Under revision... sorta. For the most part the first three chapters of this haven't changed much at all. I've gone through and cleaned it up fixing spelling errors and such. Now I'm sure I didn't get them all so if you come across some... oh well it happens. So hope you enjoy; much love for you all. Keva


Kagome ran as fast as she could through the forest. She wasn't running because she was being chased. She wasn't running because she was afraid. She wasn't running because she was emotionally hurt and she definitely wasn't running because she needed the exercise. Nope; she was the chaser if you will of a sorry bastard that was going to die a slow painful death.

Clenched tightly in her right hand was her once favorite skirt. In her left hand she held several strands of his hair. Which was thus far the only damage he had sustained and only the beginning of his torment.

Once upon a time she had a relatively normal life. Jaunting across Japan's countryside, hunting down an evil hanyou, killing things that definitely needed to die, and just trying to stay alive… normal.

She had friends; a hentai hoshi, a demon slayer, an over amorous wolf, a fox kit, a transforming neko, and a hanyou that didn't get sat nearly as much as he deserved… normal.

Having friends also meant baggage. A little brother kept alive with a jewel shard. A void in the palm of a hoshi's hand. An orphaned kit, a homicidal older brother, and a thieving dead-ish ex-girlfriend… normal.

Okay so maybe it wasn't normal compared to most; but to her it was as normal as sakura blossoms in the spring. Then he showed up and her life went from normal to just down right out of control.

And whom did she have to thank for this mess her life had now become? None other than the psycho hidden behind deep amber eyes, deadly poison, and stoic mask… Sesshoumaru. It wasn't the bastard of the west she was currently chasing; nope, but his days were numbered. Once she got through with the mangy neko she was chasing Sesshoumaru was next.

'Miko; this is my general Kei. He is going to assist you in hunting down the vile filth known as Naraku in my stead. I will return in three months time.'

Agreeing to allow the neko to stand in for Sesshoumaru was a mistake… a BIG one!

"Get back here you jerk!" Damn all youkai to hell and back for their superman-esc qualities and damn her pathetic (in comparison) human lungs and muscles. She stopped, placed her fisted hands on her knees, hunched over, and sucked as much air as she could back into her oxygen deprived lungs.

"Do you finally give up?" A deep voice questioned from the shadows of the trees.

Her fist tightened around the fabric of her shredded skirt. "Iie…" She panted heavily. "You will die; doubt it not!" She hissed out breathlessly. "If my lungs don't explode first." She gasped deeply.

Kei stepped out into the full view of the hunched over miko. "I told you it was an accident." He smirked deeply at her.

Kagome glared daggers at him. "Don't you dare lie to me!" She held up the remains of her beloved skirt. "This was no accident!"

"Perhaps." He grinned fiendishly.

Her deep blues flashed deadly. "Why." She demanded sounding a lot like Sesshoumaru.

Kei shrugged his shoulder. "It was indecent."

"Indecent? That is not for you to decide." She pointed her left finger at him causing the strands of hair in her hand to flutter about aimlessly.

Kei spotted the hair in her hand and instinctively ran his fingers through his black hair checking for any bald patches.

Kagome watched him and ground her teeth together. How dare he act like his hair is more important than her destroyed skirt? "Oooh… I'm so going to shave me a kitten." She hissed to herself. "This is only the beginning!" She bit out as she held up the hair in her fisted hand.

A dark brow arched at her declaration. "Oh? You can barely keep up with me let alone catch me." He taunted.

Her eyes narrowed before her lips pulled into an unnerving grin. She cocked a brow at the confused face he was making before she turned and began walking away without a single word.

Kei watched her go not entirely sure he trusted her sudden change of behavior. However his instincts demanded that he finds out what she was up to damn the curious cat in him.

Kagome listened as he came up behind her and had to bite the inside of her cheek to keep from laughing out right. He was too easy which made her wonder why she even bothered with chasing him in the first place.

"Woman what are you up to?" He demanded with deep chested growl.

"Nothing." She answered with her nose stuck highly in the air.

Copper eyes narrowed on the girl's back as deadly claws twitched at his side. The cat in him was screaming madly for answers. Yet the the more common sense side of him wanted no part of it. "Kagome" He growled low in his throat.

Still she refused to answer him as she continued walking away like he wasn't even there. He grabbed her by the shoulders, spun her around, locked stares with her, and instantly knew his mistake.

Kagome placed her hands on his black silk covered chest and released a small amount of her powers into his chest. He was left with palm shaped burn holes in his haori and leaving red palm marks on his lightly tanned flesh. "Ha!" She huffed with a pointed finger in his face. "Take that you jerk!"

Kei looked down at his haori and frowned. She burned his favorite haori; the haori Rin had made for him. "You will pay." He growled deadly as his deep copper eyes narrowed to tiny little slits.

