Hello all, and welcome to my Christmas fic for 2008! This here is my entry for the holiday story contest on the Code Lyoko Forum Xana's Lair (links for which can be found in my profile. Contest ends January first and any winter holiday may be used, so if you would like to enter there's still plenty of time. Awards will be given for winners!). So, as the title implies, this fic is combining three things I love- OxA, The Twelve Days of Christmas, and obscure yet meaningful gifts. Hopefully you find the gifts fitting! And also, a big thank you to WeaponFanfic for beta reading for me! And without further ado, onto the story-

It was Sunday at Kadic boarding school, the one day in the week that the students got to enjoy completely class free. Although he usually looked forward to this day off, today Ulrich was wishing that his teachers would surprise the school with a few Sunday classes. It wouldn't make for the most fun weekend ever, but at least it would get him away from Odd.

"Are you excited, Ulrich?" Odd shouted as he bounced up and down on his bed.

"Do you really need to do that?" Ulrich asked in response, burying his nose further into his book in an attempt to ignore his friend.

"Come on, Ulrich, get in the holiday spirit!" Odd said, bouncing up and then belly flopping down onto his mattress.

"You'll break your bed doing that," Ulrich warned. Odd sighed.

"You're such a scrooge, you know that?"

Ulrich grinned. "Bah-humbug."

"Ulrich," Odd whined, "Christmas is just twelve days away! You can't honestly tell me that you're not excited."

"Why should I be?" Ulrich asked. "I have to spend it here with you."

"Very funny," Odd said with a pout that quickly vanished. "So, what are you getting me for Christmas?"

"A lump of coal."

Odd stuck his tongue out. "What are you getting Jeremy?"

"Don't know yet," Ulrich answered, his attention back on his book.

"What about Aelita?"

"I don't know."



"You can't get her me for Christmas!" Odd exclaimed. "Even thought I would make an amazing gift."

"I'm about to amazingly shove you out the window."

"Oh come on, Ulrich," Odd said, bouncing up from his bed and leaping over to join Ulrich on his. "You must at least know what you're getting Yumi!"

"Do you know what you're getting for Aelita?" Ulrich inquired. Odd thought for a moment then shook his head sadly. "Then I don't need to know what I'm getting for Yumi." Ulrich grinned to himself, proud of his snappy comeback, and waited for Odd to make his rebuttal. When the blonde failed to return a retort of his own, Ulrich looked up from his book to see his roommate staring forlornly at the floor.

"What now?" Ulrich asked when Odd sighed.

"I only have twelve days to pick out Aelita's gift!"

"So?" Ulrich asked, "That's plenty of time to get her a present."

"No it isn't!" Odd cried, falling back onto Ulrich's bed. "All the good gifts will have been bought already!"

"I have an idea," Ulrich said, suddenly grinning.

"Really?" Odd asked, his hopes rising.

"There's twelve days until Christmas, right?" Odd nodded. "Then get her a partridge in a pear tree!"

Half of Odd wanted to hit Ulrich. The other half wondered why he hadn't caught on to that himself. He chose to ignore them both.

"I can't get her a bird," Odd said. "She can't have pets at school." Ulrich pointed at Kiwi. Odd waved him off. "Also, I don't think she knows the song."

"Then don't get her all stuff from the song," Ulrich reasoned. "It's not like you can actually get her a fruit tree with a bird in it." Odd thought this over for a second or two, and then sat upright, a grin plastered across his face.

"Ulrich, my friend," he said, "You are a genius!"

And with that Odd vaulted up off of his friend's bed and out the door, leaving Ulrich sitting alone, wide eyed and slightly confused. He then smiled to himself.

"I am a genius, aren't I?" he said to himself. His smile then faltered. "But I still need a gift for Yumi!"

"Bye Yumi!" Aelita called to her friend as she stepped into her dorm, arms laden with bags. "See you tomorrow!" Pushing the door shut behind her, Aelita let her parcels drop onto her bed with a sigh. It felt good to know she'd finished all of her holiday shopping in one fell swoop. Now she would be able to take her time wrapping the gifts and writing up her cards for everyone. Oh how wonderful it felt to be on top of things.

Smiling to herself as she began mentally deciding on what color wrappings and bows she would use for each gift, Aelita went to drop down into her computer chair. Something glittery caught her eye and stopped her short.

"What's this?" she asked herself softly, reaching down to pick up the little gift wrapped box sitting on her chair. Checking the tag hanging from it she found it didn't contain the name of who had left the package, simply the words "Day one- Open me!" With a shrug, Aelita did as the card commanded; pulling off the box's large gold bow and shimmery green paper. Popping the cardboard box's lid open, she found something wrapped in green tissue paper. Slowly she tore that away also. Her eyebrows rose nearly to her hairline when her gift lay revealed in her hand.