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Story start

Have you ever come home from school expecting for everything to be normal? Well I did that today and that is not what happened at all. Oh no, I'm not allowed to have a normal day at home today. My parents decided that they were going to throw me for one big loop. No, not the big fun loops in a rollercoaster. This is a big loop that just makes my head hurt and has made me upset at my parents.

Alright maybe I should tell all of you what this loop is. Well I came home today after a nice day of school. I go to the public high school closest to my house, even though my parents want me to go to the rich kid high school farther away. Yes my family is rich, but I refuse to act like a snobby rich person. I just don't see the fun in it. The only thing I've seen about rich kids being snobby is that they get their noses stuck in the air all the time, and that looks uncomfortable. I'm not saying that every rich kid is snobby, because I know some kids here in America that are rich like me and are just normal like everybody else.

Anyways, I came home and my parents had me come and talk with them in the lounge. They made me sit down and they stood up in front of me. Now let me tell you a secret, I hate having to sit down for a long time and be stared at while it's quiet. My parents were doing exactly that and it was driving me crazy, which made me start fidgeting. My dad cleared his throat and said, "Lexi dear, we are sending you to a school in Japan tomorrow." My jaw dropped open in shock and my eyes widened.

"Why?" I asked slowly. My mother smiled happily and grabbed both of my hands. "We're sending you there because you are going to meet your future husband and you two will be so happy together," my mother said.

I tilted my head and pouted. "What do you mean I'm going to meet my future husband? Do you mean you want me to go to this school and find someone to marry? Or do you mean that you two have an arranged marriage deal with me and some guy in Japan?" I asked quietly. My mind is in the numb shock period right now.

"You will be getting an arranged marriage to Mitsukuni Haninozuka," my father stated bored out of his mind.

"WHAT?" I yelled in shock and fell off the couch I was sitting on. My mother chuckled and my father just sighed. "This arranged marriage deal was settled a long time ago, and you will marry Mitsukuni Haninozuka no matter what. His parents are telling him the same information we are telling you, so he knows that he will have to marry you," my father said as he looked at his watch. I shook my head and jumped on top of the couch and pointed at my father.

"You are evil," I yelled and threw a throw pillow at him. He dodged the pillow and he glared at me. I growled and clawed at the air. My father just walked close to me and glared down at me. Alright I'm not very tall just to let you know. I'm just 5 feet tall, which is pretty short, compared to the average American. My dad sighed and poked my forehead.

I frowned as a few tears appeared at the corner of my eyes. "Lexi you'll be fine in Japan sweetie, and I know that you and Haninozuka will get along just fine. He'll treat you right," my dad said before pulling me into a hug. I frowned but hugged him back. "Are you sure you two aren't doing this just to get me out of your hair?" I asked with a pout as I stepped away from the hug and jumped off the couch. My mother frowned and then chuckled. "Lexi we love you more than anything, but there is no way to break this arranged marriage and it is for the best. Anyways I've heard that your future husband is a cutie," she said and winked at me.

I blushed and threw a pillow at my mother. "Mom stop," I yelled before running to my room and packing. My personal maid, Betsy, helped me pack. I smiled as I jumped onto my bed and grabbed my stuffed animal, which is a lime green bunny with a black top hat. "Well Joe it looks like you and I are going to Japan. I hope this guy I have to marry is nice, and if he's not nice than we'll teach him how to be nice," I said to my bunny friend. I've had this bunny forever and I've hurt many people that have tried to take him away from me. Joe is my best friend.

Anyways maybe I should let you all know what I look like. I'm sure you are just dying to know, just kidding. Well I have bright red hair and pretty jade eyes. My hair goes down to the middle of my back and it is wavy. Not extremely wavy, but has enough waves in it that makes me think of the ocean. I like the ocean. I have cute lips that are great for pouting and my big eyes are awesome for the puppy dog look. That look is my secret weapon a lot of times. As you know I'm just five feet tall and therefore I look really young, but in truth I'm really sixteen years old.

Well my fashion sense is just whatever I feel like wearing on that day. My mother always wants to dress me up as a little doll, which I allow her to do sometimes when I'm in a good mood. However most of the time, I just wear a t-shirt, jeans, and some flip-flops. I love wearing my pajamas and house slippers a lot too. I use to wear them to school and of course I'd get in trouble, but oh well. School dress codes suck. Oh no, I hope there is not a dress code at this new school. If there is than I refuse to wear it.

"Hey Betsy, is there a dress code at this new school? Oh yeah, what is the name of this school?" I asked my awesome maid. She's such a funny woman. She always brings me cookies at night when I can't sleep.

Betsy smiled and said, "Yes there is a dress code and the school is called Ouran High School." I smiled and thanked her and then I frowned at Joe.

"Joe, I don't want to wear some stupid uniform. I wonder what they look like? Let's look them up," I said to Joe and then I got my laptop and looked up the Ouran High School's dress code. The guy's uniform looked nice. "NOOOOOOOO," I yelled in fear as I stared at the horrible yellow marshmallow of fabric. "I refuse to wear that thing. I don't want to be a marshmallow," I yelled as fake tears ran down my cheeks.

Betsy hugged me as I hugged Joe to me. "Fine you don't have to wear a stupid uniform," my father said as he walked past my open room. "Thanks daddy, love you, I yelled happily as Betsy laughed. "You are too cute for your own good," Betsy said as she ruffled my hair. I winked at her and said, "I know."

She laughed again and we finished packing. I smiled and took a quick bath before jumping into the bed with Joe. I was wearing a cute gown to bed tonight. It was white with little penguins on it. It was sleeveless and it went down to my knees. "Good night Joe, just think we will be in Japan soon," I said happily as I hugged Joe to my chest. I'm not too happy about being in an arranged marriage, but I've always wanted to live in Japan. I spent years learning Japanese. "Japan better watch out," I thought with a smile before falling asleep.

The next morning, I woke up to find myself already dressed and sitting in a seat in my family's private jet. "Who changed me?" I asked while rubbing my eyes and letting out a small yawn. I was wearing a big hoodie that was black. A picture of Joe was on the hoodie on the front. I was also wearing some shorts that went to my knees, and they were green and black plaid. My frog house shoes were on my feet over a pair of black socks. I ran a hand through my hair and looked around. Joe was sitting in the seat beside me. Betsy was sitting close to me and she smiled at me.

"I changed you Lexi so don't worry" Betsy said and I nodded. My stomach gave a loud growl and I blushed. "Betsy, can I have a cookie?" I asked with a pout. Betsy laughed and handed me a tray of food. It wasn't cookies, but it was something to eat. I'm sure Betsy will give me a cookie later. "Hey Betsy why aren't you at home?" I asked curiously. Betsy smiled and said, "I'm coming with you Lexi. I can't leave you alone in Japan by yourself. Anyways you will be staying at the house your parents got for you and I'm sure that you don't want to live there alone until you get married."

I nodded and said, "That's true. Alright I'm happy that you are going to be living here with Joe and I. Oh when does school start?" I asked as I looked at the dark sky outside the jet window. Betsy chuckled and said, "You have to go to school right after we land in Japan."

"WHAT?" I yelled and Betsy covered her ears. I grabbed Joe and shook my head. "I don't want to," I said with a pout. Betsy covered her eyes and looked away from me. "Sorry Lexi but the pout won't work. You are being transferred in there today and you have to go to classes today, your parents' orders," Betsy said. I frowned and said, "Fine, but I hope this place is cool or I'm going to be so bored." Betsy chuckled.