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"It's really big Edward. You need to listen."

I glanced at Edward, who still held a grimace. He turned away, but I could tell he was listening carefully.

"Edward, the reason Rosalie is here is because she's picking me up. I'm leaving. My sentence is up; I'm getting an early leave. I trust that you'll behave properly. When you get out you'll be staying with me and Rose, so you need to treat her with respect... Edward, are you listening?" He seemed satisfied with Edward's nod and continued with his rant. "I'll be back in a few months to pick you and Jasper up. But Alice will probably do that because she insists that she needs to spend as much time with you as possible."

Both Edward and Emmett rolled their eyes while Jasper, Rosalie and I stood there looking confused with their actions.

Edward sighed then turned to Rosalie.

"Rosalie, I'm sorry," he said through gritted teeth. She nodded and shook his outstretched hand.

Things seemed resolved between Edward and Emmett, at least for now. Emmett hugged each of us in turn, and I even got a hug from Rosalie.

She winked and whispered to me before leaving, "Us girls gotta stick together when it comes to standing by our men." She glanced at Edward then back to me. It took a couple of seconds for me to realize what she was trying to say.

"Oh, no, I mean, no. He… and… I… us… no... not, whaa?"

She laughed before wrapping herself around Emmett. I watched as they left towards a red convertible. As they were going through the gate, I saw Emmett turn back to wave, practically falling out of the car with his exuberance.

I looked at Edward, but he was stoic.

"Edward, are you alright?" All I got was a quick nod before he disappeared. I stood there with Jasper. He just shrugged and then trudged back to the cafeteria. I was left alone, so I decided to follow suit.

I seated myself next to Jasper so that we were across from Eric, Tyler, and Ben.

"I'm going to miss that big ole lug," Jasper mumbled before going back to his food.

I sighed and then went to picking at my food.

The water got cold, so the only solution was for me to step out of the shower. I quickly stepped into my clothes and tried drying my hair with the towel. I shook out my mane of hair before stepping out of the bathroom.

The warmth of my bed never looked so inviting.

Edward had been gone the whole evening, so when I got back to the cabin the first thing I did was check his room. When I found he wasn't there, panic set in.

But Edward was a big boy; he would come back when he wanted to. If he wasn't back by the time we would have to go off to breakfast, then I would have to report this to Esme.

I snuggled further into my blankets. As I was drifting off to sleep, the days events seemed to hit me full force, the sadness of Emmett's leaving, and it all turned into a nightmare.

"Bella, what're you up to?"

"Not much, I'm just checking out a list of colleges I need to apply to."

I turned around to face James, the cool summer air of Forks blowing around his shaggy golden hair. The clouds above decided to be merciful and not pelt us with rain, but not merciful enough to let the sun say hi. It was days like this that I missed Phoenix. We used to have so much fun there when we went over for summer vacations. It was too bad that we couldn't do it this summer, because the pressure of getting into a good college was too much. Renee had insisted that I spend every waking second studying rather than spend it with Chinkz and the guys.

I sighed before turning back to the computer.

James huffed and leaned his head in further through the window, trying to peek at what college's website was currently on the screen.

"James, stop being so nosy!" I chastised him.

He just rolled my eyes. "Well, you know, you could always let me in," he said sarcastically.

"Shouldn't you be somewhere else? Like, I don't know, training? You signed up for the internship down at the station so you could learn, not ditch and come here to annoy the crap out of me." I was so tempted to stomp over to where he was and close the window in his face then draw the curtains. But, of course, that would be rude, and because it was James, Charlie would definitely hear of my 'rudeness' and get mad for me trying to inflict harm upon his future deputy.

"Bella, why won't you let me in?" I rolled my eyes at his question.

Why would I? He was so stupid sometimes.

I can't even recall how many times I've turned him down for dates. And yet he still insists on asking. I don't even like his company, but he still hangs around.

Some people just can't take a hint.


"James, just shut the fuck up!" I gave into the temptation and slammed the window shut, and the force was enough that the glass quivered for a few seconds.

James looked so pissed and was ready to yank the window open, but I quickly twisted the lock before pulling the curtains together.

I then ran to the door and pulled all the locks, I even grabbed a chair and pushed the back against the knob just as I heard him pounding and hollering from the other side.

I ran back to the window and grabbed some clothespins to keep the curtains closed.

Running around the whole house, I locked every window and door to each room that I wasn't in.

By the time I got back to my desk I was panting, not just from the running, but from pure fear. An angry James wasn't something anybody should mess with.

