at a special shape near the cross guard. The tassel transformed into a chain.

Koga drew his heavy blade over his head, easily hefting its massive weight. He sighed before awakening his partner. He pointed the tip of the blade to the heavens. "[Banjin no Dou oyobi Iki Kujiku, Tadai Kinzoku]." It changed drastically as globs of metal dripped out an opening like a gaping maw. The pommel sported a flower surrounding the ruby with six chains hanging from it instead of tassels. The grip was the same, but the cross guard was gone. Instead, the blade swept down like wings with a saw like effect near the end. The blade was still duel-edged, but it was split down the center and actually held closed by a pair of the chains from the pommel wrapping up it, and gears were apparent along with a trigger tucked near the base. It was a very ornate mechanical blade, or mechblade.

Awai and Koga stayed near their princess to defend her against any incoming threat. If their shikai didn't scare would be attackers off, their reiatsu most certainly was up to the task. Without going a step further, they were forces to be reckoned with on their own. Together, they stood more like a wall than individuals to attack. Their presence allowed the princess to continue whatever ritual she was performing.

Kago bent his arm in front of his body and narrowed his eyes as he concentrated. The pair of chains wrapping the sword unwrapped and dangled beside the other two pairs for a moment. As he continued concentrating, several hollow blindly began rushing the hill, and the chains stiffened. As they crept up his arm, he looked over his shoulder to Awai. "What we got to deal with?"

With a heavy sigh, she slid her thumb over the strange outcropping at the base of the blade, neatly fitting said thumb between two points of the cross guard. Her eyes lazily scanned the battlefield and approaching line of hollow. "They're nothing but small fries. Don't be surprised if Hime-sama attracts any gilian or ajucas our way."

He nodded and flexed his chain-covered arm. The chains hanging off the pommel of his mechblade acted as armor, but it was a power his zanpakutou conferred to him. It sharpened his blade and made it a quasi cannon. The two halves violently separated to widen the gap between them, revealing the inner mechanics. "Ah, I was hoping for a vastrode or two."

Awai rolled her eyes. "Even if Hime-sama can handle menos of that caliber, we wouldn't be able to defend her from them long enough to complete her kidou." The air around her wavered as she crouched and drew her blade back into an awkward stance. She thrust the chain into the ground as she took aim at the most forward position of attacking hollow. "Hurry up and get this over with, so I can go back to watching clouds. Ketsurui a Kagennotsuki!"

Kago shook his head as he watched his partner in crime. She opened the gambit with her strongest technique, at least in her current state, so he decided to respond in kind. He rushed the nearest hollow before charging his zanpakutou with reiatsu and calling the attack. "Denshikaku Happa!" The poor hollow didn't know what hit them.

The hollow nearest Awai had a sudden sense of dread. All it could smell and sense was blood. After twirling around, she sliced her blade over head and diagonally to the ground. A wall of red extended from her. The hollow soon found out it was a wall thick with reiatsu-infused blood, and it did its best to defend against it. Weak from the initial attack, it found itself wrapped in a chain extending from the pommel of a sword behind it to the ground where Awai…had been standing.

The hollow realized it had a massive gash in its arm. It didn't even see her fist movement after releasing the massive blood-reiatsu attack. It turned to try crushing her shoulder in its jaw only to see her disappear again. It arched back in pain as the chains ripped through its body. As it fell and disintegrated, it saw the chain grow smaller as it retracted back to the pommel. She was already plowing through her next victim.

Kago's first target barely survived the initial barrage. It was severely weakened by his multiple strikes and panting because of constantly needing to dodge. When he suddenly disappeared from its vision, it frantically looked around only to feel a sharp and immense pain from behind. It was burning, and a hard shell was forming around it. It desperately tried to move.

"Tsk…" Kago clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth as he walked into the hollow's peripheral vision, sword tapping against his shoulder. "It's always the stupid one's who rush in." He was standing in front of the hollow with his blade raised high. "Thankfully, that little show of power was just to distract the big boys from Hime-sama. Goodbye." He mercifully ended the tainted soul's existence by slashing its mask.

Awai and Kago turned their attention to the shrill shriek once they finished cutting through the lines. They may have used their strongest shikai technique multiple times, but neither felt winded. They watched the two gilian turn their attention from their princess towards them. The mass of black and red energy grew larger in each of their jaws.

