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Chapter 3-

You Make me Hard(When I'm all Soft Inside)


I've grown accustomed to being held close to him while I sleep.

At first I hated cuddling, it always seemed so pointless to me, now even though part of me still hates to admit it, I look forward to this part of my day more then any other. When he wraps his arms around me holding me tightly, and kissing my neck softly, I feel safe.

I know that tonight, just like last, and the night before, eventually those gentle kisses will become nips, and those hands of his will start to wander. I know exactly what he wants when I feel his hardness brush against the small of my back, he knows I want it too, by now I'm aching for it.

his hands glide down my boxers, pulling them off skillfully, as he grabs a hold of my now freed erection, the tongue from his hand-mouth darting out to lick slowly up my shaft as he caresses me. His other hand sneaks down to my back, trailing farther and farther until I feel its tongue brush against my entrance.

I'm only shuddering in anticipation, when that skilled tongue pushes its way inside of me I can't help but moan his name, arching myself into the exhilarating sensation.
Reaching behind me I grab a handful of his ponytail yanking as I rock my hips back and forth into his probing tongue, and the soft caresses of his hand on my shaft.

I feel his teeth sink into me sharply as I wrap his hair around my hand for better leverage, and yank almost as hard as I can. Small vibrations shake my body as he moans against my bruising skin, he wants me so bad and I know it.
Call me a sadist, but I love to toy with him until he almost snaps, and takes me against my will, he's so much rougher when he's desperate, and that is just how I like it.

I rock harder against the hand penetrating me, making sure I brush teasingly against his hard length, continuing the fun of my little game. He growls and shoves me backwards on the bed pinning me beneath him.
He grabs my hips hard the teeth from his hands tearing at the sensitive area, almost hard enough to make me bleed.

"Don't tease me slut, un"

I moan and squirm in his grasp, playing the part of the good little submissive writhing puddle.

"Ahhh....Dei-Chan....I need you...please..."

The teeth sink harder into my hips, and my legs are starting to tremble, out of sheer anxiety from all this waiting, it only gets worse as he rubs the head of his erection across my entrance, I want him so deep inside of me he may never return.

"Are you going to apologize for teasing me, un?"

I can't make my mouth form words, or sounds that aren't cries of bliss and frustration. That swollen manhood rubbing against me, just itching to be inside me, teasing me, taunting me, its too damned distracting, and I can't seem to think about anything else.

I whimper lightly as he pulls away from me, turning and laying back down on his side of the bed.

"Well if you aren't sorry....."

Moving quickly I straddle him, rubbing my ass along his aching need, while my hands trails up his chest to toy with his nipples, leaning down I kiss him roughly nipping at his lips.

"But I am....I'm... so... sorry...Dei-chan", I coo

Accentuating every word with a tantalizing rock of my hips.

He's not as patient as he makes everyone believe he is, I would know first hand just how much of a hypocrite he can be.

Roughly he grabs me, not even bothering to hesitate as he slams into be forcibly, and here I thought I hated to wait. This all worked out just the way I wanted, I throw my head back and cry out loudly as he pummels into me, the head of his manhood battering my prostate relentlessly.
I'm riding him just as hard, relishing the intense feelings coursing through me, the flush on his face, the devious shine in those stunning blue eyes, in all honesty, I've never been happier then I am, right now in this moment with him.


He never lets me down.

I've never felt more alive, and I've never been so real.

I'm pulled out of my own mind as he quickens his pace, his nails digging into my already overly abused hip bones, and my hands tangling and tugging at that long golden mane of hair, we're both so close, and we both know it, I don't know about Deidara, but my patience is wearing thin.
Untangling one hand from his hair I reach down to my painfully swollen member, stroking myself slow and hard, crying out his name in pure untamed ecstasy as his pace never falters, and his hands move to caress and nip at my thighs.

I can feel the tightness and the heat in the pit of my stomach growing larger by the second, any moment now I will be one of Deidara's works of art, exploding in one fleeting beautiful moment of euphoria, beauty that only he has the privilege to witness.

That moment comes sooner than I expect, as without warning it happens, I explode the hand wrapped in that golden mane can't help but pull hard as I cum, it's one of the most intense feelings I have ever experienced, with him it always is.
I can feel him fill me with his seed only seconds later, pulling out of me slowly he sets me gently back down on the bed next to him, wrapping his arms around me tightly as he drifts of to sleep whispering.

"I love you Sasori, un"

I love him too, I really do, and I'm glad that I finally admitted it to myself.

Sure it was nice having someone different every night, but it was never as nice as this. He cares about me so much, when he takes me its not just about his pleasure, he always leaves me more than satisfied.

What we have is more pure than anything I've ever felt, its more beautiful than art, without him, I realize my nights would be cold, and empty, without him I don't feel a damned thing.

I'm glad I decided to give this whole relationship thing a try, and I have to admit, in the end, he is worth so much more to me than anything else.

He's mine, and I never want to loose this feeling.


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