A/N1: Idea from 4sweetdreams

A/N2: Warning, I am a forensic scientist (okay, I'm a student but still). There are definitely things that can kill you before you get the chance to leave the lab. Especially when running DNA. We had a lovely practical where we were warned against touching something or we would be dead in moments.

Idea Twenty Five: Abby

Leon Vance wandered in Abby's lab in search of his rogue forensic scientist. The only reason he hadn't fired her was because he knew Gibbs would walk out immediately and half the agency would go with him. Abby was everyone's favorite.

Although she wasn't Vance's. She didn't stick to the dress code – admittedly she wore a suit to court – and her music was loud enough to damage someone's hearing. If it could be called music at all.

But she was a fantastic forensic scientist, proving herself every day. Vance was permanently fending off the FBI who wanted to steal her, no doubt on Fornell's recommendation. And a lot of private companies also swarmed around.

To her credit, Abby was happy to stay where she was, not demanding a pay rise or letting her skill go to her head. She might threaten to kill people and not leave any forensic evidence, but he doubted she would ever do it.

He did worry about Ziva and Abby teaming up and taking out some of his agents, but he was confident Abby would be able to withstand pressure from the Israeli.

Now if Gibbs brought a dead body to her and needed help covering something up…

He banished the dark thoughts from his head. He was here to see Abby.

But she wasn't in her lab. He tried to work out where she could be. She wasn't in the squad room with either Gibbs or McGee – Vance had just come from there himself and there was no way she could have passed him.

The other options were Autopsy or the evidence garage. She would be back soon enough anyway. There was enough evidence left in her lab to keep her busy for a long while to come.

He sat down on one of the only chairs he could see, drumming his fingers on her desk. Evidence was everywhere. Chemicals were also scattered around, obscure symbols on their labels. Vance had no idea what even half of them stood for. All he needed to remember was what Abby constantly told everyone – touch nothing.

He didn't see what simply touching a bottle could do. Or a vial. Or a test tube. There were all sealed and nothing in here could grew teeth and bite him.

He hoped.

One bottle in particular drew his attention. He reached out and picked it up carefully. The label was faded and there was a spot where some liquid had been split on it. He ran his fingers over it lightly.

Abby made it back to her lab a mere thirty minutes after leaving. The evidence garage was very quiet for once and it had not taken her long to search for new evidence in the car Gibbs had left her.

Now she had new samples to run. It was exciting.

She stepped over Vance as she made her way to Major Mass Spec. Judging from the condition of his body, she deduced something had boiled him from the inside out. She had a good idea what it was – one of her bottles had been moved.

"Silly Vance," she informed Bert before getting back to work.