*Updated author's note-

Hello to my dear readers, it's been awhile since I originally completed this fic (and I feel like I'm cheating for using the word 'completed' because it ended so abruptly).

As of now I'm rereading this fic and making a few changes. It's mostly just cleaning up some of the grammar mistakes, rewriting some dialogue and changing around some of the characters (I deleted Alice! Sorry Alice!), and deleting/changing some of the scenes that I found too cheesy or unrealistic. If anybody spots any mistakes, let me know and I will change it!

If anyone's interested in the rewrites then have fun rereading, if not then sorry for wasting your time/getting your hopes up with this AN.

And on another note - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to the fans of And Shut Up, 380-something reviews is pretty sweet! Love you guys.