"I do believe that it's time I claim my prize." Yako squirmed as Neuro gripped both of her wrists, nailing them above her head as he climbed on top of her. "Wha-" He didn't let her finish speaking; instead pressing his lips to hers. His free hand held her chin; refusing to let her turn her head as his teeth bit down on her lip. She let out a sound that could only be recognized as one filled with distaste as he forced his tongue into her mouth. She kicked at him as hard as she could, trying her best to ignore him as he began exploring each part of her mouth.

She refused to shut her eyes, glaring at him as he stared back. For a split second, he decided to pull away, using his teeth to tug on her lip in the process. Having a chance to speak, Yako didn't waste it. "What the heck are you doing Neuro?!" He grinned in response, letting his hand leave her chin. "If you relax this will go quick. Struggle and I'll make sure you're crying out all night long." He held his hand up to her, watching her expression turn to fright as his fingers changed into claws. "What're you-" She shut her eyes out of instinct as his hand flew down in one quick motion, ripping apart the ribbon around her neck. "Now then... that's one piece of clothing. I wonder how long the rest will take to tear away?"

Her squirming kicked in as she watched his hand pull back, getting ready for another attack. "W-wait a second!" His grin widened, and in the blink of an eye, his hand went down again, cutting off each button that sat on her shirt. She tensed up as a single claw slipped between where her shirt met, pushing apart each of the openings; the tip just barely grazing her skin as it moved upwards. Her will to fight hit it's peak, and once more, she began kicking. He leaned back as she did this, grabbing her ankle with the hand that still bore claws. She winced as he pressed into the skin, applying just enough pressure to draw blood.

"Are you ready to submit now?" He stared at her as spoke; his expression clearly filled with that of annoyance. "F-fine! Just let go of me, would you?!" Satisfied by her answer, he released her wrists and ankle and leaned over her once more. "Now be a good slave and sit still." Surprisingly, she did as told, not squirming even the least bit as he finished pushing away her shirt in order to reveal her bra. A heavy blush grew on her face as his vision met her chest, and she swallowed hard as he leaned down. Taking in a deep breath, she did her best to stay calm as a kiss met right below the material.

The moment his attention no longer included where her eyes were, she began looking around for any possible objects to hit him with. Right next to her bed stood a table with an alarm clock on it. Perfect. Reaching out, she took in one more breath before she gripped the object fully, bringing it down onto his head as fast, and as hard, as possible. The moment that was done, she gave him a quick shove and headed straight for the door. She hadn't hit him hard, only enough so that he was in a stunned state. He was a demon after all, and she was surprised it had even affected him in the first place.

Neuro dug his claws into the mattress, annoyed that he had let her do such a thing. He rubbed his head out of instinct, already full aware that she had done little to no damage. Well, at least now he remembered why he had even started all of this in the first place. Within seconds, he caught her at the door, slamming her against it. Still, she gripped the doorknob, trying to open it with little success. "Yako, if you want to leave, you're going to have to beg for it." Full of pride, she opened her mouth in protest--only to shut it as his hand gripped her shoulder, forcing her to turn and face him.

Her face went red as a swift blow hit her bra, tearing at it to show her chest. "Th-this is going to far, Neuro! Stop it, would you?! You're scaring me!" And again, her wrists were pinned above her head as he grinned at her; leaning forward to speak directly into her ear, "As I said, if you want this to end, then I want you to beg for it." With that, he leaned downwards, digging his teeth into the base of her neck. She let out a whimper, knowing full well that he was going to leave a mark. Swallowing her pride, she decided she could do nothing more than give in, "P...please... let me go."

Just hearing that sentence was enough to send him over the edge. It made her sound absolutely helpless, and he loved it. The sound of it made him excited beyond words, and it made him crave her even more. He wanted to remind her over and over the she was his slave, and that he owned her entire being. He wanted to give her pleasure while causing her pain, and slowly, train her to love it, desire it. He wanted to make her cry out and scream and leave her trembling and panting as he forced her to come. He wanted to hear her breathe his name.

Yako let out a surprised yelp as a hand tugged at her skirt, pulling it to the floor in a matter of seconds. "H-hey I did as you sa-" Again, his lips met hers; his teeth pulling on her lips. He didn't let her mouth go as he gripped her chin once more, refusing her to turn away as he kissed her so much so that her lips were bound to become swollen. He released her wrists and moved his hand downwards, ignoring her hitting as he leaned down and swung his arm behind her thighs--lifting her up. Against the idea of going anywhere with him, she tried her best to squirm as one hand hit the hand that held her while the other gripped her shirt; holding the openings together in hopes of covering herself.

