Lyrics by the Pierces. It fit so epicly for this story.

Got a secret
Can you keep it?
Swear this one you'll save
Better lock it, in your pocket
Taking this one to the grave
If I show you then I know you
Won't tell what I said
Cause two can keep a secret
If one of the m is dead…

Why do you smile
Like you have told a secret
Now you're telling lies
Cause you're the one to keep it
But no one keeps a secret
No one keeps a secret
Why when we do our darkest deeds
Do we tell?
They burn in our brains
Become a living hell
Cause everyone tells
Everyone tells…

On the inside cover of the book was a name. It read: Property and contents belong to Samual G. Kingson, University of Ingolstadt.

Sep, 7, Ingolstadt

I know this is supposed to be used for my notes here at the Univeristy. I seemed to have that bad habit of using things like this journal to fool around in. One thing about this place that seemes to bother me is the lack of respect for God. Was it not he who created man and the heavens? Why then do these men of science turn away from all of the natural wonders that God has given them only to create complex problems that are in fact easy to solve?

I don't think I will ever understand human nature.

Dec, 14

I never thought Music could reach so deeply to the soul before. It wasn't natural either...and yet, it seemed to...captivate me. I must be under it's enchantment still. I could have listened to it forever in euphoric bliss...But then that girl came out of the music room and ruined the entire mood. She was also the one who I ran into and who "Stole" my anatomy book. She's vulgar, rude, snobish, impolite, and a thief.

And a very talented pianist.

Blast it!

There were several blank pages before she came upon another entry.

June 16,

It's hard to believe that the woman whom I proposed to this evening was the same one who hated my whole being not so long ago. We met clearly by accident two years ago while I was attending college in England. I remember that it had been a busy day that autumn and all of the new students, including myself, were still trying to figure out our schedules. I was running to my second class that day and wasn't in any particular mind to look where I was going. The next thing I knew both the person I'd run into and myself were flat on our backs with books scattered all around us.

I scrambled to pick through them and retrieve my books and papers praying not to be late before darting off to the next class. As I sat in class It didn't cross my mind that I had grabbed the wrong book when I had run the person over. I was called to read a passage from the text book, only to discover that to my horror the passage was a music sheet.

I can only imagine the humiliation Cara had to go through when she opened my book of anatomy for science.

She managed to track my down later before furiously demanding her music booklet be returned else she report me as a thief. I didn't want to admit it later on, but she had taken the words out of my mouth. Begrudgingly we traded books and were content to never see the other for the rest of our lives.

Well, that would have been the case anyway.

It wasn't until Christmas holiday, the time when all the students were anxious to get home and away from studies came. The classes were over and only a few student's lingered in the halls. The ground had been inches thick in snow fall, and I decided to help put some of the things away for the holidays. It was another good hour of clearing everything away when I heard something. The corridors were empty as I followed the sound, realizing that someone was playing the piano.

It was a haunting passionate sound that captured my soul as I listened outside of the music room to it. However it eventually stopped and I felt all the poorer for it. When the door to the music room opened I was stunned, because coming out with music sheets held to her chest was non-other than the girl I had knocked down in the hallway that day.

Oh Cara, I don't think you truly realize now that that was the moment I fell in love with you. The way your amazing slender hands and nimble fingers dance across the ivory of the piano keys is only the tip of how beautiful your soul is. No one will ever love you as much or as dear as I do, my love.

I gave her a simple gold wedding band that I had placed inside my mothers silver locket. Inside it is a picture of Cara and myself so that we can always be together no matter the distance. I knew she would like it; she expressed so must ecclesiastically.

It was obvious from the writing that this Samuel was as smitten as Cara had been. They had been crazy about each other after they had managed to smooth things out about the misunderstanding and become close. But why did Victor have someone else's diary?

After that there were several pages filled with notes concerning Philosophy, religion, and scribbled shorthand notes for classes. Then it just stopped.

The rest of the book was blank. Elizabeth closed it gently and set it back inside it's compartment, before sliding the top of the board back into place. She sat quietly for a moment, chewing her lip, a thousand unanswered questions and thoughts buzzing around in her head. It was no surprise she was fully blown distressed. The pit of her stomach felt like it might fall out if she stood up. Regardless of this, she did and began to frantically skim through Victor's study looking for anything that might add up to some of the clue's she had already found.

She quickly frisked through the books and bookshelves as well as the other window seats, and turned up nothing. Looking around, she saw Victors' desk; nothing but useless papers on top. She began opening and ruffling through more papers in the drawers. There was one that was either jammed or locked shut because when she went to open it it wouldn't budge. She shoved, pulled, and wiggled it trying to pry it open; then she heard a metallic 'Tink' as something fell onto the hardwood floor under the desk. Kneeling, she leaned low so the side of her face was on the floor to see under the desk what had fallen. With her right hand she stretched it out until her fingertips felt something cool; grabbing it she withdrew and saw that it was a tiny iron key. She slipped it into the locked cabinet drawer and twisted it until she heard it go.

Elizabeth slowly and cautiously, opened the drawer and reached in, pulling out another leather bound book with the letters 'VF' on the cover and a sterling silver locket. The pit of her stomach dropped out as she read the first page.

