Blue Topaz
by: WingsofSakon

He saw him drop and turn white as the snow around them. It was like his knees just gave out. This wasn't the time or the place for any one to get sick.

"Shin." Ryo said going over to him. "Shin what's wrong?" He asked kneeling next to him. "Answer me!" He demanded.

"Shin, what's wrong?" Touma asked standing behind Ryo.

"Shin?" Seiji asked as Ryo started to shake him.

"Answer me, Shin." Ryo said desperately trying to get an answer. "C'mon now we need you. What's wrong? Snap out of it!"

Shin slowly came around and looked at him with a blank expression.

"Shin… what's wrong? Are you okay?" Ryo asked more kindly.

"I'm sorry… " Shin whispered being barely heard.

"What?" Ryo asked, not exactly sure that's what he said.

"I didn't mean to frighten you. My legs just got cold and gave out." Shin said getting up.

"Shin, you have to concentrate on other things. The cold isn't going to kill you."

"I know that. They did it by them selves." He covered.

"If you knew it was going to be too cold. Why didn't you dress for it?" Seiji asked.

"I had other things on my mind."

"Perhaps you're just weak minded." Seiji muttered out.

"Enough bickering." Ryo demanded.

He knew them two would start sooner or later. He just didn't think it would be now. Shin was soft, but he wasn't weak. Seiji knew that, but ever since he found out what happened. He threw in little cuts and comments here and there.

Shin made himself scarce like he had asked. Almost to the point of never seeing him. This was the most he had seen of him in the past two weeks.

Now that he looked back on what happened. He knew he was too harsh with him. For Shin to come out and even let him know his feelings on that level. He knew had to be one of the most difficult tasks he'd ever done.

He told him he never thought of him that way and never would. Which was a lie. Every once in a while he'd catch himself looking at him. Now that Seiji was a part of his life. There was no room for fantasies. So, not to invoke more than he could handle. The only way out was to push him away. He didn't mean to do it with such force as he did.

When he seen him drop and turn pale. He felt his heart race and to be waiting for the creature to appear. It made him panic. Getting his composure back he looked to where it should show its self. He hadn't a clue on how to defeat this thing. He hated the idea of being defenseless and with out plan. He hated leading his friends into this. Although, he knew it had stop here.

The snowflakes got thicker and slowed their descend. The grey sky grew darker quickly as the wind picked up. He brushed his bangs out of the way and looked around.

"I think it's here… " Shuu said quietly as the trees began to sway.

"Stand ready." Ryo said ready to fight.

The sky grew even darker, but just beyond the far tree line. There were rays of light stretching out towards them. Slowly getting closer as each second went by. As it got closer they were shocked and stood in awe. Seeing that their opponent was just a creature. Its form was nothing other than a glowing light.

"Okay… how are we suppose to fight that?" Shuu asked.

Shuu got no reply as they were thinking the same thing. Ryo was caught in the thought and knew he was pressed for time. It was nearly there. They could have charged it by now. He didn't know what to do this time. He knew all they were waiting for was his say so.

"Ryo… when?" Shuu asked holding himself back.

"When ever you say, Ryo." Touma said.

"Ryo, we are ready." Seiji said.

"When?" Shuu asked again more anxious.

Ryo looked at his friends and knew if he let them go. It'd be the last time; he'd see them. He didn't want to say the word to let them go. Just as he opened his mouth he was caught off guard as he seen Shin bolt off in the creatures direction.

"Shin! No, what are you doing? STOP!"Ryo screamed. Then seen that the others were going to follow him. "No, don't!" He demanded.

The others stopped in their tracks and looked at him confused.

"SHIN NO! COME BACK!"Ryo kept calling him back.

"Aren't we here to fight?" Shuu asked frustrated.

"Let us go, Ryo." Seiji scolded.

Distracted, Ryo looked at them and answered. "No. Not this time. We don't know how to fight it. I can't let this happen. We have to turn bac… " Ryo got cut off as the rays of light turned blinding white. Forcing them to cover their eyes. With in a second it was gone and quiet as ever. Looking around they found it was exactly as it was before it showed up. Things were back to normal.

"Shin… " Shuu whispered. "Where's Shin." He demanded.

Looking around at what seemed to be a barren land. There wasn't a sign of him. Ryo felt like he went into shock. Every thing happened so fast and he didn't understand it.

