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Edward left when Charlie began to wake. He didn't want to, but I'd insisted that he go. I wanted a chance to talk to Charlie on my own, to convince him that Edward is the best thing for me. Edward had left, but I was sure he was waiting nearby. I made Charlie breakfast, trying desperately to calm my nerves.

It didn't work.

What had seemed a brilliant idea with Edward in the room suddenly wasn't so brilliant.

As Charlie got ready to face the day I managed to control the shakes enough to make eggs without covering myself in oil. I was serving them up when he entered the kitchen.

"Morning Dad!" I said, keeping my voice cheerful.

"Morning, Bells," he replied gruffly. He eyed me suspiciously as I moved around, finishing his breakfast.

"Here you go," I chirped, placing the plate on the table. He looked at me critically before shrugging and tucking in.

I toyed with the spoon in my cereal, trying to decide the best way to start.

"Dad?" I began cautiously. He grunted in response.

"Dad I'm going to go out with Edward again," I said in a rush, hurrying to continue before Charlie could interrupt. "I love him, Dad; I love him with all my heart. When I'm with him…." I struggled to find the right words. "When I'm with him I feel whole, complete, like he's the other half of my soul. He's the centre of my world and to be wrenched away from him again would kill me," I looked straight at him, begging him to believe me with my eyes.

"I can't live without him,"

"Have you tried?" he asked suddenly. "Have you tried to live without him, to move on? Bella, you can't find your soul mate at such a young age. It's not possible. You need life experience to find such a person."

"But I have Dad." I protested, I wanted him to understand, I needed him to understand. "And as you trying to live without him….that's what he wanted for me when he left. He wanted me to be happy without him, a clean break, because he knew how much it could hurt us if we stayed together,"

Charlie snorted.

"Dad, can you just listen to Edward, please?" I made a last ditch effort to convince him, "Edward is my life, my everything. Please just listen to what he has to say, and then decide."

"He didn't have anything to say yesterday,"

"That's because yesterday you wouldn't have listened," I argued, "You weren't very rational yesterday, only thinking through anger. Please Dad, just listen to him."

"Fine," was the abrupt response, "but I don't like this."

"Ok, I'll go call him," I got up and left but Charlie called out to me.

"Let them sleep a while longer,"

"Oh, erm…the Cullens are really early risers," I lied quickly, picking up the phone and dialing a still familiar number.


"Hey Alice," I replied. "Is-"

"He's already on his way over," huffed Alice, "Honestly Bella; do you really think I wouldn't see this?"

"Of course not; I would never bet against you Alice,"

"Glad to hear it," Her tone softened after a moment, "Don't worry Bella, everything will be fine,"

"Thanks, Alice,"

We said our goodbyes and a few minutes later I could hear the quiet purr of the Volvo outside. I raced to the door, eager to see him again. I opened the door to face the bronze-haired god in front of me.

No matter how many times I saw him, I would never get used to his beauty.

He smiled gently and pulled me into his arms, resting his chin on the top of my head. We needed no words; we only needed to convey how much we missed each other in a single touch. I looked up at him to see my favorite crooked grin on his lips, before they latched firmly onto my own.

No matter how many times we kissed, I would never get used to the feeling of his lips on mine.

The feeling of rightness, exquisiteness, happiness, wholeness and pleasure.

We pulled back only because Edward knew Charlie was in the house. His gold eyes were smoldering at me, and I found myself pulled into those pools of golden fire, leaning in for another kiss.

Charlie coughed behind us.

A blush crept onto my cheeks whilst Edward let out an embarrassed chuckle. A sound so unlike him I giggled, which didn't help us win Charlie over.

"Kitchen, now," he ordered, marching in with us trailing behind.

"Sit," We sat. Charlie leaned back and looked at us, eyeing our joined hands on the table top.


So Edward did.

He told Charlie how much he loved me.

How much I meant to him.

That I was his soul mate.

I was crying before he was even halfway finished.

"Without Bella, I can barely make it through a single day. All the time I was away all I thought about was her, and how much I hoped that she moved on, that she would find someone and be happy. But I was wrong, so very wrong. I had doubted the strength of her love, and she paid the price for my mistake.

That won't happen again. I love Bella; she is the centre of my world, the one that keeps me chained to earth. I will never leave her again, never hurt her. She is my everything, and I wouldn't give her up for anything,"

We sat in silence whilst Charlie digested his words.

"Take care of her," was all he said, before walking out and slamming the door behind him.

"Is he okay?" I asked Edward, tears still making faint tracks down my face.

"He's fine." He said, pulling me into his lap and brushing my tears away, "He thinks this is a mistake, but he acknowledges the sincerity of our feelings,"

"Okay," I said, burrowing into his shirt.

"What do you want to do today then?" he asked after a few moments. I raised my head from his chest to speak.

"Can we go see everyone?" I asked, I had seen them all just yesterday, and it felt like so long ago.

"Then we will," he said, leading me to his car.

The silence in the car was charged with memories I had suppressed, that just the scent of the leather seats unleashed form their carefully crafted chains. Memories of long conversations, of times when he demanded I tell him everything.

We travelled in silence, but it was no longer the awkward. It was comforting, yet being so close to him charged the air with electricity, making my skin prickle deliciously.

When we arrived and walked in, I was assaulted by a tornado named Alice.

"Omigosh Bella!" she squealed, "We have to go shopping. I took a look through your suitcase and it's terrible! Jeans and t-shirts won't work all the time! You need…"

I lost track of what she was saying. I knew she just wanted a shopping trip to torture me. It didn't matter though. I saw Jasper laughing quietly as Alice reeled off names of items. Emmett and Rosalie snuggled together on the couch. Carlisle and Esme stood together, their arms wrapped round each other, caring over their adoptive children.

I was among family again.




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