He flashed her a grin as his mouth finally pulled away from hers, and without warning, he dropped her onto the bed. She wiped at her mouth, trying her best to get the feeling of him away as she glared at him. "What exactly do you plan on doing to me?" In response, he climbed onto the mattress with her, trailing his hand up her leg in the process. "Haven't I already told you, Slave? I'm going to devour you like the defenseless prey you are." His palm continued upwards until it met her inner thigh, and the grip she had on her shirt tightened as his fingers moved the slightest bit; teasing her. "Now then... have you decided to give in? Or are you going to continue with your useless fighting?"

"D-don't touch me!" Yako pulled away, moving herself away from him and towards the other side of the bed. "You're going to continue struggling, then? What a pity." Not letting her escape, he grabbed her hips, forcing her to him. "Let go of me!" Becoming impatient, he spread her legs, pushing his waist in between them. He reached forward, effortlessly removing the hand that hid her chest from him. "St-stop it!" Her face burned red as he swatted at the other hand that attempted to take the first one's place, and it got even hotter as she watched his vision meet her exposed breasts.

He grinned. "Oh dear, look how flat-chested my little slave is... perhaps you make up for it in sensitivity?" Before she even replied, he leaned forward, taking her nipple into his mouth. Unprepared for the sudden action, Yako couldn't help but let out a soft moan. For a second, he pulled away to comment, "I was right, then? How convenient." Hearing his far too amused voice, it only took a moment for her ability to think return to her. "Ne-" Feeling a hand slip beneath her panties, she swallowed hard. "I said don't tou-" Without warning, a finger was pushed into her; fast and deep. Only then did she realize just how much she felt as though she was burning down there.

Her thoughts seemed to quiet as he pulled it out, and back in again at the same speed as before. "You're so tight, Yako." Embarrassment hitting her hard, she squirmed beneath him; tensing up as his other hand trailed down her stomach. His lips pulled on her nipple, and as she let out a forced moan, he added another finger to the one moving in and out of her. Her hitting had died down, and her hands turned to fists as they grabbed at the sheets of her bed. His other hand continued to move across her stomach; dipping into her naval and slowly moving to her side.

Her head shot back as his thumb moved up, pressing down on just the right spot that it forced out a shudder. His tongue trailed down her stomach as submission took her over, and he couldn't help but grin as he watched her reactions. "Now that you're done with that useless struggling of yours, we can finally get to the main event." She stayed silent as his hands pulled away from her, and once more her face burned heavily as she watched them move to his belt. "H-hold on a minute, I-" "I'm done waiting, Yako. You've teased me long enough." The argument ended as soon as it began, and barely a minute passed before he had undone his pants completely.

Yako shut her eyes tight as he removed her underwear, and before she could even think twice about what was going to happen, she felt him push into her. Her nails dug into the mattress as he went; a combination of pleasure and pain moving throughout her body. His eyes never left her as he watched--changing his pace and angle based on her reactions. He leaned over as he continued to move, and he slipped a hand beneath her, pressing her body to his and bringing her in for a kiss. "Hah... Ne... Neuro..." It didn't take long for their breathing to become heavy, and Neuro's thrusting was causing Yako to tremble.

Each time he pushed into her, Neuro had to hold himself back; Yako's breath in his ear just about sending him over the edge. Her warmth wrapped around him intensely, and he loved every minute of it. Again, he pressed his lips to hers as he pushed in, this time hearing a moan come from her. His hand refused to let her make space between them, and with another thrust, her own arms wrapped around his neck. His pace sped up as she did this, and shoving his tongue into her mouth, her nails dug into his back as he hit just the right spot.


Silently, Neuro pulled Yako closer as she slept. One of his arms had been flung over her, eliminating any chance of her sneaking away without his knowing. Minor begging had been done. He had reminded her of her status a handful of times. Pleasure had been caused, but only a little amount of pain. Train her? Well, he'd just have to do this again until she got used to it. Screaming, calling out, panting, trembling--all had been done successfully. Willingly, she had come. Most definitely, she had breathed his name. Overall, he'd say that what he had come for had been done.

Not to mention... for the first time, he felt as though he owned her completely.


A/N: So... yeah. It took me like... forever to come out with this. My bad. If it came out as a disappointment... well, my bad. I'm doing my best to get better at writing this stuff, so they can't all be failures (...hopefully).