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Sum: Hinata run's away falls in love with Tobi/ Madara. He takes her back to the village 10 years later? How will everyone react and she's pregnant! Spoilers T-rated at the moment

Hinata: 25

Hinata in flash back: 15

Madara: lord knows

Sasuke: 26

Hinata POV

Sigh. This was goanna be more trouble than it's worth. I glanced up at my husband putting on my best puppy dog look but all he did was chuckle. His laughter could make the strongest ninja quake in their boots, and me at the moment well I felt like I would fall over any moment now.

At the moment we were outside Konoha's gates, Konoha *shudder* the place I had left so many years ago.


N-n-nobody care's about me I thought while running through the forest and leaving this place called 'home' for once and all. Tears blurred my vision I pushed chakra into my feet making me run faster trees loosing their shape and becoming blurs as I thought of how the village would react

My father would be ecstatic that Hanabi would be the new heir and the burden of the Hyuga clan had gone. My team would move on and get stronger, everyone else would no even notice I had got and go on with their lives. Naruto; the boy who I have loved and stalked all of my God Dammed Life! And did he acknowledge my presence nooooooooo not even a 'hi Hinata'. He was to interested in that pink haired slut (me: no offence to any sakura lover's) who treated him like crap all the time and was too busy obsessing over Sasuke who was to busy plotting against his brother and being emo (me: sorry to all emo's Sasuke: what about me? Me: che like you should be apologised to asshole, I am sorry to any assholes that were offended by me associating them to Sasuke. Sasuke: WHY YOU!!! ) .

SMACK! I was too busy thinking that I didn't notice the figure in font of me and fell back. I closed my eye's ready for the impact of my ass and the ground, but it never came nstead I found my self in a pair of strong arms. Looking up I saw a strange man in a lollipop outfit

" HIII TOBI IS A GOOD BOY" I looked at him in shock he was in the Akatsuki and acted like a toddler, I didn't know what to do; so I did the only thing I knew how to do in I fainted.

End of Flashback

I had to laugh; 'Tobi' was the most childish hyperactive man ever to walk the earth, and who would have thought he would be Madara Uchiha. The Madara Uchiha! And what was more surprising was that I Hinata Hyuga well should I say Hinata Uchiha; yep I was married to the cold hearted, psychopath and couldn't be happier. To me he wasn't a cold heartless man who had slaughtered many for his own sick amusement. No he was my husband the man I love and gave myself to willingly, who was always there when I needed him the most, my other half, the farther of our unborn child.

I smiled at the last thought rubbing my belly a bit; it was a small bump at the moment as I was only a few months pregnant. I glanced back up at the love of my life he knew what made me upset and what cheered me up, he was my other half. So why the HELL was he DOING THIS!?!

"K-k-know Hinata think of the baby" he stuttered. I blinked then realised I had sub-consonance activated my byakugan when I shot him a glare. Deactivating my blood limit I turned my attention to the village of my nightmares.

A shadow rushed passed my eyesight. I was about to warn Madara when I felt a sudden jolt in my body and my hands were tied behind my back, and we were surrounded by ANBU. One of them wearing a crow's mask steeped forward removing his mask h spoke in his regular cocky-cool voice (me: no change there)

"Nice of you to come back Hinata Hyuga"

"Sasuke-Teme" I hissed at him' before I pressure started to build on my back and everything when black.

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