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Abby was in her boss's house, on their first day off in over two weeks, sharing a drink and friendly conversation. Gibbs was, as usual, working on the boat while Abby did most of the talking. They were both, however, doing their fare share of drinking.

"So when it's done do I get to go out with you? Or are you gonna burn this one too?" Abby asked him, smiling when he stopped sanding and took a drink of his bourbon before giving her a small grin.

"If I ever get one done, yeah, you can go out on it with me. Don't hold your breath waiting for it though. This is the fourth one I have started down here, remember." He smiled at her as she gave a short laugh and Abby stood up, grabbing her glass to get a refill. Gibbs handed her the bottle and crawled under the shell of his boat to sit down for a minute or two to take a break. Abby quickly followed suit and sat down across from him, pulling a deck of cards out of her back pocket.

"Play a hand of Rummy or something?" she asked, already shuffling the cards. Gibbs nodded his head and she dealt them each their seven cards, setting the rest of the deck down and flipping over the top card.

"One hand, maybe 2 and then I have to get back to work on this," he said, waving his hand through the air, indicating the boat he was sanding. He drew his card, studied his hand for a moment and discarded the same card, grabbing the bottle of bourbon before bringing his hand back. He took a couple of drinks and set the bottle back on the hard floor.

Thirty minutes and half the bottle later, the 2 hand game was over, Abby having been defeated the second time around. Gibbs stood back up and held his hand out to help Abby to her feet. Ducking down they both crawled back out from under the boats frame, Abby leaning her back up against a spot close to where he had once again started sanding. Gibbs listened intently as his friend rambled on about some new scientific breakthrough she had recently read about in some science journal. They finished off the rest of the bourbon and walked upstairs to order some sort of food. All that drinking on an empty stomach was never a good idea.

The kid from the Chinese restaurant got there about 20 minutes later with their food and they sat on the couch eating in friendly silence. When they finished, Abby grabbed the trash and made her way into the kitchen to throw it all away.

"Hey, Gibbs, thanks for dinner. And thanks for…" she trailed off as she turned from the trash can and crashed into Gibbs, who had somehow quietly made his way into the kitchen and had almost pinned her to the wall with his body. Trying to back away, she realized she was trapped between Gibbs' body and the wall and it had suddenly gotten warmer in his house.

"No need to thank me, Abby. Thank you, for the company," he said quietly as he placed his hands on the wall behind her, pushing himself further into her. 'I've had too much to drink,' he thought. He found himself leaning into her, his lips almost on hers when he found his resolve. He straightened his body and looked in her eyes, watching as the emotions flying through them mirrored his own feelings at the moment. The want...the desire...the uncertainty. "This can't happen," he said softly, running a finger gently down the side of her face before pushing himself back. He grabbed the other bottle of Wild Turkey off the counter and motioned toward the basement steps.

Abby sighed, following him down to the basement, wondering what had caused the odd exchange between them just moments ago. 'The need for another human's touch, I suppose,' she thought to herself. She ran the question through her brain while she filled her glass, and after taking a couple drinks of the harsh liquid she finally agreed with herself and let it go.

"Have you ever thought about it?" she asked when she saw him grab the bottle to take another drink. His eyebrow shot up and she grinned.

"About what?" Gibbs asked, hoping that if he played dumb, she would just let it go. He knew exactly what she was talking about. He had thought about it. As soon as the thoughts went through his brain, he was always quick to push them away. The last thing he needed was to taint his and Abby's friendship. And right now, with them both being drunk (and they were both very drunk), this could easily go into dangerous territory.

"Using each other. People have needs, Gibbs, and we've been friends for years so I really don't think our friendship would be hurt at all. Neither of us is involved with anyone so who would get hurt?" she asked, stopping and taking a drink of the liquid that had started going down like water. "I'm drunker than I thought," she said, talking to herself, but loud enough for Gibbs to hear.

"Me too," he stated, ignoring the question and taking another gulp from the bottle before walking over and filling Abby's glass about half way up. She downed the liquid in two drinks and stood up to walk over and grab a sanding block. She walked over to the boat and started sanding a rough piece of the wood, jumping when she felt his hand cover hers. "How many times to I have to tell you, Abbs, with the grain," he chuckled as he guided her hand over the wood. Abby turned and once again, found herself trapped her boss' body and a stationery object.

'What is going on here? When did we get to this point?' she thought when she realized how close they were. It wasn't that she had never thought about him sexually before. She had, more than once. But they were both, two totally different people. They were both definitely drunker than before, in the kitchen. Half of the second bottle already gone just in the short time since they'd come back down to the basement.

Gibbs studied her face for any sort of indication to stop and saw none so he leaned forward, barely brushing his lips over her own, before pulling back slightly to judge her reaction. "I have thought about it," he whispered, "briefly, but I have thought about it." It took her a minute to realize that he was answering her question from earlier. "But, I'm your boss and that automatically makes everything we are doing right now, wrong." He wasn't being very convincing. His hands were still on the frame, keeping her trapped between his body and the shell of his boat. His body was almost pushing into her own and his face was so close to hers that they were breathing the others air. Abby wrapped her arms around his waist, pulling him even closer. As much as his brain was screaming at him to stop, all the arguments went by the wayside as he leaned forward, ever so slowly, and once again pushed his lips against hers. He was about to pull back, but when she opened her mouth and deepened the kiss before he could pull back, all of his resolve crumbled and he gave in, matching her passion with his own that he hadn't even realized he still had.