Title: Left Behind.

Author: Supernoodle.

Disclaimer: As always, sadly, I only own the order that the words are written in.

Challenge Phrase: Raw.

Word Count: 100, on the button!

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A/N: This is probably going to be my last drabble for a while! I wasn't going to play this week – I just don't have time for all the reading and reviewing and I end up feeling bad for not replying to everyone who sends me lovely feedback. So sorry if I don't get back to you, but you can be sure that I appreciate each and every review that I receive!

Bobby shakes him gently. Dean is drifting, losing focus, can't quite follow what the old hunter is saying. He's just too cold and hurt and tired.

"Dean!" Bobby yells, then quieter: "Where's your Daddy? Where's Sam?"

"Sam went to college. Dad told him to go and never come back – so he did." Dean replies, looking up, eyes bright with fever and unshed tears. "Dad's working some job somewhere..."

He's silent for a moment, then takes a breath and carries on - voice raw, like the very words hurt just to say them.

"They both just up and left me, Bobby."