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Chapter 9


Naruto sat in a tree.

But not just any tree. No, this one was the tallest he could find in the training grounds. So high, he could clearly see over top all the other trees, and see the village and monument. Wind rustled his hair and the hem of his robe. How strange it was that the shapes didn't come outside of the village.

"Naruto!" called Sakura, "Hurry up down here! Kakashi's back!"

Naruto flickered down to her, smiling when she blinked at his sudden arrival. Sakura smirked, putting an arm around his shoulders, noticing now that he was the same height as her. 'When did that happen?'

Sasuke sat on one of the stumps, a hand subconsciously scratching at his shoulder. When he saw them coming, the hand left its spot, waving to them. Sakura's eyes softened at the thought of the curse mark, it had been bothering the boy since the forest, becoming more and more prominent, even with the seal on it.

Kakashi himself stood just a bit in front of Sasuke, his hands on his hips. When he saw Naruto and Sakura coming, his eyes locked onto the blonde's and his happy smile was just for Naruto alone. There was emotion in that dark eye that made Naruto feel like giggling like a school girl. Sakura laughed and started to run, holding Naruto's hand.

Naruto stopped running, something was odd. He couldn't feel any wind, but the trees were obviously waving. He numbly slipped his hand out of Sakura's feeling his heart cringe when she stopped and turned confused. Kakashi took a few steps towards him, a hand outstretched, and Sasuke frowned.

"Naruto? What's wrong?" asked Kakashi, tears pricked at Naruto's eyes.

"Is this a dream?" Naruto whispered, folding into himself. Sakura grinned, showing off her sharp, sparkly teeth, "Yes"

Naruto found himself in a sewer, standing and glaring up into the red eyes that stared into his soul. "You little bitch." Naruto said, his face expressing his displeasure.

The great beast laughed ironically, not saying anything else. Those red eyes swirled around and around until Naruto fell, landing on the ground in their training area.

He moaned a little, more like a curious mewl than anything, but his body was feeling sore. "Ruto," started Kakashi, "how are you feeling?" the man had a hand on his arm, a warm heavy feeling. Naruto sat up, shifting his shoulders to get rid of that terrible stiff feeling.

"Huh, they're so dark now." Naruto replied with. His team shared worried glances. Sakura cleared her throat, "What's dark Ruto?" Naruto blinked lazily at her before sighing and sitting up, shaking his head. "Nevermind." He whispered.

The blonde reached into his clothes and grabbed a new bottle of pills, these ones small and blue. Taking one, he choked it back and then quite literally threw himself to his feet. He cartwheeled away from them, finally stopping on his hands, with his feet in the air, kicking slightly. The three blinked at him, then at each other before laughing.

Sasuke stood and wiped his black pants. He had begun to take after Kakashi, wrapping bandages around his shins. Even the way his hair sat, where once it just stood out in the back, had now adopted an odd three sided style, sticking out from the back and sides of his head. He cleared his throat. He slipped into a prowling stance, his legs far apart, and his hands at his ankles. Suddenly, an uncharacteristic grin spilt his face and he disappeared forward.

Sakura rolled her eyes, scoffing at the boys playing around with pointy weapons. Honestly, the exam was tomorrow, couldn't they just relax?

"I'm hungry!" Naruto shrieked, bouncing happily off of a tree trunk.

Kakashi snorted, "And I suppose I'm paying am I?" Three unanimous yes's came from his students, and he rolled his eyes heavenward.

Naruto spared a glance at the dark shapes on the edge of the clearing, feeling a small bit of worry pass through him before the pills eradicated it. "Sensei-kun, how am I going to be able to beat Gaara?" he asked quietly, feeling for once a bit of insecurity.

His team picked up on this and surrounded him as they entered the village proper. Kakashi looked down at the blue eyes staring up at him imploringly and sighed, "Don't worry Naruto. Your speed will keep you away from him, and the handful of offensive ninjutsu's I and your father taught you should be enough to get through to him. Personally, I think the wind sword will do the most damage."

Naruto pursed his lips and nodded, reaching to his side and taking a hold of Kakashi's jacket pocket. Maybe he could do this. In his mind, chains slammed against the cage bars but no voice came from his wonderful Daddy Kitsune.

Wonderful. Pfft.

Naruto hummed, sitting on a bench in the waiting area, legs crossed and his eyes unfocused and drowsy. Sakura and Sasuke stood next to him, talking in low voices. Sakura kept wringing her hands. She had been given new, fingerless gloves from Kakashi, and kept fidgeting with them. Sasuke on the other hand stood with his arms crossed, but his eyes were darting about, staring at everyone else with an odd sense of suspicion.

Sakura leaned over to him, whispering, "Remember, Ruto, what your mum said. Remember? Don't forget now, love." Sakura reached out and swept one of his bangs away from his eyes. He smiled at her for it, before it slipped from his face and he stared at the shadow behind her, which stood still.

"Why are they so dark?" he whined, a touch of fear entering his voice. Sakura exchanged a worried look with Sasuke before she let the blonde be.

Sasuke took hold of her hand and led her way to a small alcove, leaving Naruto to pull his feet up to sit cross-legged and allow Spitz to settle on them. Naruto petted the fox's head, very softly feeling his ears and paws.

"He's been getting worse. Soon, those pills will interfere with his abilities. Who knows what will happen then." Sasuke pursed his lips seriously.

Sakura nodded, "I know, but what can we do. They're the only thing keeping fuzz controlled, without the pill, Ruto can't control himself." She wrung her hands harder, "Oh, Sasuke, I'm starting to get scared for him." He put a hand on her shoulder and gave her a look but said nothing.

But then, the proctor called the match to be Temari's and the crowd roared. Shikamaru had as much won, caught her in his shadow but then surrendered, giving the fan-girl an undeserved win.

"Kankuro of the Sand, and Aburame Shino of the Leaf." The next were called down and left with similar grave faces.

Naruto rolled his head to the ceiling before eyeing Shikamaru as the Nara sat down beside him. The lazy boy gave a sigh and then slumped, sinking into the bench.

Naruto smiled at him brightly and said, "Sneaky."

The Nara gave him a look, before rolling his eyes then thumping his head back, instantly asleep.

"Winner! Kankuro!" people clapped, slightly less enthusiastic as it was quite a short match. Shino just wasn't fast enough. Naruto's teammates exchanged looks, both giving Naruto a smile, or 'twitch of the lips' from Sasuke, and went down to their match.

Naruto watched avidly as his teammates began to fight, kunai screeching and dust being kicked up.

Shikamaru grumbled beside him and the blonde giggled.

It was a rather close fight, and since it was between teammates, rather long. They each knew each other's moves and so had a counter the second the other took a step.

As it is, they had decided between themselves that Sasuke would win, if only by a small increment. Sakura knew Sasuke could have beaten her to the ground if he had let loose, but really, when would Sasuke ever let loose.

So, she conceded defeat to a roaring applause, and accepted the Uchiha's hand up.

Then, Naruto was being called down. To the boos of the crowd, the encouragement of his friends, and with the heavy burning gaze of his Kakashi on him, Naruto gently hopped over the banister, floating down to the ground like the wind itself was caressing him.

Gaara met him in the arena, face impassive.

Naruto rocked back on his heels very slowly, before rocking forward. He did so to the beat of his own heart, four beats to each swing. On the very last rock before Genma called the match, Naruto smiled, and burst into red flames.


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