I'd like to give a big thanks to all those who contributed to Different Jobs of Tales of Symphonia (I actually consided to name it after that :p). Even though it never met an end... Thanks for the inspiration, guys! Also, it is known under "Alternate Circumstances" here, but only some of the original scenes are there. :D

Disclaimer: I don't own Tales of Symphonia, Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World or any of the characters. I do own a copy of both games, does that count?


But before we begin, let's have that famous role list!

Emil: The former chosen of Sylvarant, the 'Sorry' machine

Marta: The Vanguard who's trying to kill Raine very badly

Richter: Ninja, Chief of Mizuho, guy who falls down holes

Alice: Student in Iselia?

Decus: Former experiment victim, Lumberjack, guy who drags an Iron Maiden

Tenebrae: Colette's partner/friend, still Centurion of Darkness

Aqua: Genis' companion/pet, Dirk's pet, still Centurion of Water

Lloyd: Main character, 'nuff said.

Colette: Assassin of the Vanguard, Lloyd's former friend, Courageisthemagicthatturnsdreamsintoreality

Genis: Genis the Great, Genis the Great, Genis the Great...

Raine: The person traveling with the main character

Sheena: Owner of the Lezerano Company, prisoner

Zelos: Um... the Marta -- not to mention all females -- obsessed Vanguard

Presea: The former chosen of Tethe'Alla

Regal: Teacher in Iselia...

Noishe: Lloyd's companion/friend, Centurion of LIIIIIGHT!

Me/IcyRose(I see Rose, hehe): Author, Co-narrator

Kratos: Narrator


Switch-a-role!: Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

Someone took the title and scribbled something on it, before putting it back. The result:

Switch-a-role!: Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World: The movie: The game: The fanficion

The new title was promptly removed, and a new one was put:

Switch-a-role!: Tales of a New World: Dawn of Symphonia

A ToS:DotNW parody, whatever that means

The author slapped her forehead, and decided to fix it later. Or not.



"The world is in a crisis," started a man with a purple cloak and auburn hair. His serious tone was matching the one of a boss of a big company talking about business plans and statistics. "Deserts are freezing, glaciers are melting, villages are burning, the people are fighting, the Kharlan stock market is crashing, my pie just exploded..." as he said that last bit, all the "angels" at the conference table looked toward the microwave, where the pie actually blew up. "We even lack the funds for a proper introduction," he changed slides while saying so, unaware of that Wanted Poster of Lloyd from way back stuck over his statistics. "So here we go..." he finished.


A silhouette clad in sky blue walked amidst the dancing flames in the burning city. With an agile leap, he jumped out of sight... or rather, he tripped. With a long "oooooooooooow..." he crawled away.


Meanwhile, a woman with a head of silver hair and a large orange overcoat dashed out of a burning house, looking out-of-control. "Fascinating!" she cried while staring at a large red marble in her hands. Unfortunately, that shout of glee attracted the attention of the enemy, and soon, soldiers of the Vanguard, people with these weird, tacky masks, cornered her.


A woman was making a futile attempt to flee the burning seaside city, looking back from time to time. "Lloyd! Hurry up or we'll be killed by Genis!"

"Who did you say was going to kill you?" asked an arrogant, yet childish voice.

"Gasp! IT'S GENIS!" shouted the woman.

"Come forth, Lighting of the Gods!"


A thunderclap was heard, and then... The chocolate-haired woman lay on the ground, dead.


All was probably finished, but the large red sphere started glowing, and in a flash of light (one of the Vanguard even shouted WHAT IS THIS OMINOUS LIGHT THAT THEATENS TO ENGULF US?! and got stabbed to death), the woman blacked out. Sounds of fighting were heard... And when the woman opened her eyes, a teenager with familiar brownish spiked hair, dressed in red, (and with twin swords, can't forget about that,) was kneeling beside her.

As the twin swordsman looked over the woman for any wounds, he noticed a red jewel on her forehead. Before he could examine it at a close distance, a howl was heard though the former city.

"That's Nois-- I mean--- Tenebrae, wait no it IS Noishe's howl! I'm sorry, miss, but I gotta go." with that, the swordsman left.


On the way out of the city, the swordsman stumbled over the corpse of a lady who, I don't know how, still had some life in her. "Lloyd... you survived... my view of you is only a blurry smudge, but I didn't name you after the hero for nothing. Please, go to your uncle in Luin... I'm sure that..." --and life left her before she could finish.


That's the Prologue, folks. And no, the woman is not Anna.