"Tsk… It's just a cero." Kago responded uninterestedly. He tapped his mechblade against his shoulder twice before hefting it high then pointing the tip at the forming cero. As the energy stopped gathering, he tucked his finger near the hidden trigger and started to squeeze.

Awai shook her head before pulling her arm back, so the tip of her katana was flush with her stomach. She closed her eyes and took a relaxing breath. She opened them when she heard the telltale signs of a cero being released. Knowing her comrade would be the first to strike, she watched him out of the corner of her eye.

Kago squeezed the trigger, and a metal glob shot from the open maw of his mechblade. It flew straight to intercept the cero which paused for a split second in its trajectory. He smirked and squeezed the trigger again and again. As more metallic globs hit it, the cero appeared to be frozen in its path. Eventually, the shots he was firing broke threw and hit the gilian, and its mask loudly cracked as it dissolved.

Awai thrust her katana forward when it looked like the cero was about to impact her. She sliced threw it easily, and the red and black ball of negative energy slid up to the cross guard. She closed her eyes and swung it around her body, added her bloody reiatsu to it, and flung it back from whence it came. The gilian practically exploded from the massive impact as its mask dissolved nearly instantaneously.

For an instant, all fighting on the battlefield stopped. Even the shinigami, having seen the show of power from their princess' personal bodyguard many times before, were in awe of their raw ability to singlehandedly deal with feared menos. However, the hollow, fearing the massive spike of reiatsu, didn't waste much time recovering and returning to the battle.

As the battle was rejoined, two shinigami appeared behind Awai and Koga. While Awai lazily watched the ebb and flow of the battle below the hill, Kago addressed the newcomers. "As bodyguards to Hime-sama, what do you think you're doing so late?" He didn't sound angry, but he was certainly cross. He noted their expressions and sighed. "Medi-chan, I want a report on the wounded. Saigo, I want a report from the taichou."

The girl called 'Medi-chan' was obviously a medic, likely eccentric. She never allowed herself to be called Medixia, her true name. She was short and slender with a build a mix between an older teen and young woman. Her hair was an odd, dark-blue, and it was done up in two balls on either side of her head and slightly back, no pigtails. Her bangs were neatly parted around her eyes as to not obstruct her vision.

Her violet eyes looked on seductively as if to tantalize any poor, on looking souls. Well, they were also very soothing. Her shihakushou was standard cut to hide her feminine curves to some degree, but an odd design trait brought out her eyes. Below her collarbone on either side was an intricate design of a butterfly. They were gentle blue with black fringe highlighting blotches of blue and white. She accessorized with pearl stud earrings, pearl-colored gloves, and a lavender sash gently resting along her waist.

She was indicated as a doctor by the white sash over her left bicep. She closed her eyes and smiled sweetly as she responded. "Oh, we've hardly had any injuries." She cupped her right hand to rub the ring of her hidden zanpakutou. It was a scalpel with its sheath hidden inside her right sleeve. She drew it and twirled it around her middle finger. Besides its unusual design as scalpel, it had a thorny-rose design etched onto the blade. "My team's keeping up splendidly."

Saigo sighed at the short report from her peer. Like the medic, she had unusually colored hair. Hers was mist blue, but it was tied into a tight ponytail. It was so tight it arched up before dropping below her shoulder blades. Her bangs were parted to allow strands of her hair to fall gently on either side of her forehead. Her eyes were pale green and strangely reflective. She was average sized though lanky, and her build indicated she was a natural runner.

Her tanned body was a few shades lighter than her red, jigoku shihakushou. Running from behind her left ear and nearly parallel to her jugular was a scar the same blood-red color as her shihakushou. Unseen, the scar actually continued down her left shoulder and its blade then parallel to her spine. Upon reaching her waist, it angled right before ending in a hook shape on her outer, right thigh.

Like the medic, she sheathed her zanpakutou inside her right sleeve. It was a kunai with a loop just large enough for a finger to slip through attached to a series of strings, gears, and springs. It was a projectile whip of sorts. The gears and strings were housed inside turquoise beads she wore over her sky blue sash around her waist. Along the beads were specifically separated rings. "I'll get the reports from the individual taichou immediately. Do you want reports from each squadron or only the larger ones?"

As it was before Yamamoto divided the shinigami forces into the thirteen court guards, their princess only had them divided into squadrons of sizes appropriate to each field commander. Therefore, a stronger field commander could lead more troops into battle. The specialty of the field commander also determined what role the squadron played. It was easier to manage and had less complex rules.

