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AN: I again, was randomly struck with inspiration, only this time it was the naughty kind ^_^. This was written from 3 am to about 5 am. This was written for my Danna, just because I could. Don't ask me why its in first person again, I'm just trying to get better at writing dirty scenes in it. (It had another title but I'm totally feeling this song right now so the title comes from the nine inch nails song "sanctified")

I am justified
I am purified

I am

Sanctified(Inside you)

My restful slumber is interrupted, when I feel a sudden pressure on top of me.
This happens every few nights, he climbs on top of me while I sleep and like the sucker I am, I give him just what he wants.

I keep my eyes closed, although I'm sure he knows that I am awake.

I feel him lean down, as cold fingers reach out to caress my jaw lightly, and a warm pink tongue trails the shell of my ear, as he whispers making me shudder.

"Open your eyes Deidara"

I comply, like I said, I'm a sucker.

I sit up slowly, pressing my lips to his softly, I shudder as his tongue glides across my lips, begging me to take him all, I'm ashamed to admit that just kissing him like this is making me hard as hell. It seems he senses my arousal, as his hands slide down the curves of my body, to grip my now aching cock.

My breath is only coming in short harsh gasps, he does this every time, he knows I'll give in, he knows I'll do whatever he wants. I know exactly whats coming next, he leans in close, licking and nipping at my neck he whispers huskily.

"You know how to make this stop, Deidara, just give me what I want , I'll get you off nice and hard"

I almost blow my load right there in his hand, it gets me every time.

I give him my usual answer pushing him off of me roughly and climbing on top of him, he likes it when I throw him around like a rag doll. Quickly I go for his weak spot, even if he'd never admit it, he loves it when I dominate him, he doesn't even really put up a fight, that nasty glare and that feeble fake struggling, it's mostly just for show.
Grabbing a handful of his fiery hair I yank his head to the side roughly, and sink my teeth into the sweet tender flesh of his neck.

He grinds his hips upwards into mine to show me how aroused he is, he's as hard as wood, and that's not a joke. I lick the tiny indents left by my teeth, just to feel him shudder from my touch, just to watch those usually lifeless honey eyes haze with lust and impatience.

He digs his nails sharply into my shoulders, to show me how great that impatience has become. I quickly slip off his boxers and then my own, kissing him gently I firmly wrap my hand around his now exposed arousal, the tongue from my hand mouth can never get enough of his taste, and darts out quickly to wrap around his shaft while I stroke him, I'm loving every second of this, especially the submissive look on his face.

Nipping at his shoulder, I exploit his other weakness, dirty talk.

"You like that, Danna?"

He nods moaning loudly.

"You want more, un?"

He cries out louder, nodding frantically.

"What do you want me to do, un?"

He's desperately trying to form words between moans and I know it.

"Ah.....Fucking....use....ah God! your mouth....Brat"

I smile as I push him down and descend upon him, licking the head of his manhood in slow circles as I keep up the steady rhythm of my hand. I take his head into my mouth sucking lightly as he tangles his hands in my hair, yanking it hard, he knows my weaknesses too, you see. I stop stroking him with my hand and swallow him to the base, humming lightly around him.

I love the sound of those deep breathy moans.

"Dei....oh fuck...I need you....now...please!"

He yanks my hair harder, moaning louder.

"Please...Deidara...take me.."

I glide slowly to the tip of his cock, grazing the head lightly with my teeth before I move off of him, I know it drives him crazy when I do so. I place my fingers to his lips and without hesitation, he takes them into his mouth, sucking on them like he's starving, although I know he doesn't need to eat. He gives me a look like I've stolen his lollipop as I withdraw my now slick digits from his mouth, quickly slipping down between his legs and gently pushing one finger inside of him.

He's already pretty wet, a lot of the time, he sneakily prepares himself a little while I'm still asleep, I know he does it because he's impatient, and he wants to skip this part of our routine entirely, but I still push it, he's just going to have to learn that patience is a virtue.

"The dirty little slut was playing with himself again, un, wasn't he?"

He thrusts frantically against my finger, so I add another, he answers my question by running his hands over his own heated flesh, scratching his nails roughly across the marks I left on his neck. Crying out my name as my fingers brush that sensitive bundle of nerves inside of him.

He arches his back high off of the bed, still running his hands over himself, he huffs.

"I'm ready enough, brat, just fuck me already!"

He's not lying when he says he hates waiting, he really does, even if it is for his own good.

I slowly ease my fingers from him, taking my sweet time, just because I know it pisses him off, just as slowly I grip my manhood and position myself at his entrance, sliding in with ease, damn I guess he was right, he was ready enough. I'll admit, sometimes I take it so slowly just to watch him squirm.

I lay there unmoving for a moment, until he grows impatient again, and starts riding me all on his own.

Honestly, I die a little inside every time this happens.

I see the marks on his body I know I didn't make, and it makes me sick to my stomach.

I know I'm not the only one he does this to.

Sometimes, I wish desperately that I was.

But that's why they call it wishing, its something you do silently, to yourself, alone, something you want so badly, but never verbalize to anyone.

I snap out of my inner sanctity, as he slaps me hard.

"Move, dammit, I'm doing all the work here, Brat"

I sigh and begin rocking into him, at a slow steady pace, he continues to ride me, his rhythm never faltering. I grab a hold of his hips, digging my nails sharply down into his flesh under his hip bones. Watching in utter bliss as he cries out, riding me harder.

I don't know what we are to each other anymore.



I don't even know if we're friends.

All I know is that in this moment, him riding me while I fuck him.

I don't care what we are.

I'm just happy to be this close to him, that's all I really want, is to be close to him, for him to love me. For him to let me love him, but I know that won't happen, like I said, I'm not the only one, and I doubt he'll give up his "Fun" for a stupid sucker like me.

Never fall in love with a whore.

I can feel myself getting close, and I know he is too, sitting up, I pull him into my lap, his back against the wooden headboard of the bed to hold him steady while I fuck him harder, loosing myself completely in the warmth, the tightness, the smell of him. He is intoxicating, and I can't help being drunk on him like I am, he is my perfect drug.

I can feel myself getting higher by the second as he claims my lips roughly, forcing me to kiss him, his own hands are trailing down his lithe body, wrapping around his own aching cock, he strokes himself, looking up at me with those glazed over honey eyes that I can never say no to.

I feel pathetic, and I know that I am.

I just need to get him out of my system, this is the last time.

It seems like I've already said that to myself a hundred times, and I just keep giving in.

Reality is a harsh thing to come back to sometimes, but it pulls me back as I feel his nails digging into my shoulders, yeah he's close.

Its the only time he lets loose like this, and just gives into his emotions, although he'll simply call it 'being swept up in the moment' I know he has feelings, and he hates that fact.

His head is slamming against the headboard, by the time I finally release inside of him, it doesn't take him long to cum once I've finished, and he comes hard, his seed messing me and my once clean sheets.

Still locked together in this forbidden passion, we pause, just to catch our breath, to calm down a little before he leaves to go fuck someone else.

Sliding off of me, he leans down and gives me a sweet kiss.

"Thank you, Deidara"

That's all he has to say as he slips out of our room, no doubt to go find Itachi, or maybe Hidan.

Thank you?

At least he's polite, even though he's breaking my heart.

Sighing, I roll over to face the wall, hoping that next time, I can grow a spine and tell him no, maybe I don't have to be stuck in this anymore, maybe I can move on and love someone else, someone who loves me, someone who deserves it.

I only hope so.