Okay this is my first fanfic so here goes nothing. This is set in New Moon but barely follows the story line. Mostly because I love this idea.

Disclaimer: The best author in the entire universe Stephenie Meyer owns and created these great characters.

He was stroking her hair and trying not to think of vile Mike Newton's thoughts that night. Even thought that boy had been incapacitated with puking he had still found time to think about Bella. As he was thinking Bella suddenly stirred in his arms and moaned.

"Bella honey, what's wrong?" He asked nervously. Her eyes suddenly popped open and he could hear her stomach getting ready to heave, so he sped her to the bathroom and held her hair back as she threw up.

"Stomach flu?" He asked softly as she leaned back against him. Her only response was a gentle whimper and to lean over the toilet again. Once she was done she leaned back against him and croaked out a soft

"You should go"

"Not likely" He said softly smiling at her, "Can I get you anything?"

"No" She croaked before leaning over to puke in the toilet. He was about to say something when he heard Charlie's loud footsteps and thoughts that conveyed concern for Bella just as she leaned over and vomited once more.

"I'll be back love" He whispered in her ear and disappeared out the window, quickly settling himself into a a crouch outside.

"Stomach flu"(A/N can't make direct quotes from the book so I'm ad libbing.) He saw in Charlie's mind that Bella nodded.

"Okay well I have to get to work, so do you need anything?" He winced as she shook her head and leaned over the toilet. He sighed and left making a note to himself to pick up some crackers and ginger ale on his way home. Once Charlie was gone he leapt through the window and cradled Bella against him trying to soothe her burning forehead.

"Love would you like me to carry you back to bed?" He asked her.

"Yes please" she said blearily. So he picked her up slowly and tried not jostle her. After he carried her slowly upstairs and placed her in bed he asked once more

"Can I get you anything?"

"I think I could use some water," she said softly and he disappeared long enough to get her the water and give her a little. Once she was completely settled he stroked her hair and hummed her lullaby. After a few minutes of this her breathing deepened and she fell into sleep. He felt a little better that he could ease her pain now.

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