Kagome matched his glare. "You don't like it do you freaking hypocrite!" She held up her blue skirt. "You can dish it out but you can't take it! Well I have news for you you overgrown kitten. I will wear what I want, when I want, and there is nothing you can say or do to stop me!"

A dark brow arched at that declaration. "Oh? I believe it was decided long ago that I was your master."

"Firstly you ARE NOT my master!" She jabbed a sharp finger in to his chest. "Secondly three months does not justify a long time ago!"

"It matters not." He hissed as he grabbed her by the arms lifting her up in front of him.

Her eyes narrowed even further. "Put me down." She ordered coldly.

"Iie; you will be punished."

Kagome curled her lip at him. "Don't you dare." She hissed.

His lips pulled into an unnerving smirk. "Oh and what will you do to stop me?"

She raised her hand and slapped him across his perfect cheek causing his head to snap to the side. "That for starters."

He turned his head and stared in shock at her. He definitely wasn't expecting THAT. "Girl; if you do that again I swear…" he trailed off when she did it again. "Feisty bitch." He growled.

"Damn it Kei! What did I tell you about calling me that?" She growled between clenched teeth.

He pulled her flush against his chest and buried his face into her neck. "You know what your fire does to me."

Again she rolled her eyes. "Knock it off! I'm SOOOO not in the mood."

He set her on her feet and slid his arms around her small frame squeezing her against his hard chest.. "Don't worry about that." He growled sensually in the manner that always set her body ablaze.

"I mean it," she gasped. "stop it." Oh how she hated how she sounded right now and knew without a doubt she wasn't very convincing.

He again buried his face into her neck and went in for the kill by lightly dragging his fangs across her neck. It worked every time for she suddenly went limp in the knees and wrapped her arms around his waist in an attempt to hold herself up right. He moved his lips up to her ear. "Now tell me again how you aren't in the mood."

"I hate you." She gasped as he trailed his hot tongue along the rim of her ear.

"Iie" He smirked into her hair. "You love me and you know it." He pulled back and stared down at her face copper eyes glinting with humor and desire.

Kagome stared at his perfectly chiseled face, beautifully colored eyes, and her favorite thing about him. It was those kawaii little black tiger stripes on his cheeks and neck. They always taunted her forcing her to want to drag her tongue across everyone of them. Especially some of his other black stripes that he had all over his body forcing her to want to drag her tongue across them. More specifically the two black stripes that arced over his hips pointing to his navel and destinations beyond.

She dropped the items in her hands yanked his black sash undone and ripped his ruined haori open to get to his strong chest. Her hands glided over every bulge and dip of his muscles before they made their way to his shoulders where she pushed the black garment off his broad shoulders.

Kei growled deeply when she scraped her dull nails down his chest then back up seeking out his hardened buds. With a low growl in his chest he ripped her thin white shirt from her body. He then placed his hands on her waist and picked her up so that her long creamy legs could wrap around his thin waist.

Kagome leaned in and pressed her lips to his slipping her tongue into his hot mouth and tracing the line of his teeth and fangs. Shivering at the feel of the deadly points and knowing how it felt when he would lightly drag them along her flesh.

He walked over to a nearby tree and pressed her up against it as he swirled his tongue against hers. He trailed the tips of his claws along her creamy thighs to her hips where he made quick work of her second most favorite skirt. If she wouldn't get rid of the indecent clothing he would slowly do it himself. Even if that meant shredding every piece of clothing she had and using sex to do so… which was a definitely a bonus. Although it also meant that he was going to be on the run a lot in order to keep her from purifying him to hell.

The next thing to go was her bra thing which he also hated. Granted it kept everyone from seeing her perfect little breasts through those thin shirts she always wore. However there was just something about the garment that screamed pansuke. Hell everything she wore was completely indecent right down to her underwear.

Granted no one but him ever saw the tiny under thing she wore to cover herself but still they barley covered a thing. The way the back side would vanish between her perfect little ass cheeks. They were sinfully taunting when he would see her standing in front of him in nothing but those. Yes he would allow the underwear but the rest of her clothing… it had to go and she would wear a kimono like a proper lady should as his woman should.

Kagome jerked her head back and moaned when he ground himself into her. She could feel his hard length rubbing against her burning hot core and wanted him to give her relief. "Oh Kami Kei stop teasing me." She panted as she rubbed against him trying to seek some friction to ease the burning ache.

The neko smirked at her before he roughly ripped her undergarment from her petite little body then attacked her little bud of bundled nerves with a sharp deadly claw.

Kagome thrashed and squirmed against his assault upon her sensitive area. Kami was it torture yet she wanted more. She reached for his hair, tangled her fingers into his silky locks, and yanked as hard as she could manage. "Stop toying with me you bastard!"

