After Jaimy pulled me out of the water, all I could do was sit there and cry into his chest for the longest time. He doesn't seem to care that I am getting him all wet, and don't know all of the reasons why I was crying. Part of it had to do with that I had just escaped yet another murder attempt. Part of it had to do with that Jaimy was alive and right with me and at least I could count on the next few minutes to pass and still be with him…

The Morning Star pulls up to my ship and Jim ties it off. I get up and look around at everyone. The smiles that radiate on their faces mirror mine. Higgins walks forwards to me.

"What are your orders captain?" he says. I look at Jaimy standing just behind me.

"Hoist the sails! We're going home!" I cry. There are some delighted cheers from the crew as everyone, including myself, scrambles aloft. Jim takes the wheel and we head for Boston.

The sun is shining, it is a glorious day, and I decide not to think of the future, or politics, or war or the fact that I just saw a man be run through. I am just going to think of Jaimy, his hand in mine as it is now. The sails are set, everything is in fine shape aboard the boat and this is when Jaimy tells me,

"Jacky, you smell." And he bursts out laughing. I fix him with a glare, but Higgins is standing right there and he starts laughing to.

"Fine," I say in my most imperious Capitan Puss-in-boots voice. "I want a bath. Right now. And I want real soap, and then I want a hot meal. With some nice wine." James raises his eyebrows at me. I turn smartly on my heel, and walk towards my quarters.

A while later I am having my bath in some glorious hot water. I have been scrubbed from head to toe to remove the smell of the battlefield from me. Higgins is washing my hair. I sink lower into the steamy water.

Ummmmm.... that's good….

"So Miss. Are you going to tell us of yet another grand adventure?" Says Higgins.

"'Course I am. Perhaps not tonight though. I'm exhausted already." says I.

"The British intelligence agency might be a little miffed if you told everyone what happened." Higgins points out.

"Aww Higgins who gives a damn about them? Anyways, I trust my crew." I yawn, and stretch out me limbs.

"Hold still!" Says Higgins, "You should care about intelligence. They hold all the cards."

"Yes, but remember Higgins. I learned how to cheat very well at cards, so don't be too sure of them." I smirk as I say this. I remember a particular incident not long ago when I cleaned out a certain Major Levesque…

Higgins sighs. He knows he will not get through to me just now as I am in much too good a mood. Soon enough I am out of the tub. I decide to wear a comfortable blue skirt and my white blouse that has all the soft lace puffing out the top. I think it looks right grand. My hair is long enough now so that Higgins can pull it back into a short ponytail. It looks just like it used to back when I was a ship's boy on the Dolphin…

I am dressed now and I spring out on deck, where I spy Jaimy looking out on the horizon with a spyglass. My spyglass. Hmmm…

I walk up to him and then pop right in front of the spyglass.

"How's your girl now Jaimy? Not so smelly eh?" I purr putting my arms around his neck. He lowers the spyglass and kisses my lips.

Ummmmmm……………. After so long!!!

Then he pulls back and smiles at me. We just stand there for a while, looking at each other, taking everything in when Higgins announces his presence.

"Ah-hem" he goes, clearing his throat loudly. Jaimy blushes and I giggle as we turn to face him.

"For dinner, steak and some red wine hmm?" he says.

"That would be just the thing. Let's have some of the good wine too." I reply.

"The Fletcher wine?" Says Higgins pointedly. Jaimy raises his eyebrows at me with that one, and I beam at him. It promises to be an excellent evening.