No worries, the rules will be bent. No new pairings (except for Zelos, that's an exception) right now. Though RainexLloyd is a pairing in the game, it's going to be more of a humor device as Raine --- Wait, I won't spoil it. Muhahaha!

If anyone asks, I will follow the chapters in the Journal in the game and divide them. Like this one, Chapter 1.1

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CHAPTER 1.1: Genis the Great!



"Noishe, shut up!" The half-asleep teen known as Lloyd threw his pillow out the window to hit his howling dog. The only problem is, he wasn't at home anymore, and the window was on the other side of the room (not to mention closed). The pillow hit a lampshade, causing the whole lamp (Designed and assembled by the Lezerano Company) to go smashing on the ground with the sound of glassware breaking.

In other words: CRASH!

At least, the good news is, our swordsman is fully awake. Even though he still had his pink pajamas on. (It was the closest thing to red, anyway.)

Of course, good news and bad news are a pair. Lloyd's Aunt Flora came running into the room, holding a broom in quite a menacing manner. "Lloyd! Where's the burglar?! Did someone break in?!" Looking over to the window and seeing the glass was intact, she breathed a sigh of relief. Now, running her eyes over the broken lamp (and calculating damage costs)...

"For breaking the lamp," she scolded, "you will have to clean up the mess, as well as this house. Am I clear?"

Lloyd nodded vigorously.

"Despicable child. Always causing trouble."

The twin swordsman opened his mouth to answer, but suddenly knew better. He bent down and started to pick up the pieces of the lamp while mumbling something about missing a ball game. He took the broken pieces and walked to the second room of his two-room inn attic. He was about to sit down and have some bacon'n'eggs, but his aunt shouted from the other room, "No breakfast until you're done!" Mumbling once again, he dragged his feet out the door, down the stairs and was right about to open the inn door when...


CLANG! The broken lamp pieces fell to the floor as Lloyd was paralyzed by the sound. The howl, I mean. One of the things that snapped him out of it was the pain in his foot caused by a piece (even though he was wearing slippers, it was a fairly big chunk).

Clutching his foot, our swordsman bounced on one foot while talking to himself. "I know that I'm not supposed to, but I'm gonna go see who's at the Fountain screaming their lungs out all while imitating Noishe!" With that, he bounced off to the fountain!


As he arrived to the fountain, he let go of his foot. Suddenly, he was pushed to the ground by two boys, apparently name Dida and Moll. What kind of names are those?

"I see you still like pink. Hehe. So, I heard you got in trouble with your Auntie!" teased Moll.

"I like red. And no I didn't!"

"Yes you did!" exclaimed both Dida and Moll.






"Fine, prove it!" said one of the two bullies.

"Swear allegiance to Genis the Great" The author kicked the SFX guy. DadadadadadadAAAAA! "and we'll believe you!" said the other.

Lloyd looked up over the dry fountain and saw a statue of a man holding two swords. He pointed to it with his index as the camera dramatically zoomed in on the statue. "Wasn't that supposed to be replaced by a wimp with a lame weapon?"

"Don't insult Genis the Great!" DadadadadadadAAAAAA!

"We lacked the proper funds because someone wanted to replace the Raine statue with one of a Pikachu!"

Lloyd brought the conversation back. "Anyway, you were saying...?"

"Oh, uh, let's just pretend. Swear allegiance to Genis the Great!" DadadadadadadAAAAAAA!

Lloyd replied while crossing his arms, "No."

"C'mon, at least bow."

"He's not listening, man. Let's take him down!" The two boys approached Lloyd even more, as Dida tried to grab their victim's shirt.

Lloyd, by reflex, put his hand to his belt and grasped nothing but air. Aw, crap! I forgot that Aunt Flora confiscated my swords ever since I broke a part of the breasts on the Sheena statue with a Demon Fang! But then, a noise similar to a plane passing by was heard (the author kicked the SFX guy again...). A shadow covered the Fountain Plaza, becoming smaller and smaller until it was just over the trio.

CRASH! (again!)"Oops. Sorry. Did I hurt anyone? Are you okay? Did I break anything? It's all my fault! I'm so sorry!" A blond teen girl with a pure white robe (with blue trim...) apparently just fell out of the sky, right on top of Moll and Dida, effectively saving Lloyd from a certain doom. She got back up on her feet, but the teasers were nowhere to be seen after she took a few seconds to dust herself off. Probably trying to get away from all the apologizing. Turning to Lloyd, she put on a large grin and greeted him, before gasping, then put the grin back on.


What do you say when a complete stranger greets you? In Lloyd's case, you do nothing!

"Um... Mister... are you okay? Did I hurt one of your friends? I'm sorry!"

"Stop apologizing. I- I'd like to thank you. Thanks for saving me."

"You're welcome! And, I'm sorry, but I've got to go." She then left.

Lloyd could only stand there. She reminds me of someone... "Wait!" but the girl was already on her way. Desperate to talk to her again, the swordsman went after her.


Hoped you liked the second chapter! And that fanfare happens every time someone says Genis the Great! DadadadadadaDAAAAAAAA! (It's the one you hear when you get a new title) No worries. They will notice it sooner or later.