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Can Wishes Come True?

Relena lay in bed, thinking about the boy she loved. She didn't know where he was or how to find him. She only wished that she could find him and confess her true feelings. He already was aware that she cared for him in some way. She knew that. She wasn't sure, however, if he knew that she loved him. She also didn't know if he felt to same for her. If he loved he or simply admired her. There was a world of difference between the two. She could never tell which it actually was. He was very skilled at masking his emotions.

He always said during the war that he protected her because of her beliefs in total pacifism. That he only protected her because she could helpthe Earth and space unite. She didn't know if that was the truth. She wished that he really protected her because he loved her. She wished with all her heart that she could see him once again. She imagined him coming to her, telling her he loved her, kissing her and sighed as she realized it was only a wish: a fantasy that she thought could never become a reality.

This was the last thought she had before she was claimed by peaceful slumber.


She was brought back to consciousness by a gentle touch to her shoulder. She opened her eyes and was met with the sight of Heero's face. She stared at him in bewilderment for a few seconds as she wondered if this was a dream. Why had he come? Her thoughts were interrupted as he spoke.

"Relena..." he started, "I have to tell you..." His voice trailed off. Tell her what? Was he going to tell her he loved her? Had her wish come true? No! She wouldn't allow herself to think that way. Not until she knew what he was going to say. "Heero..." she wasn't sure what she was about to say, but it didn't matter because she never got the chance. He placed his finger against her lips to silence her.

"I love you. It's such a relief to say it out loud. That's the reason why I protected you during the war and the reason why I came here tonight. I had to tell you." (was the last sentence in the other version or did I cut it out?) He finished off the speech with a small smile. He looked at her hopefully.

She could barely belive what she had heard. He did love her! She thought she had never been happier in her entire life. "Heero..." She began as she rose to meet his gaze. Now she could finally tell him. She smiled. "I love you, too."

Her happiness and love exploded. She leaned closer to him and felt her lips touch his. Heero was the one to break the kiss. He looked at her, a bit of a smirk on his face, and whispered "mission accomplished" before kissing her once again.

Relena had learned something that night: that sometimes wishes really do come true.


Bleh.... *curls up and dies* I can't write fluff in general, but I especially can't write it when I'm not in a weirdly poetic mood. I wrote the Heero version first and it was better. If you're still alive after reading this (or actually somehow enjoyed it *gasp!*) then go read the partner fic, The Brightest Star.