Updated 8th October, 2012

The Evening Family News

"Will you not sit with me?" He asked, taking a seat and gesturing for her to do the same.

Hastily shaking her head, Yuki stepped away from the table, "It's not my place. Rima and Shiki will be here soon to celebrate their awards. I left the scones in the kitchen for them."

"They would not eat them." Kaname told her, taking the teapot in hand and pouring two cups full, "Please, Yuki. Rima and Shiki have already phoned ahead and informed me that they will not be coming here to celebrate. A friend has made other plans. I would very much dislike all your hard work to go to waste. Will you not sit with me?"

She blushed, gulping loudly as he pushed a cup of tea in her direction. Yuki slowly walked round the table and sat by him. She took the teacup in hand and smelt the aroma.

"Green tea," she exclaimed, "I only ever have it for holidays and celebrations."

He smiled softly, running a hand through her brown tresses, "Today we celebrate on their behalf."

His stomached rumbled. He grabbed at it, pushing against his gut to smother the sound. Aidou sighed, as his stomach persevered. He glanced at the door, wishing terribly that he was also engaging in green tea and scones. He closed his eyes… scones.

They had walked so long. The sun was beginning to set and the vampire drew away his cloak, as the stars peaked out from behind the clouds overhead. Yoko rubbed her arms. Despite the jacket she still felt the chill of the evening. Frost littered the corners of the streets they trailed down.

"Not much longer." He whispered, taking her hand and pulling her forwards into a dimly lit alley.

"How much longer though?" She asked, trying to pry her hand away, "I need to get back to the academy soon…"

"He would not worry for you darling." He snarled, "That man is a fiend and you!" he twisted round, grabbing her arms tightly. Yoko violently flinched, stifling a surprised yelp. "You should not lower yourself to such a level darling. He does not deserve you. He does not deserve your love… not like us. We love you."

"Indeed." A voice soothed.
Yoko's consciousness wavered for a moment. She felt her mind was floating and her eyes slid shut from the woozy sensation. As her sight straightened out, she took a deep breath to alleviate the faint feeling.

A beautiful woman stood by an open door, watching them. She was dressed immaculately in a red dress. A pearl necklace adorned her throat and another, her wrist. The gown hid her shoes, but from her height Yoko could only assume she was wearing heels. Her hair was the same as Yoko's. It was just as brown. Her eyes on the other hand, were large and green. Yoko blinked a few times, staring up at the young woman.

"Are you not going to come in sweetheart?" The lady said, taking a step back into the building. The light seeped out of the open doorway. The sandstone walls of the alley glowed orange and the glass of the few windows present glimmered. The colour danced and Yoko imagined a very warm fire to be within the room.

She was correct. A large fireplace overwhelmed with detailed dancing ballerinas and birds brought the walls to life. Shadows clambered about the room passionately, as the flames of the fire itself partied within the hearth.

"It is beautiful," Yoko whispered wistfully, reaching her hand out towards the flames, "And warm!" She brightly continued, smiling hugely with relief.

She cried out, as arms wrapped round her. The towering woman hugged her from behind. Yoko shook, as the woman's breath tickled the top of her right ear, "My Yoko, my precious little Yoko. How I've missed you!"

Yoko gasped, spinning round in the woman's arms. Looking up into her vibrant grassy eyes, she quietly inquired, "Mother…"

The lady nodded, pulling her close. "Yes," she said, "It is I."

A cry broke from Yoko's pink lips and she clasped at her mother's dress, "Mother! You're really here! You're really real!"

She back away, turning to the man, "You were right!" Tears accumulated in her eyes, "Its true then – not just suspicion any longer. Daddy lied to me." She turned back to her mother, "He told me you were dead!"

Her mother pursed her lips, exclaiming ferociously, "I most certainly am not! Well," She took a breath to calm herself, running a hand through her long hair, "Not exactly."

Yoko frowned, "What… what do you mean? He said he saved you. Surely…" She looked back at the vampire she was pointing towards. He lingered by the doorway, "You changed her."

He grinned, stepping towards her mother, "We make each other better." He declared, "Your mother and I are the perfect couple." He took her hand and kissed the back of it lovingly, "She is everything to me."

As he brushed a strand of hair from her eyes, she refrained from sneering, "Indeed." She clarified, "I am everything to him."

Yoko blanched, "You're a vampire!"

Her mother laughed, "Of course! You do not think I could still look this fantastic and be human, did you?"

Yoko blushed, "Whenever I pictured you… I always imagined you as beautiful, but you are in fact more so than I thought."

Her mother held her hand to her heart, peering down at her daughter with care, "You are so sweet Yoko." She tore away from her husband, "Alexander here came to me a long time ago. You were very little."

"I was five." Yoko stated.

"Right, anyway. He came to our home after Kaien disturbed his family. He and a few others found us there. Do you remember any of it?" He mother asked curiously, a calculative expression garnishing her pretty visage.

Yoko looked towards the fire, wandering through what early memories she had, "I remember gold leaves and angels. I remember feathers and the smell of freshly baked shortbread… I remember a man at the door."

A knock sounded. Yoko looked up from the jug, "Mummy, someone's at the door."

