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"My name is Naruto, Uzumaki Naruto in fact, and I like my fox Spitz, yes named after that amazing treat of sunflower seeds. I just recently came to the village after living with the Sannin Jiraiya. I dislike the evil demon fox that lives in my brain that won't shut the fuck up and those annoying vegetable/fruit things called tomatoes. I guess my hobbies are sleeping in trees and training. My dream for the future is to become strong enough to suppress that evil fox that lives in my brain …and I want to kill you." Naruto pointed to Kakashi, who sat on the railing, staring at him in fascination.

The blonde's new two teammates, Uchiha Sasuke, and Haruno Sakura, were staring a t him as well. "What?" he asked, absently pulling on the tail of the orange fox lounging around his neck.

"What the fuck are you on?" Sasuke growled, leaning away form the strange boy.

"Bi-polar pills, oh, and some sort of schizophrenic pill…to stop all the voices you know." He answered nonchalantly. Sakura edged away, slightly crept out.

Kakashi coughed into his hand, "um…why do you want to kill me?" Naruto stared at him with his large blue eyes.

"Just for the fact that you left me to mob number…um….7 I belive…you sat all happy on the roof top and let them beat me…only when I appeared close to death did you jump down and save me. I was 6, I think." Naruto blinked slowly, a haze in his eyes. Sakura gaped in horror at first him, and then their new sensei, who had gone pale.

Kakashi looked away, "Anyways, you, your turn." He gestured at Sasuke, who was looking at Naruto with a calculating gaze.

The boy leaned his elbows on his knees and stared into through the concrete, "my name is Uchiha Sasuke, I don't have many likes, and a lot of dislike, my hobby is training, and my dream, no my ambition, is to kill a certain man."

Silence followed his words, his team staring at him confused and worried until…

"How are you gonna do it?" Naruto turned to him with owlish eyes, seeming intent on Sasuke's face. Only a crease of his brow showed that the avenger had heard him, so Naruto continued.

"Are you gonna stab him? Burn him? Blow his head off? Poison him? Torture? Maim? Is it gonna be a slow death? A quick one? Have you even thought of this?" Naruto listed the ways to kill, oblivious to Sakura's growing horror.

"What about blood loss? Or an honorable death fight? What about" "Stop!" a screech interrupted him, and Naruto turned to blink at Sakura, who had a hand over her mouth and tears in her eyes.

"How can you list them so emotionless, don't you feel anything?" Sakura spoke, trembling. Naruto blinked again, uncomprehending.

"Aren't you at least sorry you can think of killing someone like that?" Sakura continued. Naruto looked at her, tilting his head to the side like a confused puppy.

"Aren't you a shinobi? Aren't you in this line of work to kill people?" he said. Sakura had no answer to the boy's confused words. "Then what are you doing here?" Sakura sat quietly, wonder what she really was doing, pretending to be a ninja?

Kakashi observed the pink haired girl's revelation quietly, looking over the blond boy who had resumed staring up at the sky. He really doesn't understand… Sandaime was right. Kakashi thought solemnly, regretting his past actions towards the boy. Clearing his throat, he asked, "Sakura, its your turn."

The girl looked up, as if woken from a trance, and started, haltingly, "Um, Haruno Sakura, I like my family, and my pet rabbit, um, I don't like people who bully for no reason, my hobby is I guess, reading, and my dream..well...i..i don't know anymore." tears welled up in her eyes as she glanced at Naruto.

The blond reached over and patted her shoulder, and for some reason, his silent comforting helped, her tears stopped. Sasuke glared at her out of the corner of his eye, disgusted by her weakness. He was ab out to speak when Naruto caught his eye, locking gazes with the Uchiha. Something about the blonds empty blue eyes paused him, and Sasuke looked down, not wanting a confrontation.

Kakashi observed his new students for a bit before speaking, attracting their attention, "Well, tomorrow, I want you to be at training ground seven for some survival training." Sakura hesitantly raised her hand, her confidence coming back.

"But sensei, we already went through survival training in the academy, why do we need more?" not only Kakashi, but Naruto and Sasuke as well looked at her in astonishment.

"The academy is only for show, the real ninja training appears in a genin team, where it really matters. The academy is useless in the terms of shinobi survival," Naruto giggled, a strange sound coming from the deranged boy, "the civilian council insisted on it, they thought it would 'humanize' us ninjas."

Sakura appeared to be having another realization about her life choice, and fell quiet once more.

"Well, I shouldn't tell you this, but there's a test for every new genin team graduated from the academy, and only about 33% of those teams pass to become genin....those that do not pass, return to the academy." Kakashi smirked beneath his mask at his new teams faces. Even Naruto was concerned, maybe even a little angry.

"W-what do you mean?"

Kakashi's lips twitched under his mask, something his new students could not notice being there was a mask in the way, "i mean, of the graduating teams that fail, are sent back to the Academy. Now, at 5 AM, I want you at the training ground, don't be late!" the silver haired man tipped them a salute and then disappeared into a cloud of smoke.

Sasuke stood up and walked in front of Naruto, arms crossed, "..."

Naruto stared up at him, lightly petting Spitz's tail, "..."





"Fight me."


"So I can defeat you and prove I'm stronger"


"So I can defeat my brother"


"Why do you keep saying why?!"

"Cause your answers aren't good enough."


Sakura watched this tennis match, amazed Sasuke hadn't beat the blond boy to pulp yet.

Naruto elaborated airily, looking up at the glaring boy above him, "For everything we do, there is a bigger reason behind it, a cause for it. Yours, I believe is mostly out of pride, and a bit of anger. Pride, as in your ego refuses to back down and believe that you are not the strongest, and anger because in your own eyes, you are not as amazing as everyone thinks you are, so you take it out on them."

His little bit of wisdom stunned Sasuke and Sakura to silence, as it seemed exactly plausible enough to be truth. Naruto stood up and lightly treaded to the railing of the academy roof, leaning over to look at the milling people below.

"Beware of the masked ninja, for he creeps in the shadows, hehe." with that last giggle, the blond boy flipped himself over the edge, free falling. Sakura shrieked and ran to the railing, expecting to see a Naruto sized crater in the ground. What she didn't expect to see, was Naruto giving her a jaunty wave from mid air, and then the boy disappearing in a flicker of movement.

"What was that?" sakura asked in wonder.

"Speed. Pure, unabridged, speed." came Sasuke. Sakura glanced at her crush, who stood staring down to the ground with his hands in his pockets.

"What do you mean, Sasuke-kun?" Sakura ventured, still wary of the fury behind his cobalt eyes.

Sasuke's eyes flickered to her and he turned to leave, allowing the question to stand. Sakura looked down, biting her lip, feeling insignificant until his voice came back to her from the stairs.

"It means hes much better than us."

Sakura whipped around, just missing the black tuft of hair leaving. Instead of running after like she normally would have done, Sakura stayed on the academy roof and thought about what Naruto said.

Maybe it was time for a change.


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