Kago scratched the back of his head. "I guess we need reports from each squadron." He took his duty seriously, but he wasn't sure why he was the one in charge of making commands. He felt the superior strategist, Awai, made a better commander. He turned to his counterpart to ask her opinion. "You don't think it would be acceptable to just get the larger squadrons', right?"

As she was about to answer, the princess answered instead. "Our kidou is almost complete. Instead of wasting time gathering reports, have Saigo inform the troops of Our command. We command that all Our shinigami capable of shikai enter shikai. If Our shinigami is in bankai, We command that such shinigami reduce to shikai. Thus We have commanded."

Kago bowed his head appropriately. "You heard Hime-sama! You are to enter shikai and carry out your duties. Saigo, I expect you to inform all the troops in a timely fashion. You are the fastest one among us, so the duty falls to you. Medi-chan, I expect all medical preparations to be made. We don't yet know the full effects of Hime-sama's kidou, so you are to assume injuries."

Saigo raised her hand flush with her face. She held her kunai between her fore and middle finger, so the sharp edge was sticking out from her fisted hand. "[Nanimokamo Ayatsuru, Hyoushouho!]" The wire connecting the kunai to her sash was engulfed in blue flame, and wisps of the same flame licked the rings separated by beads over the same sash. Opening her hand, she dropped her kunai, but it stopped in midair just before she swept her hand across the plane just above where it stalled. After a burst of turquoise reiatsu, five kunai surrounded her, attached by turquoise flames. The air surrounding her was cold enough that her breath could be seen.

With one hand, Medixia held the small grip of her scalpel. With another hand, she wrapped a finger through the loop at the end. "[Hirahira tame Aozora, Chouchou!]" She pulled her hands apart, and a long chain formed between the loop and rest of the scalpel. A violent rush of reiatsu shrouded her in dust which quickly settled under the pressure of the same reiatsu. She stood confidently with a quarterstaff in her grip. Barely visible, five lines subdivided the weapon longer than she was tall. Along the first and sixth subdivision, a total of six blades appeared each in a blossoming flower-like formation. The light caught them well enough to reveal they were laced with something.

Saiga disappeared with a burst. Among shinigami, she was second in shunpo only to their princess. Medixia stuck close by and walked to Kago. For once, a serious expression creased her face. "Didn't Hime-sama predict a greater menos presence?" She didn't want to be taken wrong. She really didn't mind seeing fewer of those powerhouses than necessary because it made her job easier, but she'd never heard of their princess being wrong.

He nodded. "She said at least one vastrode would make an appearance." He scanned the horizon before cursing his reiatsu sense. "If one came, it could be hiding its reiatsu. Even Awai hasn't made mention of one." He carefully looked over to the aforementioned woman, and she shook her head in confirmation. Indeed, she sensed nothing akin to the most feared of hollow.

Medixia nodded. She hated to stay in a depressing mood for long, so she immediately lightened the mood with a sultry grin. "Well, I better check how my patients are doing." She took off at a sprint before turning and waving over her shoulder. "You two be careful out there!" She gave both Kago and Awai a wink before blowing each a kiss. She ignored their reactions as she continued on her merry way.

Kago rolled his eyes while Awai lazily returned her attention to the chaos just beyond the ridge. They noted that the superior numbers of hollow had managed to push the line back. It didn't help that the shinigami below were being ordered to remain in shikai and go no higher. To the few who could use bankai, it almost seemed an immediate disadvantage.

Standing above them, the princess watched her faithful shinigami follow orders. She felt the truth more than anybody. There were three types of shinigami on the field of battle. First, the vast majority fought at their full power because they had to in order to survive. Then, there were a few showing off by going a stage higher than need be. Finally, a few held back to make things more interesting.

When taking the two extremes into account, the power balance was actually maintained. Those showing off reduced their reiatsu while those holding back increased theirs. Instinctively, her well trained warriors knew to pull back and give the hollow a false hope of victory. After all, how were they to counter attack when flanking maneuvers were made impossible by the terrain?

The princess detected the exact moment when all her shinigami capable of shikai were at that level. She knew exactly where her army's strength lied, and the moment also signaled the hollows' worst fear. They screamed in unison as they tried to gather what remained of their energy for a collective offense. They took aim at the princess as her reiatsu spiked to unprecedented levels.

