How To Kill Leon Vance


I'm slowly starting to warm to Leon Vance. Being in complete denial over Jenny's death though, this does not sit well with me. So, in an attempt to make myself feel better, and possibly give TPTB a few ideas, I've come up with the idea for a new series.

In each of these oneshots, both short and longer, I will kill Leon Vance. I will happily take any suggestions that anyone might have on how to do this, seeing as the plot bunnies are busy working on several other ideas at the same time and my life is already full to bursting with uni, stress and ficage.

For once, I have not completed this series. I intend to keep it going until Vance is no longer on the show, although this may change depending on how life goes. Hoping, I will be able to update at least once a week, but again, this will depend.

If there are any spoilers for any episodes, I will note this in the relevant place. I will also try to remember to note any potential ships.

Final note: there will be no Lily in this. I felt she did a great job in NonExistent Numbers of getting rid of him. However, if the plot bunnies do come up with a particularly evil idea that only she can carry out, I may make an exception.