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This is different from The Letter and Angela. It might just be terminally fluffy, but who knows.


We were going to the country. Charlie thought it would be could for me to get out of Forks. A change in scenery. That's what he thought I needed. That's what he thought would patch up the gaping hole in my heart.

Ever since he had left, ever since he had told me the words that discounted all the rest, I had only answered direct questions. I could no longer see the point in conversation if I did not have him to speak to. Charlie didn't know what to do. He and Dr Gerandy had been talking about sending me to a psychiatric hospital. Renee had talked them out of that one. She's the one who suggested this little trip. She said I just needed a change of pace, that time would help me.

It's been four months.

The wound is still as fresh and soul destroying as the day it was inflicted.

I couldn't see how a week in the country would help.


I was in my Volvo with Alice and Jasper, following Carlisle's dark Mercedes, Emmett and Rosalie behind me in the Jeep. On Alice's insistence we were going to the country. Jasper has agreed with Alice, but then he always agrees with Alice. He would follow her into Hell and back. Rosalie and Emmett, much to my dismay, had gone along with it too. Carlisle had time off from the hospital so he and Esme thought it would be the perfect time for a family outing.

That's what they said anyway, but I could see in their thoughts they were thinking it would be good for me to get out of Portland, a change in scenery to stop me from wallowing in my depression over leaving Bella.

Bella. My sweet innocent Bella. My angel. I had left her for her own good. It wasn't healthy for someone like Bella to love one of the eternally damned. So we had left. I left her, telling her the blackest blasphemy of them all. The lie that would allow her to live a normal life. A human life.

I had told her I didn't love her.

Worse yet she had believed me. As soon as I had uttered those words she had believed me, and that hurt me more than seeing her beautiful face devastated by my lie.

Edward, Jasper cautioned me with his thoughts. I mentally chided myself for forcing my depression on Jasper, and forced myself to focus on driving. I didn't see how time in the country was going to help.


We arrived shortly before seven, the journey being slow in my faithful, if a bit old, truck. Charlie went to the bed of the truck and grabbed our bags, relieved to be out of the small cabin. I looked around at where i would be spending the next week. The large country house was the only building for miles. There was nothing but a dirt road that linked this place with the outside world. We were completely isolated.

The house itself was like a miniature castle. It looked like a doll house, but on a much larger scale. There were towers and turrets and old fashioned windows. It was like a stately home with delusions of grandeur.

I hated it.

But for Charlie's sake i plastered on a smile and said it's lovely when asked for my opinion.

I glanced around the parking lot once and noticed some cars a few spaces along. I couldn't make them out in the dark, but they looked familiar.

I followed Charlie into the 'castle' and resigned myself to a week of boredom and hiding from the unknown guests.


We had arrived at a disgustingly tacky building that looked like a doll house monstrosity. Even Alice had been stunned into silence.

Then Emmett started to laugh.

And laugh.

And laugh.

A doll house, his thoughts chortled, we're gonna be living in a doll house

Listening to him laugh my family started to join him, even i felt a smile tugging at my mouth. Trust Emmett to this white washed travesty amusing.

He, at least, would have fun here, dragging the rest of us along whether we liked it or not.

You like or hate?