Chapter 24: Dark Deoxys

Abel and Ivysaur enter the portal leading to the space/time continuum. There, Dark Deoxys waits.

Abel: Alright. Time to end this.
Ivysaur: Okay.

The battle against Dark Deoxys begins.

Abel summons his #4 Curve Blade. He throws the sword for a Strike Raid. The slashes have no effect. Abel summons his #3 Psychic Blade to attack with telekinetically-powered slashes. After, he launches a pillar of ice to attack DD from below. Still nothing.

Abel: Now!

Ivysaur launches Razor Leaves, then Magical Leaves, then Leaf Storms in succession. Still nothing.

Abel: Freeze!

Abel fires an Ice Beam and so does Ivysaur. Then, Abel uses his Sheer Cold attack just before his Holy Ice attack. While DD is above Abel, he summons his #2 Ice Knightsword and does a spin attack. Ivysaur fires Seed Bombs, then a SolarBeam. All the while when Abel charges another Ice Beam and hits DD before launching the beam. Ivysaur charges a Razor Wind while Abel keeps slashing DD.

Ivysaur: Watch out!

After that, Abel grabs DD and throws it to the Razor Wind. A half-second later, Abel summons his #1 Neutralizer and stabs DD where the crystal is.

Thinking it's over, Abel and Ivysaur regroup. But DD Recovers to full health.

Abel: Say what!

Abel and Ivysaur continue their attack against DD, but everytime, it either defends with Defense Forme, avoids with Speed Form, recovers with Normal Forme, or counterattacks with Attack Forme. Even using their best moves and combos they have no chance.

Abel: That's it! ESPER FORMATION!!

Abel transforms to his Esper Form. Abel attacks DD with a certain ice attack and it hits. Bot not much. DD tries to flee, but got hit by Sheer Cold. DD uses Psycho Boost to Abel and Ivysaur for major damage.

Ivysaur: This is tiring. I say we use our new powerups. *Esper Abel has a worrying face* I know what the consequences are, but we have to. *Esper Abel agrees*

Ivysaur taps in her newfound power and starts to transform. Ivysaur becomes humanoid, with green, vine-like armor, complete with helmet that covers most of her face. She is shown with Samus-like blonde hair. She is holding a thorn stem for a whip. The Ivysaur bud is seen on her chest.

Esper Ivysaur teleports behind DD and hits DD with her whip for decent damage. She also wraps DD with the whip for continous damage.

Esper Abel does the same as Ivysaur and begins to transform again. Abel gains another set of angel wings, facing down from the hip. He is shown without feet, but with longer legs. He wears the Flurry Robe [From FFTA and A2]. He also has straight white hair going down to his neck. There are also two glowing orbs floating around him. They are what happens if a charged Ice Beam isn't fired.

Esper Abel sends the two orbs to attack DD heavily. Esper Ivysaur once again wrap DD with the whip and charges for a SolarBeam. Abel puts the two orbs together for a Super Ice Beam in front of DD. Ivysaur lets DD go and the two beams severely damage DD from front and back. The attacks were so powerful that DD disintegrates.

Esper Ivysaur:...Is it over?

The Deoxys crystal breaks and in its place there is a ghost. That is the spirit of Ash's dead father, Gedharm.

Spirit of Gedharm: Thank you for freeing me. I am forever in your debt.
Esper Ivysaur: Wait. Aren't you evil? *Esper Abel nods*
Spirit of Gedharm: The spirit controlling Red is my evil half. I am the good half. My evil counterpart is causing the entire PokeWorld to turn for the worst. Even the lands not yet discovered is affected.
Esper Ivysaur: We can help save the world, right? *Esper Abel nods* Right.
Spirit of Gedharm: I can take you past the recontructed Dark Barrier. But after that, you're on your own.
Esper Ivysaur: Right.

The spirit of Gedharm transports the Espers into the PokeWorld section of space, past the Barrier. Esper Abel points to PokeWorld and sees that it's a mess, even from space. The two then move to PokeWorld, in the same spot that they originally left to fight Dark Deoxys. Only this time, it's to save PokeWorld once and for all.


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