I have a new laptop (and have had it since my b-day), so I kinda don't have the file that contains most of chapter 8 of this fic.

So... I'll have to start all over again.

I'm just going to answer the first 10 questions of the first 10 reviewers. The rest will be in the next chapter.

Sorry for the long, long, long, long, LONG delay!


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hay twilight fan girl 201 but you can call me Axel fan girl 201 my ? are.

Axel how do you feel about all the girls saying you and Roxas are gay?

Larxene why do you flurt with Axel and does she do that all the time.

and last does anyone now how to shut the hell up?

Axel: I'm not sure, actually. ._.'' I mean, I'm not gay, I'm bi, and Roxas is straight... So I think it's rather insulting that people would insinuate things about his sexuality.

BRM: -wipes tear from eye- Spoken like a true friend.

Larxene: I flirt with him 'cause he's hot. No, I don't do it all the time.

Xion: YES, WE DO. We just choose not to. Deaaaaal.

Alrighty then what do yu all want? Xenmas i don't think you realise this but must people would die if they gave up their hearts. Only the awesome people don't die.
Roxas- THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I had a bet with my friend over who was your first kiss and i said Namine so thanks!Sorry if i upset you. Hm, do you want some chocolate cookies and a CD instead of ice cream?
Xion- Which member do you hate? Actually which person in the entire game do you hate. Hm, do you want an laptop instead of the badges.
Larxene- What do you think of bishies from other animes? BTW you rock! Have some yaoi manga!
Vexen-... mate, you're old. Deal with it.
Axel- I chose India because it's hot and remote. Have some bombs instead then.
All-What other animes/mangas do you like?
Marluxia- Do you want a few DVDs and and a HD tv? The gardening thing was a joke. You get really weird for dummy stuff.
Xenmas- If you don't pay the bill i will hunt you down and give you to evil, obcessed fangirls.
To all again- Have you ever heard of Ansem Retort?


Xemnas: ...


Xion: In the entire game, huh? -thinks- I... I'm not sure, actually... But I guess I hate Sora, since he's the reason why I couldn't stay with Axel and Roxas...

Roxas/Axel: Aww! -hugs her- T_T

Xion: And no, I'll keep my badges. I love witty quotes. :'D

Larxene: -takes the yaoi manga- Thanks! Er, the bishies from other animes are all SMOKIN'. ;D

Vexen: I AM NOT OLD! D:


Axel: Yay! Bombs!

All: We like KHR!, Pokemon Special/Pokemon Adventures, Naruto, Soul Eater, Death Note, Bleach, Alice Academy, Black Cat, D. Gray Man, Zombie-Loan, Prince of Tennis, Wallflower, Vampire Knight, Trinity Blood, Lucky Star, One Piece, and probably some more, but we can't really think of anything else...

Marluxia: Yes, I'd like that very much. :D

Xemnas: O_O Okay, okay! I'll pay the bill!

All: Yes :D It's funny.

What is it about annoying fictional characters that amususes me... ah who cares.

To everyone: do you like the image people give you( i can clarify that question if you wish)

To manse- i mean xemnas: By the sounds of it everything seems hectic, how do you keep everything in order?

To all: where in sam hill do you get those weird hair jobs?


BRM: Meh. D: Annoying and fictional they may be, but at least they're HOT!

All: -stares at her-

BRM: ... What.

All: Never mind. -looks at the questions- Yeah, clarify it, please.

Xemnas: I threaten to turn them into Dusks. -nods- It works every time.

All: Our creators. That's where.

BRM: ... That doesn't really make sense...



Larxene: Yeah, I dunno either.


Xemnas: Yes, there is dirt... but what else? It's something you always wanted... starts with an "H"

Demmy: I will kill...
2)Gunslinger 117
Second thought... I'll get someone else to kill them... Now who can I get on a Friday night?

Zexion: Thanks for looking out for Dem-Dem. Sorry for my earlier stupidity!

BRM: I'll make you anything you want! (Yes I am so sucking up here)

Marly: Really you do creep me out but that's because of the way you treated Nami! BE NICER!

All: Umm, hi! I'm Y.T. and I'm one of you now. My weapon is an bloody axe but I'm looking into puppetry. It's nice to meet you and don't get on my bad side.

Vex: NO!


P.S. I will NOT go away, and Axel I will sell you pictures of Roxas in a bubble bath, 100 munny a piece!

Xemnas: A heart? A hat? A HUSBAND?!

BRM: ... WTF.

Demyx: Aw, thanks... :D It's the thought that counts.

Zexion: It's alright.

BRM: Kufufu. You can make me some digi-cookies.

Marluxia: ... FINE! D:

All: Hi :D

Vexen: YES!

Axel: ... I'll take them! -holds out the munny-

All: -stares at him-

Roxas: ... Ew D:


To Xemnas: Hey! Why are you rejecting your son? Well fine then. How's your niece Natalia doing? (wait. was Mark talking about Star Wars... Who cares. I'm wasn't talking about it.)
To Luxord: Wanna play a card game? Your choice.
To Zexion: Have you ever read 'Moby Dick'? If so can you write a report about it with detail? In my handwriting, and also include a report about the author?


