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Katherine smiled as she stared out the sea from the side of her house. It was a small beach that not many people visited, but it was her own secluded place. Not even her older sister, Elizabeth, came to this beach. Sometimes Katherine would see pain in her sister's eyes when she stared at the sea that she preferred to stay indoors or keep in Port Royal's market. She had a feeling that was due to her lost love, who had to go overseas on business. His name was Will Turner.

They had grown up together and had learned to love one another innocently, but their social class separated the two, becoming a forbidden love. Katherine remembered having to distract and stall her father whenever he wanted to know about Elizabeth's whereabouts.

Katherine felt her sister's pain, but part of her was full with joy, knowing that she just turned eighteen. When she was a young girl, her parents had always told her that she was to marry James Norrington. Since then, she has fallen deeply in love with him. All she has ever dreamed of his being his wife and she knew that any day now, he'll ask her hand in marriage.


Katherine turned her head and saw one of her maids, running towards her. "Abby," she laughed, getting up.

"Katie, what are you doing here? Look at you!" Katherine just rolled her eyes. Abigail is just a few years older, but they were best friends, always looking out for each other. Sometimes she didn't have that same bond with her sister like she does with Abigail. They loved each other, but sometimes got on each other's nerves. "You're hair's a mess and your dress is dirty. How am I going to fix you before the Commodore comes over for dinner?"

Katherine stopped and looked at her. "James is coming?" she said in a whisper, but there was a hint of excitement in her voice. "Do you think he's here to ask me to marry him?"

Abigail smiled. "Why else would he be here?" Katherine grinned and ran to the house. "Wait, Katie, you'll get sweaty!" Abigail huffed and ran after her mistress.

"Oh, Abby, please make me look pretty. I want James to see how grown up I am. I want him to know who he is getting for a wife."

"Katie," said Abigail, brushing her hair. "You are already beautiful"

Katherine smiled looking Abigail through the mirror. "Not as Elizabeth though. She's some much prettier."

"But, Katie you are pretty!" she said.

"Sometimes, I feel like I don't belong to this family," she whispered. "I don't even look like my mom or Elizabeth." Her mother died when she was only five and Elizabeth was six almost seven years old. She had more memories of her and Katherine sometimes begged for her to tell her stories about her mother. Most recently she has noticed the differences between them. Katherine's skin wasn't exactly fair. Abigail had told her that it was because she would soak in the sun all day, but there was also her hair. It was dark brown, unlike Elizabeth's. The only thing that she actually did have in common with the Swann family is her eyes. They were green like her father's mother.

Her looks weren't also why she felt like an outcast. It was also her mode. Elizabeth was a flirt and outspoken. Sometimes it frightened Katherine about the things that came out of Elizabeth's mouth. Katherine was careful with the things she said and very shy to convey her emotions. She had to know that person very well before expressing herself.

There was a small commotion down stairs. Abigail opened the door to see what was going on. She came back with a smile on her face. "The Commodore is here," she said.

Katherine smiled and got up. "H-How do I look?" she stammered, nervously.

"Beautiful, Katie. I'm sure you'll have the Commodore at your feet when he takes a look at you," she said.

Katherine nodded and walked out her bedroom and into the parlor where her father and James were. Katherine stopped short when she heard what was being discussed in there.

"But, Commodore, we planned this since she was a girl. How could you do this?" she heard her father.

"I'm sorry, Governor Swann. Your daughter is beautiful and a fine woman, but my heart was already taken by Elizabeth. She is the woman I want to marry if you give me your blessing."

Katherine covered her mouth from uttering a word. She felt tears forming in her eyes. She picked up her dress and ran back to her room. She could hear voices calling after her. No doubt they heard her footsteps confirming that she had heard everything.

She slammed the door of her room, locking it tight. She was in no mood of conversing with anyone. She felt her heart aching and breaking. The man that she loved never loved her. She was lied to her whole life.

Katherine had a sudden urge to hurt Elizabeth, but she wasn't to blame. James was already in love with her and Katherine was the stupid one that she couldn't have seen this coming. She slowly wiped her tears and sat in her bed. She sniffed looking at her side table.

A green bible book with gold letters sat there. Katherine was very religious as one might see. She had always thought that if she were not to marry James she might have joined the church and to convert herself to a nun. However, those thoughts completely disappeared whenever she thought of James. Those thoughts were now slowly crawling back into her mind. She didn't know what else to live for. She would rather die at a convent old and covered with drapes than die young watching Elizabeth be with James. She also thought what people in Port Royal might think now. They'll probably point and laugh or mummer with sympathetic looks. Either way it was shameful and embarrassing.

"Katherine, please open the door," said her father through the door. "We must talk."

Katherine laughed a sigh, tearfully. "Talk about what? I heard everything. There's nothing to talk about."

"Katherine, it upsets me to see you in pain," he said. Katherine sighed and opened the door. Her father was a very kind man. He always wanted to see his daughters happy. He cupped her face and brushed her tears away. "I am sorry that you had to hear that. Trust me I wished I could prevent this, but Commodore Norrington already decided."

"Did you accept his offer?" she asked.

He sighed. "Elizabeth did."

Katherine shook her head and felt her tears coming out again. She had never expected this from her sister, especially how well she knew about her feeling for James. "How could she, Father?" she said, feeling betrayed.

"Don't worry, love. I will find another man for you to wed," he said, trying to comfort her.

Katherine glared at him. "I don't want another man. Just by this, I know that all men are alike and can't be trusted."

"You have such harsh thoughts. I'm sure there are a lot of men that are honest and would make a fine husband."

"I told you I don't want one!" Her outburst shocked both herself and father. "I'm sorry, Father. I didn't mean to shout at you. I rather you just let me be. I-I'm tiered."

Weatherby Swann nodded. "Sleep, but we must continue this conversation tomorrow."

Katherine lay on the bed for a while after her father closed the door. Sleep overtook her, but her thoughts for James and Elizabeth stayed with her all night.

Elizabeth skipped out of her house, trying to avoid being seen. For a long, she has seen him around this time. She would spend endless times of the days thinking about him. How his hand caressed her body, how he would kiss her senseless, how sweet their love making was. She never thought another man other than Will could make her feel this way, but he was captivated her body and mind.

She smiled when she finally saw the black sails that haunted her dreams.

"Miss Swann," greeted Mr. Gibbs.

"Is Jack here?" she asked.

He nodded. "He's in his cabin."

Elizabeth smiled and climbed the steps of the Black Pearl. She didn't care about anything when she was with him. He made her forget about everything: her father, her nosy-goody sister, and her new fiancé. She had no guts to tell Jack this. She had promised him that she'll marry him and be his forever, but he wasn't part of her class. They weren't meant to be, but she can still enjoy being with him for now. He was getting land sick and she "promised" him that she'll escape with him, except she kept her fingers crossed when she had said this.

She knocked on the door of his cabin, waiting for him to open. She smiled when she heard things being shifted around inside. Her breath was taken away when she saw him. He was so handsome in her eyes that would make any woman go weak in the knees.

"Hello, luv," he said pulling her inside, proceeding to make love to her.

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