Nothing has ever interested me; nothing makes me excited or say "wow" I really want to try that. So when this archaeological dig thing was mentioned at school I didn't exactly beam with enthusiasm and I wasn't that keen on signing up. I don't care about what has happened in the past, what my ancestors might have done all those years ago and I certainly do not care about broadening my horizons or meeting new and interesting people. The only reason why I agreed to be dragged along to this stupid and pointless thing was because I needed some sort of excuse to get away from home and besides Andi wanted some company.

In the early hours of the morning I found myself on some long and boring bus ride to the ass end of nowhere. When we arrived at our destination we were greeted by a woman who I could only really describe as a Librarian. Somebody who I would say would be more at home surrounded by books then knee deep in mud. Before we were even allowed to unpack or put up tents, the woman whose name was Cori Edwards got all of us together and started to explain the rules that she wanted us to follow and some other crap. I don't know--- I was so tired that I found myself phasing in and out of it. When I became fully conscious, I found myself carrying some boxes into what was going to be the main encampment. I also noticed that Cori seemed to have changed clothes, no longer the Librarian but some sort of Lara Croft wannabee. It was the only way I could describe her, but with this change she was able to motivate the guys into doing her bidding (tells you an awful lot about guys). I also found myself with an extra tent buddy, her name was Charlie, she was quiet and shy but a real talker once she got going.

When it came to dinner we clung together not wanting to be separated and certainly not wanting to "mingle". Cori wanted us to, my god how she tried but we refused. I had known everybody practically all my life, we have never spoken and I don't want to start now. It was a good few minutes before Cori decided it was a losing battle and went back to her table. There she was talking to some guy I never really noticed before. Andi later whispered to me that his name was Sean, he wasn't an archaeologist. Everybody could tell that he wasn't, I wasn't really sure if that was odd and to be honest I really didn't care. I don't know much about him, I would call him a military nut probably because he seemed to have this thing about dog tags. Whenever you saw him he was wearing a set of them round his neck. Plus another thing that was noticeable was that he was never that far away from Cori. Always checking to see if she was alright, he was like a guard dog. I found it sickening.

After we had eaten, Cori decided to grab everyone's attention. So she could explain what was going to take place next day and tell us more about the groups. That was when I discovered, to my horror that I wasn't going to be in the same group as Andi or Charlie. I think Cori was trying to get her revenge or something. I was going to be in the group that was being run by a guy called Bob. Back at the tent, I decided to vent out my frustration, the terrible injustice of it all. Andi was able to calm me down by saying that we will see each other at lunch. I really hated this place and this whole trip, it seemed so stupid and utterly pointless. Was it worse than being at home? I don't know.

When it came to morning everybody was still pretty tired, nobody was use to getting up at stupid o'clock in the morning. After breakfast we went off into our groups, each group had its own "trench" to dig in. In this "trench" we were digging up something, I don't know what it was and I really didn't care. Whenever something was found Bob would try to explain to us what it was. He really wasn't use to talking in front of groups of people. He kept stuttering and mispronouncing words which made the whole experience painful. I couldn't wait until it was lunch; I just wanted this whole thing to be over. It seemed as if days went past instead of hours when lunch did finally arrive and I was able to meet up with Andi and Charlie. Charlie was covered in dirt; she seemed really happy and was telling me all the interesting stuff that she found. I really wasn't that interested. Andi on the other hand seemed to have had some fun as well, although she did confess that at times it was really boring. This was when she was digging and not finding anything. Charlie tried to explain to us that archaeology involves a lot of guess work. You may have something there, and there was a chance that there may not be something there, most of the time you just had to dig and see. Even though stuff may show up on the geophysics (some archaeology term that I really didn't have a clue about), it doesn't always mean that there is something. Sometimes it might be an old gas pipe or just some other piece of random useless junk, you never really know.

I still couldn't care less and when I was asked how it went for me I was honest. I probably should have chosen my words better but I told the truth. I cannot remember the words exactly but I think it was something along the lines of I rather have a fight with a giant grizzly bear then spend another hour in a trench. This did leave Charlie looking stunned; she said that she couldn't work out why I would come on this trip if I knew I wouldn't enjoy it. To her it seemed as strange as someone going to a roller coaster park and not liking roller coasters. I had my reasons was all I could say. I did hear Andi whisper something to her but although I couldn't hear the words I could probably guess what they were, probably something along the lines of its better not knowing. We then sat there in an uncomfortable silence. It was then Andi suggested that we go for a walk; we still had plenty of time before we had to go back into our groups. Charlie even made sure by looking at her dirty, scratched and slightly battered watch.

I wasn't sure how far we ended up walking but I could guess that it was out of the camp's boundaries. We found ourselves by a large lake surrounded by trees; the view itself could only be described as breath-taking. It was so quiet that it felt as if we were completely shut off from the outside world. Andi kept saying how beautiful this place was and we had to agree. We just stood there watching the sunlight dance on top of the lake's surface, just taking it all in. I really didn't want to go back to camp but I had a sinking feeling that we had to leave soon.

