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Night approached and everyone got ready for the ball. The Day class students arrived first and started chatting among themselves while waiting for the arrival of the Night class and the chairman. Soon, the Night class arrived. Kaname was walking in the front with Yuuki beside him. The Day class fan girls were jealous of her.

The last chapter:

As they entered the room, the students and teacher paused what they are doing and turned to look at them. The day class girls envied Yuuki as she was able to stand so near to Kaname. 'If looks can kill I will be dead' Yuuki thought. Kaname sensed that Yuuki was feeling uncomfortable, dragged her to a side and danced with her. Yuuki felt better without the stares of the fans of the night class. When she was a human, nobody bothered to take a second look at except Kaname and Zero. Now, she looked extremely beautiful, the guys cant took their eyes off her. This irritated Kaname. As the pureblood couple walked towards their balcony, they could heard murmurings and decided to ignore them. Kaname kindly requested them to continue with what they are doing and apologised for disturbing their party.

Zero, the only prefect left, was staring at them. Yuuki looked at Kaname asking for his permission to let her talk to Zero as he was her friend. They had not seen each other since the fight against Rido. Kaname nodded his head and Yuuki skipped happily to Zero. To Yuuki, Zero was a brother that took care of her in Kaname's place when he was not there with Yuuki. He was grateful to him. After a while Yuuki returned. She sat beside Kaname on a couch that was provided by the chairman. Kaname wrapped his arms around her, holding her as if she was going to drop. He put his hand on her tummy and felt the lump that was forming. A smile formed on his lips that reached his eyes.

As time pass by, more and more students left the room. The night class decided it was time to go back to their dorms. Due to the ball, there was no lesson for that night. Kaname and Yuuki decided to take a walk around the academy although they had done it so many times. It was still exciting to walk as it was peaceful and quiet. When dawn was breaking, they went back to their room and rest.

Days passed, Yuuki's stomach grew larger. Soon it was time for her labour. She was sent to a private hospital that was funded by her parents. On her way there, her water broke. Kaname was there to calm her down when she panicked. Once they reached the hospital, she was pushed into the emergency room. Yuuki was in great pain and Kaname could do nothing to help her lessen the pain. So he paced up and down the hallway while waiting for Yuuki to deliver. Members of the Night Class arrived soon. They waited outside the room with Kaname. They tried to calm him down as he seemed to be nervous.

After a few hours, they could hear Yuuki screaming and sounds of a baby crying. A nurse came out of the room carrying a baby. She told Kaname that Yuuki had given birth to a baby boy and told him which ward Yuuki is in. After that she passed Kaname his son and walked away. Kaname looked at the baby; he had the eyes of the Kurans, nose and mouth like Yuuki. The Night class swarmed around him to take a look at the new pureblood. At the same moment, Kaname decided to bring the baby to Yuuki. They decided to name the baby Ryuu Kuran. A day after her delivery, Yuuki was allowed to go home.

Instead of going back to academy, Kaname brought her back to the place where they had lived as children. They lived there for the rest of their lives and went for lessons at the academy. Their child was taken care by a nanny when they went for lessons.