I laid my head down on my arms and closed my eyes next to the computer, just for a second, only a second…

"Bella! Bella, open up!" I startled awake and fell out of my seat.

James was back!

Or, that's what I thought.

"Bella, open up! What's wrong with the door?"

I laughed hysterically to myself for thinking it was James. It was just Charlie. I looked at the clock on the wall as I walked to the front door. It was 7:00 already. I had been sleeping for a long time.

"Bella! Are you alright?"

I quickly removed the chair and opened the door for Charlie.

"Bella, I was so worried something happened. Are you alright?" He placed a hand on my shoulder and gave me a firm squeeze as I nodded.

"Don't ever scare me like that again, do you hear me? Now, what happened?"

"Nothing, dad, I just got worried. I thought I heard something. It was probably just a raccoon or something." I lied quickly.

"The next time that happens, you call me, okay? That way I can send someone over, like Deputy Mark." I just nodded, while inside I thought to myself that Deputy Mark wouldn't be able to come over to check on the disturbance, because he would already be here as the disturbance.

Because it was James. Deputy James Mark.

I sighed before walking into the kitchen.

"Are you okay with pizza? I fell asleep and couldn't start dinner."

"That's fine, Bells. Your mom should be home soon. She said there was some traffic coming back from the office." I just nodded and got to work quickly calling the pizza parlor.

I woke up the next morning with a note on the table:

We both left before you could wake up.
Sorry for not saying goodbye first.
Just call the station if there's a problem
or call my office if you need something.
Just tell Heidi, the new secretary that you're Bella,
my daughter, and she'll direct you to my number.
And keep your phone with you in case we
need to reach you and you're out.
Be careful.
- Hugs and kisses, Mom.

P.S. Your father said that he needs you
to pick up the newspaper from the lawn so that if
t rains it won't get ruined. You know how he is.

- XOXO again.

I crumpled the note and shoved it into my pocket with my phone.

I pulled the sash around my robe so that it was tighter and would cover my camisole and at least part of my teddy bear sleep wear. How embarrassing if they saw my pants were like that of a little kid. Renee was already embarrassed enough as it is that I never wore her gifts of Victoria's Secret pajamas and lingerie.

But, of course, that's expected of someone who designs clothing and has her own building in Port Angeles.

Rubbing the sleep out of my eyes and combing my fingers through my hair quickly, I stepped outside to grab the newspaper.

As I bent down to retrieve the soggy roll, I was carried away by someone much bigger than me who put a hand over my mouth so I couldn't scream.

Duct tape was put over my mouth and a cloth was placed over my eyes. What felt like more tape was wrapped around my hands and feet.

I tried screaming through the tape, which resulted in a slap.


I was trembling in fear.

Could I call 911?

I had my phone in my pocket, but whoever had me might see what I was trying to do. I would just have to be okay with sitting and waiting.

What felt like hours later I was being dragged out of the car into a building I guess, but it sounded secluded, the only sound was the crunch of leaves beneath our feet.

I was pushed onto the ground and the cloth was removed from my eyes. It was too dark for me to see who was in front of me, but the voice spoke.

"If you promise not to scream, I promise I'll remove the tape and you won't get hurt."

I just nodded and recognized the voice as James'.

He pulled of the tape from my mouth and I started gasping for air, trying not to have a breakdown in front of him. It would only fuel his pleasure and probably end up annoying him after awhile.

"Bella, you've been very rude lately, and you're here now so that I can take what's mine."

In the dark I could only see some faint light being reflected into his predator-like eyes and the glint of his white teeth pulled into a horrific grin.

I turned my face away as he started stroking my cheek.

He grabbed my by my hair and dragged me up, holding my arm at a strange, painful contortion so that I couldn't escape without dislocating my shoulder.

"You know, I haven't appreciated your disobedience as of late. So now you'll have to be punished."

He threw me to the ground, and I heard a snap ringing in my ears as my arm broke.

I wasn't a doctor, but I was pretty sure of my diagnosis.

Grabbing the back of my robe he dragged me to a corner and tried prying the cloth from my body.

"No!" I started kicking and pushing at him as he got the robe off and he used one hand to hold both of my wrists together.

One hand came down on my throat, cutting off my air supply and effectively stopping my screaming.

"Shut the fuck up."

He let go of my neck to slap me before moving his hand down to my waist. Pushing up my shirt, he grasped at me exposed skin, leaving a bruise, I'm sure.

"No! Stop, no, no, just stop!"

His hand went to the ties of my pants…

I woke up with someone holding me by the tops of my arms, shaking me.

"No, no! Let me go!" I kept struggling until a hand came down on my mouth.

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