Written for the LiveJournal Community 30 Shards: Shard 04 - Kiss

Title: Wrong
Character/Pairing: Miroku + InuYasha
Rating: X
Squicks: Lemon-ish Content Ahoy (hetero)
Summary: He always warned the women; it was nothing personal… they just weren't her.

Universe: Takes place in the "Pack Law" universe, between the Sengoku Jidai & the Modern Age

He kept his eyes closed. He didn't want to see her face, didn't want to acknowledge that her eyes were the wrong color.

He held the woman close, feeling the softness of her hair against his chin. He was always so attracted to shorter women…

In a rare reversal, he thanked the kami for the moonless night. He could tell, only faintly, that her scent was wrong.

She shifted on his lap, lifting her head to capture his lips, muffling his groan as he sunk into her.

He couldn't tell her taste – his mouth still stung from the sake he'd practically inhaled that night. It was better that way.

Her breasts were heavy in his hands. Nipples pebbled under his touch; tiny hairs on her skin rose as he caressed her chin, her throat, her collarbone with his lips. He dragged his head lower, trailing down to trace his tongue around one dark areola, suckling her.

Her skin was courser, but that meant little to his less-sensitive senses.

He pushed her onto her back; lust turned into rage as his eyes raked over her unfamiliar face. Reaching out, he rolled her over and brought her to her knees, slamming into her at a punishing pace.

Though she could not bite back her breathy moans, she never said a word. For that, InuYasha thanked Miroku. He always warned the women; it was nothing personal… they just weren't her.

It seemed like no time at all before she gripped him with a shout, pulling him over the edge with her. Panting, he rolled himself to the side of the bed, facing away from her. Fuck her if she was upset. Feh, he wasn't the type to cuddle. There was only one person he wanted in his arms…

His body was satisfied. His mind, no longer clouded with lust or alcohol, turned to less-pleasant thoughts.

He laid there, eyes unseeing, long after she had drifted to sleep.

The sky was lightening; he was in the shower, washing off her stench before his enhanced senses could return. Miroku met him in the lobby of the hotel, swinging his keys around a finger as the dark-haired man grew closer, face blank.

'For one night, at least,' Miroku mused, 'he can forget her…'


There you have it – the truth behind those "trysts" InuYasha had…

Major thanks to the amazing Phalon and angelica incarnate for helping me mold this little one-shot into what I hoped it could be.

Disclaimer: I do not own InuYasha or any other characters from the anime/manga. They all belong to Rumiko Takahashi.