E/O Challenge.

Challenge word 'raw'

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Is not. It's just rare.

The eldest brother took his first bite of his cheeseburger. He then placed his burger down to get his napkin to wipe the grease off. The youngest brother looked down at the burger and gave a disgusted look.

"What?" Dean asked with a mouth full of burger.

"That burger is raw, man." Sam grimaced again.

The inside of the burger was a deep red color. Sam gagged and looked up and Dean again who was studying the burger.

"Is not. It's just rare." The older boy defended his meal. "Really rare."

"They must have just killed this sucker." Sam suggested.

Dean glared and lifted his burger towards his mouth once again. It smelled so good. The cheddar cheese was melted just right and the lettuce was still cold. The tomatoes were so red and so juicy.

Sam shrugged taking a sip of his water "Fine get food poisoning."

Dean continued to move the burger closer to his lips.

"You'll feel like complete crap. You probably won't leave the bathroom for a long time."

The eldest Winchester opened his mouth ready to answer his stomach's needs.

"Well then." Sam paused "I guess that hunt in Texas can wait. But while your too sick to move there will be innocent people dieing."

Dean sighed dramatically and dropped the burger smack on the plate. He cursed to himself in a low tone and picked off the lettuce and tomato and cheese for his stomach to have.

"I hate you."

"You love me."

"Now I have to wait like twenty minutes for another burger."

"You'll live."