A/N: New story. Just to let everybody know ahead of time so hopefully I don't get any comments about it, this will be an Alice and Bella story. If the topic of lesbianism is not comfortable for you, I suggest you don't read this story. I will also be posting another new story soon with Bella and Edward so that might be a better option.

Summary: There's more than meets the eye about a girl Alice meets when she moves into her new dorm room. Sometimes you have to look below the surface to really understand someone. Alice/Bella. All Human. OOC.

Skin Deep


The moment I'd seen her, she'd captivated me.

Overtaken me.

Consumed me.

I'd been warned to stay away, but like a moth to a flame I couldn't stay away.

She lured me in.

I never even stood a chance against her.

She put on this tough girl image.

But something about her told me that appearances weren't everything.

There was more to her than just what she projected.

Her beauty was more than skin deep.