Her mother pulled herself from the pantry and glanced down the hall, "I'll be back in a moment then, keep stirring."

"Is it Daddy? You said he should have been back by now." Yoko struggled to recall the time he promised to be home with the white ribbon for her costume.

Her mother anxiously licked her lips, "I don't know. It's probably trick-or-treaters. He'll be home soon. He promised."

"He promised to get the ribbon for my hair!" Yoko shouted after her, as she trailed down the hall.

"I don't remember much after that, but I've been having nightmares as of late." Yoko confessed, nervously wringing her fingers together.

Her mother comfortingly grasped her shoulder, "What nightmares sweetheart?"

Yoko blinked away some tears, but her vision merely blurred. The flames she stared into roared and crackled, burning through the wood.

"I dream of screaming and running. Mostly of blood, though I… there was a man. He saved me. I can't remember his face." The tears spilled over her bottom lashes and swam quickly cascaded down her cheeks, "I remember you shouting!"

"Sweetheart, i did not mean to leave you. You know I ordered him to take you as well," She glared over Yoko's shoulder at Alexander, as she hugged her daughter close. "I had been seeing Alexander for quite a few weeks. I wanted us to be a family. The three of us, here, together… and now we can."

Yoko's cries stopped. Her shoulders tensed and she pulled back from her mother's shoulder, rubbing her snotty nose with one hand, "You're vampires though…"

"We can easily change that darling. I am after all a pureblood." Alexander gazed at his wife with great endearment, "I would do anything for my love. You would make her very happy, as well as I of course."

"Wait!" Yoko yelped, prying her mother's fingers from her body, "I don't understand something. You, you had seen him before that night?" Her mother nodded, her smile drooping slightly. "You were having an affair…" Yoko's eyes widened, her voice trembling, "You betrayed Dad."

She yelled out, grabbing her cheek. The blood surpassed her finger tips and trailed down her neck.

"You stupid girl!" Her mother cried out, "I did nothing wrong – don't you dare suggest I did! I did not!"

Yoko stared at the blood smearing her mother's hand. She had slapped her. She rubbed her hand against her throbbing, bleeding cheek, no doubt smearing the blood as she attempted to stifle the pain.

"He could not satisfy me any longer," her mother explained, ignoring the blood, "I was getting older after you came along. You ruined my body – made me weak. You made me old. I wanted to stay young and pretty and Kaien could not give me that. Alexander though," she looked back at her lover, a greedy gleam in her emerald eyes, "He could not only gift me with eternal beauty, but power and devotion. Real devotion! Your father never even looked back at me whenever he went out to hunt!"

The tears returned, "He lied because of this, because you're not pretty and kind. He didn't want me to know the real you. How you really were – are!" Yoko stormed away from the fireplace, retiring to the darkness by the doorway, "You're awful!"

She grabbed the handle and wretched the door open. Alexander took hold of her arms. He pulled her back and shoved her aside to the floor. She hit it with a thump. Yoko gasped and looked up quickly, hoping to anticipate and avoid his next assault.

Zero glared down at her from the other side of the open doorway. It was raining. He was soaked to his bones, his silver hair clinging to his skin. His eyes blazed with fury, as he spotted the vampires standing over her.

"Yoko," he said lowly, "Get up. Come here."

Yoko blinked, startled and somewhat scared. His visage remained quite blank. His gun was poised, ready to fire. She very slowly crawled towards the doorway and eventually, as neither vampire made to stop her, picked herself up off the floor and ran to towards him.

"Get behind me." He ordered, not looking at her.

"Zero…" she hesitantly whispered, reaching out for him. His other hand slapped her own away from his face and she recoiled. He was very cold.

"Get behind me." He repeated, a steely tone entering his voice.

She nodded, silently ducking under the arm aiming the gun and gripping the back of his soaked jacket.

"We're leaving now." He told the vampires.

Her mother scoffed, "Go ahead. She'll be back. If not," She walked towards the pair. He cocked the gun and she stopped, leaning in dramatically, "I could always come get her myself."

Yoko gulped. Zero released the safety catch. He was very tempted, but Alexander took her mother's hand and pulled her behind himself, "Leave." He demanded, grimacing at the gun.

"One thing..." Her mother called out, as Zero pushed Yoko out of the alley, "That father of yours, Yoko. He left me for dead." Zero halted, momentarily looking back at the woman, "I had not certified with Alexander that I would join him. In fact, I was on the verge of saying 'No'. He bit me anyway and your father found me. He left me. He left me to bleed out on the kitchen floor."

Yoko glanced back as well, tears falling again as she hiccupped.

"You can ask him yourself! He's the 'awful' one. I'm innocent. I've merely made the best of it."

Alexander glowered, pulling at her mother's arm. Upon his insistence, they retired back into the building to avoid the rain. As the door closed, Yoko looked up at Zero, "I'm sorry." She said.

He did not reply. He took her arm tightly and dragged her back to the academy. Not once did his grip falter, nor the glare upon his face. She herself could not stop crying. Her hiccups worsened and she began to cough, as the rain pelted them. The shopping was long forgotten.