"So anyway Charlie, why do you like digging so much?" Andi asked breaking me momentarily out of my trance.

"I suppose it has something to do with my brother, he's a journalist. So he's really likes to know about stuff I guess I got the inquisitive nature from him"

"Are two you close?" I asked, picking up a stone and skimming it across the lake.

"Yeah we are. I really miss him though"

"Where is he?"

"New York city, he's working on something big at the moment so it's been a while since I saw him"

"When was the last time you saw him?" Andi questioned

"About six months ago. I speak to him on the phone every week but it isn't enough...Anyway I don't mean to be a drag or anything but we should really head back soon. It's not just that I want to continue with the dig. It's just that Cori would get a little annoyed when she finds out that we left camp"

"Yeah, I guess you're right---hey what's that?"

Andi was pointing at a billow of smoke that was visible over the trees, not that far from where we were standing. I'm not that sure what happened next, I must have been worried that it was the start of a forest fire or something because without me being fully aware of it, I found myself running towards it. I could hear Andi and Charlie running behind me, calling after me.

"What are you doing? What if it's dangerous?" Charlie was shouting

"I just want to see what it is; it might be a start of a fire. We can't just go back to camp and hope it's nothing"

"I have a funny feeling about this" I heard Andi mumble

"You could always go back if you're worried"

"No, I want to know what's up ahead as much as you do. I'm just voicing my feelings that's all, I think it's something I learnt from you" I wasn't sure if she was poking fun at me or trying to lighten up what could potentially be a dangerous situation but I really didn't care. When we finally arrived to where the smoke was coming from. We were shocked to discover that it was the result of a medium sized crater. We could feel the heat coming from it and by looking at the smoke we could tell that the crater hadn't been there that long.

"What do you think could have caused this?" I asked staring down into it.

"I don't know but I guess it has something to do with that weird object" said Charlie pointing to a metal object wedged into the middle. Charlie then jumped down in order to take a closer look. She then took off her jumper and wrapped it around her hands so she could reach down and pick up the strange object.

"It's not hot or anything and it's pretty light" she said examining it carefully.

"What are you doing? Put it down. What if it's dangerous?" I was getting anxious. I know I wanted to see what caused the smoke but ...I really didn't expect to find much. If it was a small fire then I might have done something but this was nothing what I expected, this situation was so--- not normal. I just wanted to leave the thing alone and walk away.

"It seems okay, here you take a look" Charlie handed the object up to me "it's not hot so you don't need to cover your hands. I don't think it's dangerous or anything. It kinda reminds me of a mini UFO"

I closely examined the object; it was so---weird looking. She was right though, it did seem like a mini UFO. It was circular in shape and had a big metal orb like thing in the middle, I had no idea why but I felt as if the thing that I was holding was alive.

The metal orb in the middle lit up briefly and there was a glimpse of movement,

"Err....I think it's alive"

"What do you mean?" queried Andi

" moved"

"Wow, do you think area 51 might be interested in it?" said Charlie jokingly; I don't think she was taking what I said seriously. Like I was trying to make some sort of joke out of it,

"Why?" I replied

"It might be an alien"

"Well...Would you like it back then?" I really wanted to give it back to Charlie; I really didn't want to hold--- this thing any longer. I kept getting reminded of the scene from that sci-fi movie: Alien. Where they are at a strange planet and this thing jumps on and latches on to a guy's face and then a little while later a baby alien bursts out of his stomach. It wasn't something that I should have been thinking about and it just made me feel even more uneasy.

"No, you can hold it. Anyway maybe we should take it back and show it to Cori?"

"What is Cori going to tell us?" questioned Andi

"What this thing is?" replied Charlie

"Somehow I don't think Cori is going to know anything about this---I mean she's an archaeologist. I think it's going to be a little bit outside her field of expertise" I answered, feeling very uncomfortable and slightly nervous holding it. "Anyway we should head back. I can't stand here and hold this thing all day"

So we started to head back, Charlie still hadn't taken the thing back off me so I was left carrying it. I really didn't understand why we were taking it with us but it hadn't moved since that time so I was feeling relaxed. Maybe it wasn't anything and was completely harmless, though I really couldn't understand Charlie. She didn't seem affected by the situation at all, like it was some kinda game to her and the object was nothing more then something you would take to "show and tell".

Suddenly we heard a noise which took me by surprise. I found myself falling over an upturned root. I could hear Andi and Charlie asking if I was okay but I didn't answer. I was more worried about what was happening to the object that I was holding. The thing had lit itself up and had started to move.

"Err...guys" before either of us knew it the thing flew out of my hands opened itself up and landed on my head. All I could do was scream as these tentacle things started to cover my face. The next thing I remember was darkness; I could feel the thing crawling over my body, covering every inch. I could feel the tentacles forcing their way under my skin. I couldn't breathe. I tried to fight it. Stop whatever it was that was happening to me but I couldn't. I kept thinking that I was going to die.

Everything else that happened afterwards was a blur; I could remember hearing their screams and then growling noises. The next thing that I remember was finding myself standing over a dead bear staring into the fearful faces of Andi and Charlie.