Harry and his Little Advent Calendar

December 15th

Lily groaned in annoyance at the sound of the door bell, swiftly trying to clean up the living room floor, where her husband James and his friend Sirius together with her son Harry had made a complete mess, pretending to draw a Christmas present for her.

"I'm coming," she yelled in the direction of the entrance door, before she hurried to let her best friend Alice together with her husband Frank and their son Neville in. Neville was a day older than Harry, and the two nearly seventeen-months-old boys loved each other dearly.

"Ne-Ne," Harry shouted excitedly, toddling over to his best friend in delight, causing Neville to throw his arms around Harry's shoulders, while a huge smile appeared on his face.

"Hello Harry," the boy's godmother Alice addressed the child. "Look what we brought for you." She handed the toddler a self made advent calendar, which held eleven small bags, each of them filled with a small piece of chocolate or a little toy. "Until Christmas day, you may open one present each day, and when you open the last present, Father Christmas will be coming," she gently explained to the dark haired boy, who looked at the calendar in delight.

"Harry, let's stick it to the wall in the living room," Lily suggested, hanging the calendar up on a nail at a low height, so that Harry could reach his presents. "All right, Harry. Today is the fifteenth, so we have to open the package with the "1" and the "5" on it."

"One fib," Harry smiled, excitedly jumping from one foot to the other, before Lily handed him a small chocolate car wrapped in bright yellow foil."

Harry let out a delighted giggle, before he dashed back to his Aunt Alice, throwing his small arms around her legs, shouting, "Fanku!"

Sitting down on the floor, he circumstantially unwrapped the chocolate, breaking a small piece off the car that he handed to Neville. "Come Ne-Ne, yum yum."

"Oh, can you already say 'Thank you', Harry?" Alice queried in surprise, before she told Lily in a small voice, "They always say that magical children should be able to speak just like Harry does at the age of one, but Neville doesn't speak any words at all yet except for 'Mummy'."

"Oh Alice, don't worry about that," Lily replied softly, quickly cleaning her son's chocolate covered hands. "Remember what Poppy told us when we went to see her for the fifteen months' check-up. Every child is different, and by the time they're three, you won't know the difference anymore."

"Well, that's true," Alice replied, sounding slightly consoled.

"Let's have tea, Alice," Lily motioned her friend to take a seat, before she looked around, sighing in exasperation. "Where did James and Frank go?"

"Let's begin without them. You know they probably won't show up for hours, provided that the kids leave them in peace," Alice smirked.

"That's right," Lily agreed, observing Harry and Neville running after a Snitch that was flying a few centimetres over their heads.

Harry was jumping into the air, trying to catch the golden ball, while he was shouting, "Nitch, Nitch," all the time. Neville was frantically running after Harry, trying to imitate his friend, "Nif, Nif."

After a while of running around, Harry tiredly toddled over to the table. "Mummy, me bikki?" he queried, reaching with both hands up to Lily.

"Yes, you may have a biscuit, sweetie," Lily replied softly, gently pulling the child onto her lap, while Alice did the same with Neville.

"Ne-Ne, bikki yum yum," Harry informed his friend, who happily reached for the plate with the biscuits, kicking his pumpkin juice down from the table as he excitedly pulled his hand back, tightly clasping the small treasure.

"Careful, Neville," Alice told him, while she quickly waved her wand to clean the floor and summon the empty cup back onto the table.

Ten minutes later, both children were fast asleep on their mothers' laps, exhausted from running around and their bellies full of biscuits and pumpkin juice.

Lily and Alice enjoyed some quiet time together, wondering where their husbands were and what they were doing.

"Lily, do you have an idea what to give Harry for Christmas?" Alice queried hesitantly. "I find it very difficult to decide, because I don't know what a one-year-old should be able to do or would have fun with, and everyone says something different."

"Yes, that's true," Lily agreed thoughtfully. "James wants to give him a children's broom. Well, it's more of a toy than a broom, so that it won't be dangerous, but I'm not completely satisfied with that present. However, we're going to visit the Weasleys in a few days' time, and I could ask Molly. With so many children around, she has lots of experience and might be able to give us a few ideas. Why don't you come and visit us again next Sunday? I'm sure Harry and Neville would love playing together again."

"Thank you, Lily. That's a good idea. We'll come on Sunday, and then we'll still have two days left before Christmas," Alice replied gratefully.

When the Longbottoms left late in the afternoon, Harry pulled Neville into an embrace. "Bu-ba Ne-Ne."

"Bu-ba," Neville replied to his parents' amusement, before they left the house and apparated away.

"All right, sweetie; it's time for your bath," Lily told Harry, leading the small child up the stairs to the bathroom. When Harry was cleaned and dressed in his warm blue sleep suit with green dragons on it, Lily read him his favourite Christmas story of a dragon and his friend, who went all the way to the North Pole to look for Father Christmas.

"Good night, my child. I'll see you tomorrow," she finally said softly, placing a kiss on the boy's forehead.

"Ni Mummy. Mowwo abeca opun?" Harry enquired tiredly, obviously trying to keep his eyes open at any cost.

"Yes sweetie, tomorrow we're going to open the next present of your advent calendar," Lily replied softly, glad that in contrary to her husband she could understand the child's babbling.

"Kay," Harry mumbled happily, already drifting off to sleep.


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