She carved 'seal' as a glowing rune in the air, and an explosion of white blinded the battlefield. A curt sentence declared victory. "Purify this taint." The princess' voice was deliberately calm. She turned on her heels as the blinding bright light died, and she walked from the scene of destruction. As she passed them, she gave her final orders for the victorious battle. "We command the wounded be gathered and treated. They have served Us well and will be rewarded. Thus We have commanded."

Kago and Awai bowed low. Once they used shunpo to carry out their orders, the princess looked over her shoulder. "The vastrode cowardly watched its allies march to their deaths. We are not impressed." She used her own shunpo to show her confidence to the only remaining hollow who then quietly skulked away.

She was in no hurry. She really wasn't. After all, she was the princess of all Soul Society, and the Seireitei was more like her castle than a simple shinigami headquarters. As royalty, she was far too often cooped up and kept away from danger. "Our Yonkami Taishou pamper Us too much. We should be on the frontlines with Our shinigami."

She stepped onto the balcony leading to her personal quarters and froze. Her eyes narrowed dangerously as she peered through the open window. She wasn't frozen from fear but annoyance, so she quickly resumed her trek into her room. Once through the portal, she addressed the intruder. "You stick out worse than that jigoku shinigami…" She paused to glower at him. "…Kenpachi."

He was by no means a small man. Even compared to Kago, he was a large, burly man. He let his long, raven black hair hang every which way, and it was heavy enough that it cascaded almost to his mid back. It was still mussed from battle, and his face looked bloodied and frazzled.

His shihakushou was so torn it acted as little more than a rag, and even a small gust revealed his scarred body. The lower half was only held on by his blood-soaked sash which also held his katana-like zanpakutou by his side. He regarded her for a second as he picked some fuzz out of his ear. "Eh, should I call you Hime-sama like ever'ne else or stick with Hikari?"

She groaned at his impudence. "You're always the same, Kenpachi. We have commanded thus before." She unfolded her arms and tightened her hand around her zanpakutou's grip. "It is rude to call Us by Our name. We are your sovereign; do not forget."

He flicked his pinky before rubbing it against what rags remained. "Whatever. I just came 'ere to find out 'bout tha' kidou." He noticed her twisting hand tighten on the grip, and he let out an exasperated sigh. "…Hime-sama." She loosened her hold and refolded her arms over her chest. "Ya commanded me inta shikai fer ya little display. I wanna know what tha' was."

Hikari held back a smirk. "We used an incomplete kidou. The battle today was only a test." She was partly lying, but she didn't feel like explaining it to somebody outside her Yonkami Taishou, and Kenpachi was most certainly not privileged enough in her eyes. She didn't know where, but he picked up his name long before he became a shinigami. To her, it seemed as much a title as princess…only of far less solemnity.

He rolled the information around his head for a moment. He wasn't the brightest bulb in the bunch, but he prided himself on reading people. "Jus' a practice run, huh?" He scratched the back of his head. "Seemed like a lot of pomp for hardly anythin' at all. Ya didna utter a chant or even call out the kidou's name. Howzit s'posed ta retain all its power?"

She closed her eyes for a short internal debate. She knew him well enough to know he wouldn't be leaving well enough alone. When she opened her eyes, she was resolved to at least tell him the origins of her latest kidou. "Have you ever been told the theoretical relationship between zanpakutou and hollow?" She noted his confused expression but continued before he could question.

"It is considered heretical, but We used it as a basis for Our kidou. In essence, it is possible that the hollow mask represents the same thing as the shinigami zanpakutou. Outside Our Yonkami Taishou, We doubt even the theory remains in memory. In essence, the kidou breaks down what protects the hollow and purifies it once more."

There was another moment of silence as Kenpachi very slowly processed the information. He still didn't get it, but he was certain it was simply because she wasn't revealing the whole truth. "Tch, whatever." He was disappointed, but he decided the trip wasn't completely wasted.

A sickeningly maddening smirk creased his features suddenly as he used shunpo to appear not half a foot in front of her. "It jus' wiped 'em out and left the field o' battle all safe 'n' sound. I was jus' curious howzit you pulled tha'n off." If he had a death wish, he was showing it off at its finest at that moment.

Hikari didn't even blink. "Your movements are so slow to Us." She used her own shunpo to get behind him, only she drew her zanpakutou and held the blade against his neck. She threatened to break skin. "We should kill you for your insolence. However, We are merciful, and your services are still required."

