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SUMMARY: Harry has the perfect Christmas present for the Dark Lord.

WARNINGS: Bloody violence, character death, you-can-see-it-if-you-squint-slash


The teenager was humming thoughtlessly as he began the short trek to the end of the wards, a cold smirk on his face as without one bit of hesitation he stepped across the wards and continued down the drive. It was not a full minute later when someone appeared behind him with a pop.

"Harry!" The teen stopped walking, but didn't turn to acknowledge the newly arrived wizard. He was incapable of keeping the dark look off his face as he heard the Headmaster's footsteps come closer. Everything was very still for a moment until a hand settled on his shoulder. "My dear boy, you know you aren't supposed to leave the wards."

"Oh…?" Harry breathed, sliding his hands into his pockets, gripping the objects within. His tongue peeked out, moistening dried lips in anticipation. "I want you to know, Headmaster that I've really been wanting to do this." Before the elder wizard could finish forming the word 'what', Harry activated the portkey in his left hand, space squeezing in on them as in a blink they moved halfway across the country. As soon as the teen felt the tug in his navel disappear, he spun around, whipping out his right hand which gripped a silver dagger. He caught the brief expression of shock and surprise that passed over the headmaster's face before it was taken over by pain as the blade cut through the thin skin of the man's neck. Old, wrinkled hands jumped to the area, but it was too late and he fell backwards, blood pooling around him.

Harry watched the dying man for any signs of fight, but the light was quickly fading from the glassy blue eyes and he relaxed his stance. He leaned down and gripped the edges of magenta robes, using the fabric to clean his blade. It was only once his blade was cleansed and sheathed that he brought his eyes up to examine his surroundings. Dozens of eyes were staring at him with the same looks of shock in them, but he bypassed those quickly, searching for one specific pair of eyes. He found them expectantly at the head of the room, higher than anyone else's.

Scarlet eyes were wide and the thin-lipped mouth was slightly agape. Harry was sure he would never see this expression on the Dark Lord's face again and he savored it. Soon enough the man got his composure back and he swiftly moved closer to the bloody mess that was his now deceased nemesis.

"I wish I could have wrapped it, but there just wasn't time. Merry Christmas, Tom."

The Dark Lord stared down at the corpse for a few moments before switching to the emerald eyed teen. A pleased smile stretched over the gaunt face while a hissing, chuckle slipped past pale lips. Voldemort held an arm out to the teenager who was once considered his rival.

"How are you going to top this next year?"

Harry chuckled, taking the offered arm.

"How about total domination of the Wizarding World?"

The Dark Lord quirked an eyebrow and hummed in thought, smirking down at the teen.

"I expect it to be wrapped." Harry snorted and rolled his eyes.

"So, where's my prezzie?" His only response was another dark chuckle from his companion.

A/N: Hope you liked it, I'm thinking about writing out Harry's present (which I have no idea about yet), but don't hold your breath, I've been in a particularly bad writer's slump for a good month and a half.