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The annual ball of the Cross academy for its students was coming soon. Everybody was talking about it excitedly. It was expected that Kaname would ask Yuuki to the ball; however it was unexpected for Zero to ask her to the ball. Yuuki was shocked when he tried asking her to be his partner for the ball. Yuuki rejected him as she had agreed to go with Kaname. Nobody in the night class had dared to ask her as they knew she belonged to Kaname.

One week before the ball, Yuuki notice that she did not had any suitable dress to be worn. So on Saturday, when they were able to go out to town, Yuuki dragged Yori with her to the dress shops in town to look for one that she thinks Kaname would like her to be in. She had gotten some money for the chairman so she would be able to afford a nice and decent dress. In return for the money, she had to do some errands for him. After a long and tiring search, she finally found the one and only dress she wanted. It was a pink frilly dress that comes with a mini hat. (If you had watch Kuroshitsuji, it was what Ciel wore when he was trying to find the serial killer, Jack the Ripper)

Just as they were about to return to Cross academy, Yuuki felt a tug at the end of her coat. She turned around to find a young boy crying. 'Did you get separated from your mother?' Yuuki asked. He was too scared to answer her so he nodded. 'I will help you find your mommy is that fine with you?' He nodded again to show his approval to Yuuki. So Yuuki turned to Yori and asked her to ahead first and she would catch up with her later. Reluctantly, Yori agreed.

They passed many building and finally arrived in front of a run-down building. 'Are you sure it is here?' Yuuki asked to confirm. 'Yes. Thank you big sister,' he said. With that he planted a kiss on her cheeks. When his lips leave her cheeks, she gradually lost her consciousness. A few moments later Kaname arrived with Aido and Kain. They found her lying on the cold hard ground and brought her into the room that had been reserved for Kaname to rest before they officially start the soiree. When she woke up she found herself in a windowless room with Kaname sitting in an armchair beside her. Oh mine, he looks so handsome! Yuuki thought. 'Kaname sempai,' she called out. He turned his head to face her and giving her a smile that was only for her. When she tried to sit up, she felt giddy. She fell onto Kaname as he tried to stop her from dropping to the floor. When he was holding her in his arms, he showed her a worried face.

'What are you doing here, Kaname sempai?' Yuuki asked.

'Kain and Aido found you lying outside of the building. Why were you here in the first place? I am invited here for a soiree by the noble vampires.' Kaname replied.

In return, Yuuki told him how she ended up there. By the time she had finished, Ichijou knocked at the door requesting for Kaname's presence at the soiree. He told Ichijou to go back to the party first and turned back to Yuuki asking her to join them. Her heart fluttered. She wanted to join him but she wasn't in any suitable dress that was appropriate for the event. Even though Kaname said he did not mind, but she still didn't agree as she scared that she would embarrassed him. Reaching for a bag at the side of the armchair, he pulled put a dress. It was a sleeveless baby blue dress that was as knee length. He told her that it was a dress that he came out to buy for her to be worn at the ball. However she had bought a dress on her own, it could be worn for the soiree that night. Leaving with no choice, she agreed. Kaname led her to the bathroom for her to change. She looked extremely gorgeous and stunning. Kaname simply could not take his eyes off her.

He guided her down to the basement where the party was held. She saw that everybody who attends the night soiree was vampires and she was the only human. She started trembling as she remembered her encounter with a level E vampire. Kaname felt that and gently squeezed her hand reminding her that he was beside her and nothing bad would happen to her. As the music started to play, Kaname asked her to dance with him. She gladly accepts. They danced gracefully to the music with the steps that only known to them. All the vampires looked at them in awe and were jealous that a mere human like Yuuki was able to dance with their pureblood king, Kuran Kaname. The song ended, everybody returned to their seats. There she had the last dance as a human………

Kaname and Yuuki returned to that windowless room. In the room, he picked her up and put her lying on the sofa she was on before. He lay on top of her. 'I am tired, let me just lie here for a few moments' he said. Yuuki gently stroked his hair when he was lying on here. Suddenly he sits up and asked: 'Your breed lived like what seems like seconds to us. Yuuki, do you wan to be a blood sucking monster like me and like by my side forever?' Yuuki was stunned. Those words were the once that she wanted to hear most yet she least expected it.

'My wish is yes' she replied. Just as the words left the mouth, Kaname was at her back, licking her neck. He made sure that she was ready before he turned her into a vampire. She closed her eyes when Kaname sung his fangs into her neck. Instead of pain she felt when Zero was feeding on her, she had a feeling of pleasure. Having drunk enough of her blood, he bit himself and took a mouthful of his blood without swallowing. He pressed his lips to Yuuki's. She returned back to reality when she realised Kaname was kissing her and feeding her with blood. When he was done, he asked her if she remembered who he was.

'My onii-sama.' She replied. With that she fainted. Kaname placed her carefully onto the sofa and let her rest. Meanwhile the other vampires were agitated when they smelt Kaname's blood being spilled and the sense of a pureblood awakening. Half an hour later, Yuuki woke up feeling thirsty. She looked at Kaname and felt her throat contracting painfully. Kaname stroked her and told her it was okay for her to drink his blood. After drinking his blood, she asked him why she had lost her memories. He told her that their mother had sealed her vampiric nature to protect her against their uncle, Rido who killed their parents.

Yuuki got all the answers to the questions that she wanted Kaname for a long time and was happy. She leaned in to kiss Kaname on the lips. He was taken back by surprised but recovered his posture as quickly. He kissed her back and deepened the kiss. They stopped when Aido came knocking at the door. He told them that the vampires were feeling unrest. They returned to the basement. This time everyone bow to Yuuki. However they seemed to be afraid of her unlike before, they were ignoring her. Kaname told them that she was his sister, Kuran Yuuki. Murmurings were as they believed that the Kurans did not have a daughter and Kaname was last of their clan. To end their suspicions, he told them that Yuuki was hidden by their parents to prevent their uncle from taking her away.

He made a point to tell them that Yuuki belonged to him; anyone who dared to harm her would be punished by him. All of them heed his words as the wishes of purebloods were commands to them. With that everything comes to an end. The party resumed. Kaname asked Yuuki for a dance again. This time it was her virgin dance as a vampire. Both Kaname and Yuuki danced the night away.

When the party ended, they returned to Cross academy. Instead of going back to the dorm that she shared with Yori, she went to Kaname's room in the Moon Dormitory. Dawn was breaking soon, she felt tired and lay on his bed. Soon he followed suit but after he had taken a shower. They fell asleep together on the same bed like they used to when they were much younger.

Yuuki woke up in the afternoon. She closed her eyes quickly when she felt a sharp pain. She saw Kaname sleeping peacefully beside her and decided to stroke his face. Little did she know, he was awaked and was just closing his eyes to enjoy her reactions. He pulled her into a kiss. They broke the connection when they need to breathe. When that kiss ended, Kaname asked Yuuki if she wanted to be in the night class with him. She told him that to be with him no matter where they were was what she wanted.

With her consent, Kaname looked for the chairman and told him that Yuuki had awakened and wished to transfer to the night class to be with him. She would also stay in the Moon Dormitory with him.