Quest of Smash -Saving Ash II- is the first sequel to Saving Ash.

Fourth fanfic made by Pikmin Master. Set for 24 chapters, all of which since Chapter 3 have been writen in oulines prior to be typed. Arcs are as follows:

Chapters 1-3: Find the artifacts
Chapters 4-8: First Artifact
Chapters 9-12: Phase Distorter Machine
Chapters 13&14: Find the Tablets
Chapters 15-19: Two Tablets and Second Artifact
Chapter 20: Third Tablet
Chapters 21&22: Third Artifact
Chapters 23&24: Towards the End

Chapter 1: Trazia

Last time, Dark Deoxys was defeated by a decisive battle and retreats by opening a rift to escape. Ivysaur saw the chance to give chase. Abel had almost no choice to follow. This is the story of whatever happened to the pair as they try to destroy the entity.

In what appears to be a manifestation of the space/time continuum, Dark Deoxys runs away while Ivysaur Razor Leaves it. Abel shows up from behind Ivysaur and executes a beam of cold energy. It doesn't seem to work, by the way. Dark Deoxys has no choice to fight back. It uses Double Team to clone itself and attacks the pair badly. The real Dark Deoxys charges for a powerful darkened version of Hyper Beam while Abel and Ivysaur tries to attack the clones. Then, one beam-sounding sound later...

Abel wakes up slowly, figuring out where he is. He looks around. There is Ivysaur to his left. It looks like the two are in some sort of interdimentional palace with only one other being located in fromt of Abel. The creature is mostly brown with two brown tails, gold-and-white wings and gems, brown eyes and horn, and flowing brown hair. The creature spoke.

???: Are you alright?
Abel: Huh? Who are you and why are we here?
???: First, your partner needs to wake.

Then, Ivysaur wakes up and questions Abel. The creature responds.

???: I am Trazia. I saved you from certain death.
Abel: Trazia, huh? Well, thanks.
Ivysaur: How did you know about us and Dark Deoxys?
Trazia: I can see all around our world.
Ivysaur: Our world? You are supposed to be a Pokemon?
Trazia: I am supposed to be kept secret from all else. Thus, I reside in this palace which watches over the Dark Barrier covering our world.
Ivysaur: What's a Dark Barrier?
Abel: Ivysaur, it's the reason Clyde became a Pikachu.
Ivysaur: So...this barrier has the power to mutate anyone going through it?
Trazia: Correct.
Abel: Then why does PSI Teleport work against it?
Trazia: Must I explain everything?
Abel: Yes... Normally, I can do that myself, but since I'm the confused one, you'll have to do it.
Trazia: Fine...The Dark Barrier has "holes" that anyone can go through. But these "holes" revolve around the world just as the barrier itself is. PSI Teleport quickly finds these "holes" and teleports through the barrier as if nothing happened. But...
Ivysaur: But what?
Trazia: Since I'm supposed to keep the holes there and Dark Deoxys broke my power over them by rescuing you...

Dark Deoxys comes out of the wormhole and into space outside the barrier. It uses its power to shut any remaining holes just before a certain someone's PSI Teleport can work. Strangely, by closing the barrier's holes, PokeWorld experiences dramatic changes...

Abel and Ivysaur: WHAT!!!
Trazia: It's true. Luckily, there is a way to defeat Dark Deoxys so that you can save PokeWorld, if not the universe.
Abel: Alright. I'm up for an adventure. I was bored for so long, anyway.
Trazia: Okay, here's what you got to do. You must collect three mushroom-looking artifacts around our system and use its power to defeat that Dark Deoxys. When you two found them, call my name and I'll help you use them. Any questions?
Ivysaur: One. Are we actually going to other worlds?
Trazia: Yes. Those worlds your friend has already been to.
Abel: So, I'll recognize these planets?
Trazia: Yes. Ready?
Abel: Hold on. Can you do anything against Dark Deoxys?
Trazia: Not now. I'm not fully charged yet. Plus, it'll just destroy me. Ready now?

One nod from both Abel and Ivysaur lets Trazia send out a flash of light that transports the two to another world...