Being nervous was nothing familiar to Yako. Before Neuro, she had been mere acquaintances with it--meeting before tests that she knew she'd fail, or after she had cleared a pile of plates in a restaurant, knowing that she had no way of paying the bill. But after Neuro, that feeling had become best friends with her. They met on a daily basis; before work, during work, after work; all day, they were together. Very rarely, though, did she have to experience this feeling when in the comfort of her own home. Of course, usually her home didn't include a certain demon. The same demon that happened to be in her bedroom, watching her with determined eyes as she stood cautiously on the other side of the room.

"You know, Slave..." Casually, he took a step forward, influencing her to take a step backwards. "When hunting, killing the prey isn't the thing that brings hunters the most joy, but rather..." Another step forward; another step back. "They enjoy the chase and being able to catch their prey..." A sadistic grin hit his face, "It's that feeling of knowing that they've out-smarted, out-powered, and overall completely dominated their prey that they want most." Yako swallowed a lump in her throat, trying to beat away that familiar friend of hers, "A-and what does that have to do with me?" His face lit up with excitement, "Well, I've been thinking, why don't we play a little game of cat and mouse?"

"You can be the mouse, and I'll be the cat. Simple, wouldn't you say? All you have to do is run and hide, while I try and find you." She hesitated a moment before asking, "And if I'm caught?" He reached up, wiping away drool as he looked her up and down. "Then I'll be given the right to devour you completely." His eyes locked onto hers, and his face showed false kindness as he noticed her slight hint of fear, "No need to worry, Louse," He took a step to the side, waving a hand towards the door, "I'll give you a head start." Yako didn't hesitate as she heard this--within moments, she was flying past him, heading directly to the stairs.

He grinned as he watched her head disappear behind the walls, "This should be rather entertaining." Five rooms. No, six. That was all her options for hiding. Kitchen, living room, dining room, basement, bathroom, and the office. It didn't take long to do the simple math; the kitchen, dining, and living room opened into the hallway, making the chance of her hiding there slim to none. The bathroom had nothing to hide in, nor did the basement--no shelves, beds, or tables to duck under. That left nothing but the office. He took his sweet time once he concluded this, debating as to whether or not he should toy with her some.

Yako held her knees close to her body, one hand pulling them against her while the other pressed against her lips, eliminating the chance of her making a sound. She had decided that the office was the best choice of all the rooms on the lower floor. She was rather proud of herself for the place she had chosen; digging herself into the back of a closet packed with clothes. Neuro had yet to find her, nor had she even heard him--which she assumed was a good thing. Thinking about it, she wondered if it was even a good thing to agree to this in the first place; giving him permission by actually running off to hide.

He was rather surprised that she had gone along with this game. Then again, she was a slave. It was only natural that she'd do as her master asked. And the fact that she had done so, it did please him by a great amount. He had wanted this for a while, in all honesty. She deserved to be punished for her most recent act. To his distaste, she had filled his thoughts all hours of the day, forcing him to act upon this by constantly needing to know who she met, what she did, and where she went. Even his hunger was slowly becoming second to her. It was so troublesome. It was only logical that he'd make her pay for what she did. He would catch her, and when he did, he'd make her beg for freedom. Until then, he'd play with her a little.

"Perhaps you're in here...?" Yako's head whipped to the side, her vision shooting in the direction of the adjacent room. She let out a sigh, one filled with relief and worry. It was good that he hadn't found her yet. It was bad that he was so close. Obviously, she needed to figure out how to escape this room without his knowing. She shut her eyes, focusing on the sounds he made with each step. Her pulse sped up as she realized how far back into the room he was, and after taking a deep breath, she forced herself to push away the door to the closet. Instantly, she looked around, happy to find that he wasn't in sight.

It was all so amusing. How stupid could she honestly be, trying to sneak away from him? She was so loud; her feet practically stomping as she left the office, rushing up the steps. He didn't think that she'd actually have it in her to leave her original hiding spot, but he was never one to complain. He'd be patient with her. Besides, it was so satisfying to know that even after all her attempts to escape, he would still find her. "P-please..." He grinned again, the image of her begging creeping into his thoughts and making him reach up once more, wiping away the evidence of his hunger. Too bad for her, he no longer felt the need to be patient.

She swallowed hard as she heard screeching coming from the stairs. She shuddered at the sound, knowing that he had pulled out his claws to scratch up the walls. She was strong though, and knew that it was nothing more than an attempt to scare her. This time, she had decided to go for a more obvious spot; hiding behind her open bedroom door in hopes of tricking him. She figured this; he would think that she'd go to a common place, and therefore look in more secluded areas. She grinned as she thought her plan over--she was much cleverer than he gave her credit for.

Her bedroom. What an obvious spot to choose. Knowing her, she probably thought that it'd trick him. That plan just might've worked had she not been so predictable. Her mother's bedroom, for example, would've been a much better choice. On his entire list, that was the last place to check--and one of the places he didn't need to check now that he saw her feet sticking out beneath her bedroom door. As always, she was just too naive and predictable. Never understanding the reality of situations, always taking everything so lightly. Screech. Again, his claws dug into the walls. The need to punish her had just increased significantly. A little more toying, and...

Once more, her pulse sped up as she heard his claws and footsteps approaching. As he entered her room, she held her breath, trying her best to go unnoticed. Luckily, he moved to the other side of the room, his head turning as he glanced at the objects around him. As quietly as possible, she inched her way out from behind the door, taking advantage of the fact that his back showed to her. She swallowed hard as she slipped past it fully, taking in a deep breath as she made her way out of there. "Going somewhere, Slave?" She let out a yelp as a hand snatched her wrist, yanking her backwards. "W-wait a minute!"

His grin widened as she squirmed in his grip, and giving her another yank, he grabbed her, shoving her down onto the bed. "I'm sorry to inform you, but it appears that I've won the game."


A/N: Wanted to do something where I could play around with the viewpoints--this being the result.