Oh how he loved it when she would show her true colors pure and innocent his neko ass. It was all a rouse and he knew it a way to lure beings into her charms and get them to bend to her will. He was no fool he saw her in action the very first day he met her with her superior power over the hanyou twit. "You want more?" He questioned with a growl in her small ear.

Kagome snapped out of her haze and stared deadly at him. "Are you a baka or something? No; I don't want more. I'm just pressed up against this tree naked for NO APPARENT REASON!"

"Feisty bitch." He growled sensuously.

"Don't call me that!" She bit out as she squirmed against him in an attempt to break free of his hold so she could force him to give her what she wanted.

He released the ties holding his raven colored hakama up and let them pool around his booted feet. "I will give you what you want." He hissed before he suddenly slammed himself deep into her silky core.

Kagome arched her head back banging it against the tree and cried out in pleasure. "Kami!" She gasped when he pulled out and slammed back in again. She tightened her legs around his waist and pulled him in deeper with every inward thrust of his hips forcing him to reach her deepest point.

He placed his lips to her neck sucking and nipping until there was a giant glowing red mark on her ivory skin. It was just another thing for her to add to her list of things to kill him for. He moved his lips to her shoulder and repeated the action giving the hickey on her neck a friend. If he was going to die for it he was going to make sure it was worth it.

He moved down to the top of her breast and created another one there one on the top of her other breast, her other shoulder, the front of her neck, the base of her jaw line just below her ear. Then for the finishing touch to his master work and the one that would surely bring about his death a small one on her chin. The beauty of it all was that she was so lost in her own pleasure the selfish wench that she paid no real mind to whatever else he was doing to her.

Her back arched off the tree as her inner muscles clenched tightly around his silken length as a cry of ecstasy tore from her throat.

Kei moaned loudly as he followed suit with one last thrust into her hot wet core. He collapsed against her burying his face into her neck.

Kagome held onto him waiting for her racing heart to return to a normal pace. She had to admit that as angry as he liked to make her she loved the sex. What she didn't understand was why he insisted on pissing her off all the time by shredding… As soon as that one word entered her head she looked down and noted her clothing once again in shreds at his feet. "You jerk!" She hissed.

Those two words sprung him into action. He released his hold upon her, quickly pulled his hakama up, and took off tying them closed on the way.

Kagome grabbed her clothing well what was left of them and growled to herself before grabbing his haori and wrapping it around her body. She was lucky that the holes she placed on the silk garment showed nothing being she had to practically wrap it around herself twice to get it to fit properly. She snatched up his sash, tied it around her waist, grabbed what was left of her own clothing and took off after him… AGAIN.

He wasn't running at full pace for that matter you could barely call it a jog. As he broke into the clearing just beyond their camp he spotted a sliver being staring in his direction. "Hey Sesshoumaru." He said with a small nod as he ran past him.

Sesshoumaru watched his general go by and vanish back into the woods before he turned his head in the direction the neko came from.

"YOU!" A shrill voice rang in his ears causing his deep ambers to narrow slightly.

Kagome ran up to the demon lord. "This," she held up her tattered clothing for him to see. "is your fault!"

A silver brow arched at her declaration. "Girl I have only just arrived therefore your claim is utter nonsense."

"True but you brought that bastard in to my life." She hissed.

Sesshoumaru gave her an arrogant snort. "The relationship between you and the neko bares no concern to me nor am I the one that has caused you such issue."

Okay so she couldn't exactly argue with that but that didn't matter. She opened her mouth to respond when she noticed he was staring at something rather intently. "What?"

He raised his hand, withdrew Tenseiga, and held it horizontally in front of her.

Kagome looked down at the blade with brows furrowed as she locked stares with herself in the shiny metal.

Sesshoumaru was tempted to roll his eyes at how simple she was. However he settled for a haughty sniff before he dropped his wrist slightly lowering the blade just a touch.

Kagome's eyes went insanely wide when she saw the red mark on her chin. "Oh… My… God!" She snatched the sword from his hand and thoroughly began examining her neck. Every red mark on her ivory flesh blazed brightly in a mocking red fire. She pulled the neck of the haori open and spotted the one on her shoulder before she moved to the other side and found that one as well.

Her eyes widened in horror before she dropped the sword to the ground, pulled out on the haori, and looked down at her chest. "GAH!" She gasped in horror. "I look like a leper!" She then glared up at the inu. "He is sooo dead!" She growled as she took off running in the neko's direction.

Sesshoumaru watched her go and inwardly hoped that she would purify the neko to hell. The cat had made his life miserable since childhood and still continued to do so.

He gathered his sword from the forest floor and made for their little camp to await for the return of the girl and hear of the fate of the insolent neko.

Little did he know that her group of companions had been waiting for three days now for them to return and would most likely be waiting three more.