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Story start

The next day at school, I was getting really nervous. I mean I was really happy that I was going to be getting married to Hunny tomorrow, but I was nervous. I mean what if I trip and fall on my face tomorrow during the wedding? What if I start to laugh at the reception and accidentally snort really loud? What if I make a fool of myself while dancing? What if I open my mother's wedding gift and find more kinky stuff?

I sighed as I rested on the couch with Hunny in the third music room. I had been worrying myself crazy all day during school and now I was relaxing with Hunny during the host club. Mori had customers today and so did Hunny, but the girls didn't mind if I hung up with them. I smiled happily as Hunny was braiding my hair.

"So cute," one of Hunny's customers squealed and I chuckled. "Thank you," I said cutely to the girl and she smiled and giggled a bit. Hunny smiled and kissed my cheek. "Are you excited about tomorrow Lexi-chan?" Hunny asked and I nodded. "I'm very excited, but I'm a little nervous. What about you?" I said.

Hunny smiled and said, "I'm very excited too. I want tomorrow to be perfect for you." He pulled me into a sweet kiss and I blushed before hugging him. The customers smiled and hugged each other as they watched and squealed at Hunny and I. Mori just chuckled and smiled at us.

Tamaki soon ran over to our area and said, "Oh the joys of love." I blushed as we stopped kissing. "You're embarrassing them sempai," Haruhi said and Tamaki froze. He quickly rushed over to his corner and a dark cloud surrounded him. Haruhi sighed and I pouted and walked over to Tamaki. I gave Tamaki a poke on the shoulder as Kyoya cleared his throat.

"Tamaki you have customers waiting for you," Kyoya said. Tamaki made a twitch before staying in corner. I sighed and petted Tamaki's head. "Tamaki, it's alright. Hunny and I aren't mad, and no, Haruhi doesn't hate you. Now please get out of the corner so we can see your happy face," I said softly so not everybody could hear.

Tamaki took a deep breath before jumping up and pulling me into a hug. "My daughter-in-law is so sweet," Tamaki said as he twirled me around in a hug. I laughed as I was let go and I walked dizzily over to Hunny. Mori caught me before I fell and hurt myself, and he set me back on the couch beside Hunny. Hunny held me still until my world quit spinning around me. I smiled at him and thanked him as I sat up. I laughed when I saw Tamaki pouting at Haruhi, who was blushing a bit. Haruhi had finally started showing Tamaki a bit more of her affections as of late.

Later I went home and hugged Joe, who was now clean of cake. Betsy smiled at me and we decided to have a big movie night, since tomorrow was my wedding and then I would be gone for a whole two weeks from school on my honeymoon with Hunny. Oh yeah, we are going to Fiji for our vacation. I'm excited. We can learn to surf and everything there. Hunny has gotten much better at swimming so he'll have more fun swimming with me now.

Betsy and I laughed while watching the teenage mutant ninja turtles. We were watching the third movie. I love that movie so much. Michelangelo makes me laugh so much, dude. Dude, I love that word, dude. Alright I'll spare you with the entire dude's, but I truly love that word. I would be a good surfer or at least good with the lingo.

We stayed up until ten that night, because we had to get up early to get me ready. My wedding is going to be at a little before lunch time, and then the reception will be at lunch. Oh yeah, our wedding is going to be at a beautiful lake with a gazebo close to Hunny's house. The flowers are so beautiful in that area and Hunny told me that the lake looks the best at the time that we will be getting married.

Butterflies are going crazy again in my stomach as I sleep and think of how wonderful it's going to be tomorrow. I asked Hunny what the cake is going to look like, but he told me that it's a surprise.

The next day, I was woken up by someone jumping on my bed and hugging me. I opened my eyes sleepily with fire in my eyes. The fire quickly went away when I saw Ranka hugging me. I laughed and hugged Ranka back. Yes, I'm sure that all of you are confused as to why I did not attack Ranka like I did Tamaki that one day. Well I like Ranka and him just some aura about him that puts me in a good mood, therefore my bad mood when woken up goes away.

"Good morning Ranka," I said happily as Ranka smiled at me and than he let me go. I smiled and rolled up in my covers and rolled off the bed, not too hard so I wouldn't hurt myself. "I'm a caterpillar," I said and inched across the floor. Ranka laughed and Betsy sighed. Haruhi just chuckled as they all came in my room. I smiled and quickly got out of the covers and hugged Haruhi and then Betsy.

"Let's get beautiful girls," Ranka said and we got to work. First we ate some breakfast. No girl can get ready and be expected to look good for such a big day without eating breakfast first. I really didn't want to eat breakfast though because the evil pyromaniac butterflies were going crazy. However I quickly shoved food in my mouth and ate it when Ranka and Betsy threatened to force feed. I really did not want them to do that this morning or any morning for that matter.