Xemnas: How's your daughter Maria? -pokerface-

BRM: ... Maria?

Xemnas: Don't ask.

Luxord: ... Poker.

Zexion: No, I haven't. Moby Dick sucks.

BRM: Don't we know it. xD


To Xemnas: Not a question but I just wanted to let you know that I told Darth Vader about you stealing his lightsabers.
To Demyx: Why is your water clone attack timed!?
To all: I saw that all of you said you like the final fantasy games. Which is your favorite? (Final Fantasy IX is mine. Vivi rocks!)

Oh we never found that prism. However Jenny also 'lost' her cell phone after it was revealed that the prism she lost was the one that my ...friend who happens to be a girl gave to me.


Xemnas: ... -walks off to find a hacker-

BRM: ... WTF Mansex.

Xemnas: STFU and let me do my job! -looking at various phone books- Where's Matt when you need him...?!

BRM: ... -face-palm- I don't keep HIM here. Then again, after you guys leave, maybe I should... -ponders-

Demyx: I-I dunno. ;3;

Zexion/BRM: D: -hugs him-

Xion: Most of us LOVE Final Fantasy X. Larxene, BRM, and I love Final Fantasy XII 'cause of Vaan.


All except for BRM and Xion: -gasps and points at Larxene- PEDOPHILE!

Larxene: STFU!

BRM: Aw. That sucks. Hey, is that "friend who happens to be a girl" maybe your girlfriend? Or the girl you like? :3 I must know.

Axel: I'm gonna laugh if you start flirting with him unintentionally...

BRM: DON'T REMIND ME! -throws lamp at him-

Axel: -hit with lamp- Ow D:

Oh before I ask questions my mom asked me to give you guys some fudge. (gives out fudge) Oh the fudge on the red plate is for Xemnas, Axel, Marluxia, and Larxene. The fudge on the black plate is for everyone else. And don't worry. Just because Xemnas, Axel, Marluxia, and Larxene are my least favorite characters does NOT mean I did anything to it.

To Vexen: Will you please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please,please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, PLEASE help me with my chemistry? I suck at it!
To Luxord: (glomps) Do you really play strip poker? If so will you play a game of it with me?
To Xaldin: Did you know you are one of the only things that can scare me? And my favorite comic series has rotting zombies and people getting limbs chopped off in it! ...And yet I hate the saw movies... Sorry! Started talking to myself there!

Darn! There was another question I wanted to ask. But I can't remember it now... It'll probally come back to me after I hit hte submit review button...
Oh, if any of you meet anyone who says I am a ditz/klutz/sugar high , SHE IS A LIAR! And tell her that just because I accidently said the strongest fire attack is viagra (don't ask), that the voices in my head want to take over my nervous system (which is true), and the fact that I trip over my feet, fall down stairs, get stragled with weights (don't ask about the last one) does not mean I am a ditz/klutz/sugar high person.
(looks up at review)


BRM: That's what they ALL say... xD

Vexen: NO.

Luxord: Yes, I do, and sure, why not. ;D

Xaldin: No, I did not. And you are not forgiven.

BRM: You actually do scare me... D:

Xaldin: ...

Roxas: -raises eyebrows- Uh-huh... Right...

YAAYY!*starts running around in the Akatsuki cloak, but trips because its too long* ow... .

But...I'm short to...and I wuv my pikas! .

To Roxas and BRM: XD YAY FOR CARAMELLDANSEN! *joins in dancing, along with the pikachu army, who has appeared out of the bag*

To Roxas: But...in the Organization XI caramelldansen vid, you had to be persuaded with ice cream to dance. D:

To Xemnas: *rolls eyes* sure they're not lightsabres...
-coughDarthMansexcough- By the way, one of my friends at school says he knows you. And he told me to give you this note. *Hands over note...it says "KILL KILL KILL HER NOW! . SHE'S INSANE AND SHE FRIKIN SINGS IN JAPANESE DURING HISTORY AND I SIT IN FRONT OF HER AND IT DRIVES ME CRAZY! PLUS, SHE DREW SEPIROTH IN A DRESS WITH A HALO AND HIS HAIR IN A PONYTAIL! D: "*

To all: Really, have you locked your doors? I mean, for all you know Sora could be hosting a house party at your castle.

To all: I have an important announcement to make...
I've...just wasted...TEN SECONDS OF YOUR LIFE! :D

. darnit my mind has gone blank right now...can't think of anymore things too say...

well see ya! :D

I have too many names!


Roxas: ... That happens sometimes.

Xemnas: -stares at note- ... I would have written something back to him, but BRM decided to actually update only in freaking July... Oh, well. I'll write a note anyway. -scribbles stuff down on a paper and hands it over to 'I have too many names!'... It says, "I can't kill her because the one who's holding us here says I can't kill reviewers. AND SEPHIROTH DESERVES TO BE IN A DRESS. D: HE SUCKS. Also, could you tell me how old you are?... AND NO, I'M NOT A PEDOPHILE. BRM (that's the one who's holding us here) just wants to know."-

BRM: I DO NOT D: -grabs note and crosses out the last part- ... 'Kay, it's good now.

