Author's Note: Because I'm having almost too much fun writing Changing Times, I've decided to do a theme challenge for Ben 10: Alien Force. Some will be romantic, some will not…I took the art challenge by Daimonyon for the themes…it will be 100 different (mainly short) drabbles when I'm finished, and I've every intention *to* finish. I'm contemplating doing a fanart with each drabble, as well as maybe even an amv, but we'll see how much time I have. I will be numbering these in the order they appear on the list.

Drabble Number 1: Number 46: Family

Kevin cautiously closed the door behind him, wondering if his mother would even be awake at this hour. Gulping nervously, he studied the plumber's badge once more, as though checking to make sure it hadn't all been a dream.

When he was satisfied, he made his way toward the back of his house. If his mom was asleep, he could tell her later…he frowned, hoping that would not be the case. For once, his mom would really be proud of him. He was sure of it.

He wasn't disappointed. She was sitting up in her bed, staring blankly in front of her, the lamp on her nightstand still on.

"Mom?" Kevin said it very softly, but it was enough. She heard him.

"Oh," she seemed to snap back into reality quickly, a soft smile on her face. "Kevin…you were out really late again. Are you all right?"

"Mom," Kevin looked down at the plumber's badge securely nested in his hand, smiled at it, and placed it at the edge of her bed. "I didn't steal it. A magistar gave it to me, I swear. I've been helping people…"

His mom softly patted his hand and smiled up at him. "Kevin, I knew that already," Kevin seemed taken aback, but he didn't pull away. Just allowed his mother to continue. "You've changed…you're just like how your father was. But you don't need that badge to prove anything."

"Thanks, mom," Kevin said, giving her hand a squeeze and grabbing the badge back. "But all the same…I'm going to keep it."