Haruhi and I were the first ones to get our makeup and hair done. My hair was pulled back a bit at the top and at the back it was pinned with a lily clasp. The rest of my hair hung down in soft waves. I smiled as Betsy put on some pretty lip gloss that added a nice shine to my lips. She put mascara on my eyes and put on a little bit of shimmer eye shadow. I even let her put on a little blush but not too much.

Ranka did Haruhi's makeup to look natural yet really pretty. Her hair was also brushed and then curled out at the ends and it looked really cute. Ranka and Betsy just did their makeup to look pretty but not too outstanding. They said they wanted me to be the one to stand out more. I told them they could do their makeup however they wanted, but they insisted that I should be the one to stand out more.

I sighed as they all put on their dresses and shoes. Finally it was my turn. Betsy helped me with the dress and I slipped on my shoes. Ranka put the veil on my face. We smiled before heading outside to get in the limo. Betsy got in the limo but kept fidgeting. Ranka talked with her to help her calm down. Haruhi smiled at me as I hugged Joe as the butterflies were driving me crazy.

"You look beautiful Lexi," Haruhi said and I smiled. "Thank you Haruhi, you look gorgeous," I said and she chuckled. The driver smiled at all of us and said, "You all look very nice." Ranka smiled and started flirting with the driver, which made us laugh.

We soon arrived at Hunny's house and I was led to the sight where I was suppose to wait while everyone sat down and Hunny waited by the alter. I swallowed nervously praying that I did not trip. I really felt like walking down the isle with Joe in my hands, but Betsy took him away and put him in a seat at the front on my side of the guests. I sighed and Haruhi smiled at me as she walked out with Betsy. I gasped when my dad appeared beside me and offered his arm. I smiled happily, because I totally forgot that he was going to be here. I just thought that he and mom would be too busy to come.

"Glad you made it," I said to my dad as he smiled and we started walking down the isle to Hunny. Hunny was so handsome in his suit. I would have drooled if I wasn't blushing already. My dad smiled at Hunny as he gave me over to Hunny. I smiled sweetly at Hunny as we held hands and looked at the preacher.

The preacher went through the whole normal drill thing. I would tell all of you, but I don't remember all of it. All I remember is this part. "Do you Mitsukuni Haninozuka take Lexi McAllister to be your wife?" the preacher asked Hunny. "I do," Hunny said and smiled at me lovingly which made me blush. He placed the wedding ring on my finger. "Do you Lexi McAllister take Mitsukuni Haninozuka to be your husband?" the preacher asked me. I smiled and said, "I do." I put the wedding ring on Hunny's finger. The preacher smiled and said, "I now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride."

Hunny smiled and lifted my veil and pulled me into a kiss that made me see stars. Hikaru and Kaoru wolf whistled while everyone else clapped happily. Hunny smiled and we walked down the isle to his house. We entered the big room that we had set up for the reception. Everything was so beautiful. Hunny smiled and said, "I love you Lexi-chan." I hugged him and said, "I love you more Hunny." That caused him to laugh a bit as everyone came in and sat down.

After everyone ate, it was time to see the cake. I gasped as the largest cake I had ever seen came into view. Hunny's and my eyes were huge. I smiled and grabbed a piece of cake and fed it to Hunny as he fed me a small piece of cake. We laughed as a bit of icing got on his nose. I quickly leaned over and licked it off his nose before he could wipe it off. Cameras flashed and we laughed.

After cake it was time for dancing. Hunny and I had our special dance and than I had a special dance with my dad, and then it was dancing for everybody. I and Haruhi started dancing together at one point and I smiled as Haruhi showed her wilder side. Hikaru and Tamaki were very surprised by her actions and I loved it. I got pictures of their expressions.

Ranka and Betsy challenged me and Haruhi and I smirked. I snapped my fingers and a nice hip hop song came on. Haruhi smirked as well and we showed Ranka and Betsy how to really dance, which meant we won. Hunny looked at me with that hungry look and surprise on his face. I laughed and then I winked at him, which made him smile. He took my away from Haruhi and we started dancing to a nice dance song. It was a fast dance song so it was a ton of fun to dance to. I was dancing barefoot though, because there was no way I was going to dance in heels.

Later, Hunny and I were off to start our honeymoon, which meant we were on our way to the airport. I waved bye and gave hugs to all of my friends and family before Hunny and I got in the limo. Hunny pulled me into a kiss that tasted like cake, and I happily returned the kiss. "I love you Lexi-chan," he whispered and I smiled. "I love you Hunny," I whispered back and kissed him again.

Our honeymoon was a blast. We learned to surf, did some stuff that I'm not going to mention, ate great food and even new types of cake, we took a lot of pictures, and we were happily in love with each other. I just knew that no matter what, our lives would be great and full of happiness together.

Oh yeah before I forget, Hunny and I prank called Kyoya really well while we were on our honeymoon. I know we are going to be in a world of trouble when we get home, but we still have a week left of our honeymoon to not have to worry for our lives.

The End