Xemnas: ...


Once again, I am Ki-chan and Ki-chan is appreciative of your answers, y'all (i'm from the south~) *gives BRM green bean casserole, mashed potatoes with gravy, fried chicken, apple cider, and deviled eggs* ...*gives the ORG fourteen glasses of water*

Axel- ...drunk? Why is that always the case? Axel, have you ever slept with somebody when you /weren't/ drunk, like, lovingly? *groan* I'll give you ALL the pictures...IF...*happy voice* you kiss me! 8D

Larxene- ...Did you regret sleeping with Axel?

Luxord- I LOVE YOU, LUXXY! D'you want some pancakes? 'Cause I'll make you pancakes if ya want 'em, huh, do ya? I'll make them with CINNAMON~ and coat them with my love!

Axel- *grins* I'm totally gonna make a bet it's either seven or eight inches...eh, maybe six and a half... *quietly and inconspicuously sneaks Axel a video tape of Roxas masturbating* sh...you didn't hear from me ;3

Marluxia- aHAH! so you ARE gay D

*elbows BRM* d'you think Marly's ghey? oh, and, by the way, I hope you enjoy the meal I prepared for ya ;D

BRM: xD Thanks.

Axel: ... It's always the case because no one wants to admit they effed Larxene when they're sober.

Larxene: WTF!

Axel: -ignores her- All of them...? -thinks- Okay! -kisses Ki-chan-

Larxene: Now I do.

Luxord: Sure?

Axel: -sticks it in his pocket- Thanks, Ki-chan. :3 Um, my length, huh... Okay, I'll give you a hint: It's somewhere between eight inches... And eleven.

Marluxia: NO I'M NOT! D:

BRM: Haha, maybe. xD The only guys with pink hair are the flamboyantly gay kind, or the kind that are cemented to their masculanity. And yes, I did enjoy it. -had eaten it while on the very long hiatus-

I'm back!
Vexen: This is about Dr. Kira and Elemental Science: (I think)The blob Kira takes with her into combat with her is made of ether, and it changes its shape to suit Kira's immediate needs. This is a revolutionary application of Elemental Science, and it would surely make Kira even more famous than her research on ether conductors. Nevertheless, unveiling him to the world is not her highest priority right now. Kira has been asked many times what the blob's name is, but she always answers. "Names are there to differentiate one entity from another, but since he is the only one of his kind, what would he need a name for!?".
To all: If you have one chance to sing a song, what song is it and why?
To Demyx: Don't Worry, Demyx. -gives a Dancer Nobody plushie- If I know the song you choose, I can help you sing it!
Zexion: Do you know Pactio Cards?
Xemnas: -gives a jar full of hearts(they're real!)- Since you didn't like my previous gift, here.
Larxene and Xion: Which is stronger and smarter? You two or the other men?
Xigbar: How did you turn into one of Ansem's apprentices now you're a stupid nobody?

Almacia (Arcana of Ice) a.k.a. AitheHeartlessGirl

Vexen: ...

BRM: That lady's smart :0


BRM: By Taylor Swift? O_o

Saix: ... Yes.

Xion: Um, I guess I'd pick Everytime We Touch by Cascada or I'm a Unicorn by 1-800 Zombie or something...

Roxas: Remembering Sunday by All Time Low.

Xion: I'd sing Juliet's parts for you! :D

Roxas: Aw, thanks :3

Namine: -envyenvyenvy- I'd pick Miracle by Cascada. -glares at Roxas-

Roxas: D:

Axel: Stella by All Time Low.

Demyx: Um... My Sitar by... Whoever it's played by...

Xemnas: Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney.

All: -stare-

Zexion: The Emo Song or Hello Brooklyn by All Time Low. xD

All: -stare-

Zexion: WHAT.

All: Nothin'.

BRM: Yeah, the rest would sing a song they made up. I think. :/ I'd sing Therapy by All Time Low, btw, if you wanted to know.

Demyx: -cuddles the plushie- Thank you. :'D

Zexion: No, I don't.

Xemnas: -squeal- OMG THANK YOUUUUUUU!

Larxene/Xion: Eh... Probably us...

Xigbar: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold up there! Watch who you're calling a 'stupid Nobody'! FYI, I ain't some stupid Nobody. I'm actually quite intellectual. It's not my fault I seem like an old pirate-ish stupid Nobody in the games.

BRM: Yeah, those are the 10 reviews. DO YOU SEE HOW MUCH SPACE IT TOOK UP?

All: Yes.

BRM: Well, it'll be even bigger next chapter! T_T

All: -gasp- NO! D:

BRM: 16 questions for the next chapter. -nods-

All: -turns to readers- Please, everyone, take pity on us and DO NOT REVIEW UNTIL THE NEXT CHAPTER COMES OUT D: PLEASE. BRM would explode from the pressure.