I found myself outside feeling the strange lumps. I don't know why. Maybe they might have disappeared when I was in the tent. I guess that was wishful thinking. They were still there and no matter how many times I rub my neck, they will never disappear. I felt like an idiot, it was a stupid idea; going to see them didn't solve anything. Andi just sat there and did her best big sister impression; trying to be reassuring and telling me that they'll disappear over time (maybe). Charlie was the complete opposite. She kept saying that I should keep them covered up because we don't want other people to see them. I don't know what she expected to happen.

I stood outside the tent rubbing my face. I was feeling frustrated. I was such an idiot to believe that they would have the answer; I don't know why they would. But I was feeling so confused, even with them I was still feeling as if I was on my own. I'm the only one going through this. Whatever is happening is happening to me---to my body, though I had idea what. I wished somebody would tell me. Nothing was making any sense. Everything felt so jumbled up. I was finding it hard to control my breathing. I needed to calm down. I started walking; I didn't know where I was going. I just allowed my legs to carry me. Moments later I found myself at the lake.

It felt strange to be back. I don't know why but I just had to visit it again. Maybe I might see that thing again? Why would I even want to? I started to relive what had happened, everything that lead up to finding that weird object and what it did to me. It was all playing in my head, it felt like watching a video with no sound. I don't know, maybe if it had sound it would make it more terrifying. I heard a noise that quickly snapped me out of it. That's when I noticed them. There were other people at the lake besides me. Several figures wearing military style outfits were walking around the area pushing back patches of grass, looking under fallen logs. They were looking for something--- it was pretty obvious. I had no idea what and I didn't want to find out. I was considering running when I heard one of them talking on their head set. I was curious; I had to know what they were searching for. I decided to sneak in closer. I was able to hide behind a tree a few metres away, just close enough to make out what he was saying. Most of it was some sort of military mumbo jumbo that I couldn't understand. I could just make out a voice coming from the head set talking back to him. The voice at the other end was talking about a crater and there being no sign of the guyver unit. I don't know why but the word guyver struck a chord with me. The word seemed somehow familiar but I knew that I didn't know the word.

There was a splashing sound and a group of people emerged from the lake. They were wearing scuba gear. One of them shook their head at the guy with the head set,

"That's a negative on the lake. Nothing there"

I was puzzled, it wasn't making any sense. That---that thing should be in the lake. I saw it go into the lake and so did Andi and Charlie.

"Okay sir, expect you here shortly"

I sat down and buried my head between my legs. My head was burning with so many questions that I wanted to block out. If it wasn't in the lake then where is it and why haven't they found it?

"Hey what are you doing here kid?"

I recognised the voice and when I looked up I found that my suspicions were confirmed. I was staring into the face of the guy who was in the first aid tent the night before. I got up; panic instantly took over. I didn't know what to do but my instincts were telling me to run. He kept telling me to take it easy and that he wasn't going to hurt me. I didn't believe him. I pushed him. I'm not that strong but the push I gave him was able knocked him slightly off balance. It was enough to get past him. I could hear him calling after me

"Please kid; don't run I just want to talk to you"

I could hear him running after me. He wasn't that far behind me.

"Please kid. I just want to know if you found a guyver unit."

It was the second time that I heard that word in the space of a few minutes. I could feel the lumps on the back of my neck pulsing every time that word was mentioned, as if they were trying to tell me something.

I found myself making contact with the ground. Out of desperation he had rugby tackled me to the floor.

"I really didn't want to do that but you left me with no choice" He pulled me to my feet but kept a tight grip on my arm. I tried to pull myself away. Every time I struggled the grip got tighter. It made my arm hurt. It still didn't stop me. I kept fighting back but as the grip got tighter I found myself crying out in pain.

"Let me go" I whimpered

"Kid, I will let you go as soon as you tell me where the guyver unit is" he replied

"I have no idea what you're talking about" I shouted

"Sure you do kid, well you may not have known what it was but you found it when you went for a little walk to the lake with your friends"

"I have never been to the lake before today" I kept trying to break free but the pain from his grip was getting unbearable, it was forcing tears to my eyes. I found myself sobbing "Let go. Let go. Let go"

It didn't stop him. He continued to ask questions.

"Kid I know that you're lying"

I kept shouting back that I wasn't but no matter what I said he wasn't going to believe me. I was beginning to lose the feeling in my arm

"Please kid. Just tell me the truth; I really didn't want this to go any further" He reached for his gun and pointed it at me "but you're leaving me with no options. I need to know where that guyver unit is. It's a matter of public safety"

I could feel the lumps on the back of my neck starting to pulse again. I was panicking not sure what to do. The only thing that I could think about was the gun pointed at my face. The pulsing was becoming more rapid. The word guyver was floating around inside my head---why was it so familiar? The pulsing just kept speeding up; I didn't know how to get it to stop. It was getting more rapid. I felt as if my neck was going to burst. It just kept going faster and faster.

"GUYVER!!!" the word seemed to just come out. There was a bright light that surrounded us. It just appeared out of nowhere. I noticed it had caught the guy off guard. He let go. That was when I saw my chance and pushed him away. Except instead of falling backwards and hitting the floor--- he went flying. I watched as he went soaring through the air and then smacking a tree several metres away. I wasn't sure what had happened. That was when I looked at my hands. I could feel my heart racing--- they weren't my normal hands. So was this the Guyver?