"Where's Shin?" Shuu repeated. "Where's Shin damn you! You let him go!" Shuu said grabbing his shoulders and shaking him. "Where is he? This is your entire fault, Ryo! You let him go. Where is he? Where?"" He said shaking him fiercely. "Tell me. Where is he?"

"Stop it Shuu. It wasn't his fault. Shin took off. Stop it." Touma said prying him off Ryo.

"Then tell me what the hell happened." Shuu said backing off.

"I don't know, Shuu. By rights… I think we should be dead."

"Shin knew didn't he?" Ryo said to himself.

"I don't think so… he just jumped ship." Touma stated.

"No, Shin doesn't do things like that." Shuu defended.

"Doesn't matter now." Seiji commented.

"Look you're next on my list so watch what you say, Seiji. It does matter." Shuu added.

"No matter what. It's gone now, Shuu. What ever it was after it got it and is gone."

"Will you two stop it." Ryo blurted out. "Shin's gone! We'll wait around for a while and see what happens. If he doesn't show up then… he's gone. We'll figure it out later."


Time went by and there was no sign or any evidence of what had happened. He told them it was time to give up and go home. With some hesitation they agreed.

A year passed and yet… he never came back. Ryo presumed he was indeed a victim. He sat on a fence that was just finished. Thinking about what had happened.

"Ryo… " It was Shuu.

He turned to him and seen that he had nothing but sincerity in his eyes.

"I don't understand what happened, Ryo. So, I won't act like I do."

"That's fine Shuu. I rather not talk about it."

"Don't cut me off, Ryo. Let me finish. Its not often I have something to say."

"Go ahead then."

"What ever that creature was. I think it was just an enemy that we couldn't defeat. Although, perhaps… Shin knew it was his destiny. I know that you and Seiji have a thing. I also knew about how Shin felt about you. I'm not going to point fingers. Shin always told me that no matter what he'd find his way back to us. I believed him and still do. I went back to the place where he left us. I found this… " Shuu said holding out a topaz stone. "I think… he would want you to have it. Take it if not out of love… then out of family and friendship. I had him everyday beside me. You had Seiji." Shuu said giving him the stone and walked away.

Looking at the stone. He felt a feeling of guilt and sorrow sweep across his soul and heart. In truth… he did love him. Although now it was too late, much too late.

Later when he knew they were asleep. He made his decision that kept haunting his heart, soul and mind. The pain was brief. He slid to the floor with desperation of the end.

The night was long and tormented by the taunting winds. Images of the past with brightened smiles rattled within his brain along side the branches at the window. His body ran cold like the air outside. He was much too tired to struggle not that he really wanted to in the first place. He could feel his heartbeat and tried to focus on the ceiling above him. Although if he thought hard enough. He could close his eyes and pretend that the blood soaking him was the rain forming a puddle under him outside. He lay there and waited. He waited for anything that would let him know he was still important enough to stay. So, he shut his eyes and relaxed. He missed him so much and he wanted to be with him so bad. It was only a few more moments and it would be a dream come true.

"I only want one more chance to make things right… " He whispered as if some one could hear him.
"Just… one more chance… " He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Letting it out… thoughts whispered some where in the back of his mind. His insides felt as if they were spinning and as though he were falling. No, he felt as if he was floating into nothingness of some sort of abyss that was pulling him. Pulling him into what seemed to be another dream.

Thoughts whispered some where in the back of his mind. At first he could barely make them out. Then they became more dominant and he couldn't mistake them for any thing other than a moment of reality with answers to something forgotten. A moment in time that seemed to only baffle him. Was this truly real? Or was it only a dream that seemed like something that had happened?


Ryo sat up in bed. Shocking him-self back to reality. He was home. The others were down the hall and it was the night of his birthday. A feeling of comfort washed over him. He wiped away the sweat that had formed on his face and neck. His reality was coming into focus. Little by little he got a grasp on where he was and that he was him, Ryo.
He looked over at the clock and only two hours had passed.
Then as if it had jumped out at him. He noticed the gift Cye had given him.
The blue stone sat on the dresser sparkling in the moonlight.
It was just as beautiful as he had first seen it the night… Shuu gave it to him.

The end?… I'm willing to make a finale if wanted.