I sat at the metal table under the flickering lights. I propped my feet up and leaned back into the chair, so that it was resting on just the two back legs. I crossed my arms in front of my chest and looked through the barred window of the door patiently. I quickly glanced to myself and saw my reflection in the one way window, where they were silently watching me.

"Bella," my dad addressed me gruffly. "Feet down, young lady. Now, do you plan on telling me what happened?"

I looked him in the eye and thought about it.

2 hours ago.

"Yo, Chinkz, get over here! And make sure Sasquatch and Ferret face are with you," I whispered to my friend. I don't know how they came up with their names, but I never gave much thought about it in the first place.

"Yeah, we're here, Cat." Yeah. That was their nickname for me – Cat, just like the animal. They said it was because I could sneak around and not get caught just like a cat burglar, and because I was as fierce as a tiger, but they claimed I looked more like a kitten. But I guess I wasn't so innocent, seeing as I was here in the police station.

"You got the goods?" I asked the guys. All three of them nodded their heads, awaiting my instructions.

I retied the laces of my black combat boots that went up to my shin. Yes, I wore them everywhere; it was either these shoes, or my black chucks. I dusted down my black pants and black shirt, and slipped on my black leather gloves. I tied up my hair into a ponytail quickly, and decided I was ready.

"C'mon guys. Let's go. It's now or never."

We all put our fists in before breaking. We made our way across the lawn of the large white mansion. I stopped at the door.

"Jackknife," I said, and held my hand out. A larger hand placed the knife in my hand, and I got cracking, and seconds later, I had the door open.

"Thanks, Chinkz," I said as I handed the knife back to one of my closest friends. We've been together since kindergarten, and now, as juniors, we were risking our futures by doing this. No high school, college, or employer would ever want us.

I did a few hand gestures, and they understood the signal.

We took our cans of spray paint, and started vandalizing the downstairs.

"Ow! Shit! What the hell was that?" I said as I looked around. I looked down and saw the fluffball that was a dog staring back at me.

"Hey Princess. What a pleasant surprise seeing you again." I grabbed the dog and made her regret every bite, scratch and growl she's ever done.

I set her back on the ground, shaved and now purple.

"Take that, Lauren. I hope you enjoy being with your mongrel. You two are definitely both dogs." I grinned evilly to myself in anticipation.

We teepeed the entire living room, throwing rolls of toilet paper back and forth to each other. We made our way upstairs, spraying paint wherever we could.

"You got the pig?" Sasquatch nodded his head and cut the rope that hung loosely around the pig's neck.

"Go, my pretty, go! Wreak havoc, my darling," and I copied the cackling from the evil witch of the Wizard of Oz.

We did our best to muffle our laughter.

"Now, we walk into the lair of the devil herself. I guess the devil does wear Prada," I muttered.

"Yeah, and Guess, Coach, Chanel, Gucci, and any other major designer," said Chinkz. I chuckled with my best friend.

While the devil slept in her pink, oversized bed, her now shaved and purple mutt cowered under the bed, and we started spraying over her walls, everything we ever wanted to say to her but had to hold in.

I walked over to where she lay. I took the bottle and poured its contents into her blonde hair.

Hehehehehehehe. This was going to be good.

"Guys, I think we caused enough trouble. Let's go."

We quickly filed out of the now trashed house. I wondered if they would ever suspect the four of us.

And then the piercing scream hit us.

"AHHHHH! My hair! Why is it GREEN?!" We busted our guts laughing.

"Mom! Dad! Call 911! Help!"

"Oh no! guys, hurry!"

"Hold on just one moment, Isabella Swan."

I stopped dead in my tracks and turned around to face the nasally voice that had spoken to me. I looked her up and down.

"Green is a good color on you, Lauren. I find it hard to believe that we used to be best friends," I said as I shook my head. Her face started turning a deep red. "Well, it looks like someone is early for Christmas," I chuckled, and the gang busted out laughing behind me.

"AHHHHHHHH!!!!" she screeched before charging at me. She stopped right in front of me, claws ready for battle, but she just stood there.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" I asked. She looked confused, but shrugged it off and slapped me across the face.

"Bella! Why didn't you strike first?" Chinkz asked from behind me.

"Because, I'm smart."

And then all hell broke loose. I smacked her six ways to Sunday, and made sure her grandchildren would feel the pain from her now broken nose. Oh well, she could always get a new one. It wasn't as if the one I just broke wasn't different from the one she was born with. Eventually we ended up locked in each other's grip. Her hand held tightly to my hair, while I gripped her hair as well. I made sure I pulled out a couple of roots.

And then I heard the sirens.

"Damn it," I cussed under my breath. "Guys, get outta here!" I called out to them.

"We ain't leaving ya Bells!" they said. "Get outta here!" I growled, "Or I will make you leave. Don't make me unleash Lauren's wrath upon you!"

"We'll be back to bust ya out, Bella," they called before they high tailed it.

"What's going on here?" the police officer asked as he shined his flashlight in our direction.

"Bella?" came the shocked voice. "Your father will not be happy.

Would I rat out my friends? No. I could take the rap on my own. I was a big girl.

"Dad, everything was my fault. I worked alone. C'mon, put me in the clink," I said, holding my arms out, ready to be cuffed.

"Bella, Bella," he said, shaking his head side to side. "Okay. Well, I guess you'll have to remain here until I finish filing the report."

They had put me in a cell by myself. My father used his advantages to get me my own cell, so I could me away from the other criminals. I had to remind my dad that I was one of those criminals now. He didn't think that joke was very funny.

"Bella," my dad appeared outside of my cell, "your trial is in 2 days. I'm taking you home now. You better think about what you did. Do you know how disappointed I am? I hope you realize how embarrassing this whole situation is for me. If you don't straighten out, you don't want to know what's going to happen to you, Isabella."

"Aye, aye, Captain!" I mocked him with a salute.

And two days later, I waited with my mom and dad as the jury consulted for the verdict.

"Isabella Marie Swan?" "Right here," I answered as the bailiff led me inside the courtroom.

"Has the jury come to a unanimous decision?" the judge asked.

"Yes, we have."

"And what is your verdict?"

"We find, Isabella Marie Swan…"


I would never hurt an animal! I promise!