He chuckled. "Glad ta see I ain't followin' nobody weak." He paused for a moment. "Iffin you kindly remove yer blade, I'll be goin' now." She sheathed her zanpakutou, but not without leaving a new scar on his neck. His smirk only broadened when he saw the rune 'guardian' at the base of her blade. "Lata, Hime-sama." He used shunpo one last time to leave.

Alone again, she released a heavy sigh. "He is nothing more than an impudent child. He's only mad because he was not selected as a Yonkami Taishou." She turned to face the area of her abode she hated the most, the walk in closet. To her, the only necessary clothing was her shihakushou and haori. She hated having royal duties to attend to, and she was sure the king her father wanted a report.

In the world of hollow, power was the cornerstone of whatever society they had. At the top were the quasi human vastrode. If peering at their silhouettes, the three standing at the cave entrance were likely at the top of the food chain. The only confirmation necessary was when the hollow inside cowered in outright fear.

The figure in the center moved fluidly, like a dolphin through water. When the hollow spoke, it had a decidedly feminine voice. "Are these the pitiful hollow that ran away?" A powerful clash of lightning revealed the face of the silhouette that spoke. The neck was bent oddly, like the body was once streamlined. A dorsal fin poked out the top of its head. Despite looking like a dolphin, the hollow mask retained a very sinister appearance.

Still standing at the cave entrance, another clash of lightning revealed the remaining figures. They were decidedly cat-like in appearance, and one was significantly shorter than the other. The shorter had a veil over its face, but something reflective peered through and seemed held in its mouth. The taller had one black and one silver ear, and its tail moved with the ever changing wind. They answered in unison. "Yes they did, Sumizome-sama."

"Tch…" Sumizome clicked its tongue against the roof of its mouth in annoyance. "You pitiful scum should just die!" Its reiatsu spiked as energy gathered at its mouth. The hollow in the cave cowered for a moment, but then they realized nothing was happening. There was a massive spike, but reiatsu wasn't condensing into a cero.

Thinking they were scot free, they started gathering what they had left to retaliate. They heard chortling from the cave entrance too late. "As if Sumizome-sama would waste a cero on the likes of you…" The taller feline hollow spoke in an overbearing feminine voice.

The bodies of the lower class hollow convulsed in pain as light reflected into the cave from the shorter one. It had a disturbingly childish voice, disturbing because of the unnerving calm. "However, feel proud that Sumizome-sama ends your lives so cleanly."

The cave was silent as bodies hit the floor and started to disintegrate. Hovering in front of Sumizome's face were dozens of masks. They had been ripped from the hollows' faces by whatever technique she used, and they soon disappeared into its gullet. Dissatisfied with its meal, it turned to its companions and spit at the dispersing remains. "Disgusting, they can't even satisfy me in death."

Author Notes

If you can't tell, Hikari-hime refers to herself with the royal 'we' throughout the fiction. Also if you cannot tell, the time reference is well before even the Pendulum Swing arc of the manga story line (quite possibly the anime soon).

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I've included a list of terms I've used in this fan fiction. As I have a limited understanding of Japanese, I do not mind corrections to incorrect phrasing. I have used translators - like freedict - combined with what I know of Japanese sentence structure and conjunctions to roughly go from American English to Japanese. If I am wrong, do not hesitate to help/correct!

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Story Word Count: 5,033
Story Page Count: 10


Issai Ukiyo Musaborikurau, Chishiokage - Greedily Devour All This Fleeting Life, Blood Shadow: Chishiokage is Awai's zanpakutou. It is a physical, blood type.

Banjin no Dou oyobi Iki Kujiku, Tadai Kinzoku - Crush Everybody's Body and Spirit, Heavy Metal: Tadai Kinzoku is Koga's zanpakutou. It is a physical, metal type.

Ketsurui a Kagennotsuki - Bitter Tears of the Waning Moon: Awai's ultimate attack in shikai.

Denshikaku Happa - Explosive Electron Shell Blast: Kago's ultimate attack in shikai.

Nanimokamo Ayatsuru, Hyoushouho - Manipulate Anything and Everything, Fire Ice Crystals: Hyoushouho is Saigo's zanpakutou. It is a kidou, atmosphere type.

Hirahira tame Aozora, Chouchou - Flutter unto the Blue Sky, Butterfly: Chouchou is Medixia's zanpakutou. It is a kidou, poison type.

Yonkami Taishou - Four Emperor Generals: Kago, Awai, Medixia, and Saigo make up Hikari-hime's personal bodyguard.