'I had destroyed my original journal when that horrible abomination came to me that night at Ingolstadt; I had promised to create another like him to satisfy his need for companionship. But in my mind I new I couldn't; the very thought of the two of them sent my mind reeling. God, I wish I had never created him!'

'And yet, the power I now have, the knowledge that I alone posses gives me great comfort in knowing that I have found a way to cheat Death. I have the power of immortality. It began in Ingolstadt when I was at University; one of my companions there was a young man by the name of Samuel Kingson. He and I soon became close and even dreamed of practicing medicine together in the future. He was engaged at the time, to a brilliant up-and-coming pianist named Cara Tobias. We talked often about our lives and fiances, Elizabeth would have liked Cara I think.'

'I remember the night that it happened though. It had been a wild and stormy night, the rain had been coming down in sheets while thunder and lighting raged onward outside. Sam had told me during class that Cara was coming over for the evening and he planned for them to stay inside the dorms. It was sometime around eleven that night when there was a sudden sharp blast of lighting outside in the courtyard.'

'Apparently it had struck the tree in the middle of it. However two people died that night as a result. From what I could gather and hypothesize, Cara had just arrived and was making her way across the courtyard to our building. She stopped under the tree when the lighting struck it. She was killed when the tree exploded and caught fire. Sam, rushed outside, found her and went mad from grief. He had apparently had on him a letter opener like a dagger and committed suicide. They had been taken away before any of the students could see what had happened.'

'I managed to acquire the locket from the wreckage of the tree that had been left behind. This was the beginning of my experiments with life and death. I used my own theories, formulas, and some of what Sam had written down in his own journal to create life. I created a body devoid of life, stitched together from the pieces of others that were fresh enough to use. The head and brain of this creature are none other than that of Samuel Kingson himself. True, I had to preserve his brain a bit longer and used different hair, but it is Samuel Kingsons' face and mind.'

"I though of all the scientific breakthrough's possible; Immortality, life after death, reanimation! The endlessness of it all spurred me on. But when it opened it's eye's...I knew that it wasn't Sam anymore. It was an abomination I had created. I curse him now and only pray that Elizabeth is still alive! When he comes for me next, I will be the one to destroy him and send him back to the abyss from which he came from once and for all!'

Then there were the anatomy pictures that frightened her the most. Hands, eyes, muscles and notes; oh the horrible notes! The words that spilled over the pages were of vulgar horrors that only added to the terror she felt growing inside her. Elizabeth flipped page after page, skimming through each section, and with each page did she truly realize what danger she herself was in simply by being connected to Victor.

Elizabeth trembled. It couldn't be possible! Nonononono... not Victor! Not Aldrik! Her mind screamed over and over: It's not true, it's not true, it's not true! But there was really only one sure way to find out. Looking at the locket in her hand she stared down at it in terrified silence for the longest time. It felt like a thousand pounds as it rested in the palm of her hand, the silver cold and gleaming as it caught the light. It was as if time stopped outside the room, the sound of her heartbeat drowned out everything as it pounded in her ears.

Opening it as like slow motion. She silently gasped as she stared down at the portraits in the locket. There was a beautiful woman in a white dress with auburn hair on the left side. Her face was bright and open, her eyes intelligent. Below the picture was a simple golden wedding band resting against the side of the opening. But it was then man, Samuel Kingson, that made her hand fly up to cover her mouth lest she cry out.

They could have been twins! But whereas Aldrik had had dark hair and pale skin, Samuel had sandy short hair and his complexion was flush and healthy. She knew instantly that this man that stared up at her from the portrait was Aldrik from another life. He had been so handsome and alive. But now both the men they used to be were no more...

There was a sound of footsteps outside the door; Elizabeth quickly stashed the journal and locket back inside the drawer before locking it and placing the key back underneath the desk again. She grabbed a random book from the study and walked out of the office as naturally as she had come in while crossing the main room before climbing the stairs. When she turned the corner of the hallway to her rooms however, she ran to the door. Yanking her door open, she shut it fast and locked it behind her.

Elizabeth's body was completely numb as if she had been dunked into the frozen river again. Her breath came in short labored spells; she slid down the door and slumped against it until she was nothing but a heap on the rugged floor. Elizabeth trembled with fright; how could it be that she was married to this man?-No, this monster? With whom she thought she had known so very well, only to find out that he was power hungry and half mad.

"Oh...oh god..." She whispered, letting her head drop into her hands before letting herself mourn the loss of her friend and pray for her own safety.


Victor smirked across the table at the tracker before throwing him the bag of money he had brought with him. The greasy man reached for it greedily and opened the bag.

"Here now; there's only half of what you promised me!" he complained.

"I said I would pay in full only when the job was done complete."

"I did my job, Mister Frankenstein."

"You didn't kill it; I went to the field myself and there was no body!" Victor hissed.

"It couldn't have gotten far. I shot it straight through the heart, I did."

"Which means that you only did your job half done for what I payed you to do in full" Victor sneered as he watched the loathsome tracker's face in the dim light of the tavern.

"I could slit your belly, I could!" He threatened standing up from his seat. From under the table there was the sound of a pistol trigger being clicked back.

"I strongly suggest that you don't Mister Ferguson. Take the money and get out." begrudgingly he scooped up the bag and stomped out of the tavern. Victor watched from over the rim of his ale mug with sick satisfaction.


Outside the tavern not an hour later they found the tracker's body in an ally.