Written for the LiveJournal Community 30 Shards: Shard #8 – Revenge

Title: Kotodama
Character/Pairing: Miroku + InuYasha
Rating: K+ (language)
Squicks: None
Summary: InuYasha and Miroku discuss the events of the third movie

Universe: Takes place in the "Pack Law" Universe, between the Sengoku Jidai & the Modern Age

"Oh, where the heck did that go?"

Behind their barrier, InuYasha tried not to boggle and Miroku openly ogled Kagome… well, her shapely rear as she crawled under the bench near Goshinboku, in search of a bead that had rolled away.

"Ah ha!"

As Kagome celebrated her success, InuYasha thwapped Miroku on the back of the head for his blatant appreciation. "Keep your eyes to yourself, lech!"

"But InuYasha, I am not nearly so-" Miroku bit his tongue as InuYasha growled. "Sorry."

"Y'are not."

"I am so! How dare you besmirch my reputation-"

"As a lech?" InuYasha finished dryly.

Miroku feigned hurt for a few moments before turning back to where the miko had resumed restringing the kotodama.

"It always amazes me, how the time stream operates," Miroku mused. "There she is, placing beads on a necklace, while those same beads sit around your neck, not 30 yards away."

InuYasha grunted, eyes narrowed on those damn beads. It had taken the two a while to figure out where in the timeline Kagome was in… after listening in on her tales to her brother, they discovered she had just survived the encounter with the revived Takemaru and sealing Sou'unga.

Seeing his hanyou companion was in no mood to chat, Miroku subsided. They listened to Kagome whistling a happy tune. Mrs. Higurashi called Kagome in for dinner just as she finished. With a happy chirp she stood, laying her handiwork on the bench before skipping inside.

The two men stood silently for a moment, before InuYasha finally spoke up. "I wonder if I destroyed the beads there now, if the ones here," he tugged on his necklace, "would disappear."

"Probably not best to test it," Miroku responded dryly.

InuYasha snorted. After a couple seconds, he added, "Why did she do it?"

"Do what?" Even after half a millennium with his alpha, the hanyou managed to confound Miroku more often than not. This was one of those times.

InuYasha motioned to the necklace. "Put the kotodama back together. Didn't she trust me? Was it some sort of payback for something?"

Miroku blinked. "You know Kagome was never like that… well, much. Especially considering she was – is – a teenage girl. No, can't you imagine why?"

"Obviously not, or I wouldn't have asked."

"Point taken." Miroku thought about it for a while. "Did she ever give you a hint as to why?"

"So I wouldn't 'run off on my own again,'" InuYasha mimicked. "Whatever that means."

"Well, you did," Miroku pointed out. "Left us behind and everything. Kagome just wanted to help. Have you ever thought that no other miko has been able to use the kotodama?"

InuYasha mulled that over for a bit. "Not really. Never really thought about it. Well – that ain't true. Kaede put the thing on me."

"True, but she couldn't use it."

"Yeah, so?"

"I think-" Miroku took a deep breath before forging on, "I think Kagome saw it as a connection between the two of you. Yeah, she used it quite a bit, but she got better. And nobody else could do it… and it saved your life a few times, if I recall."

InuYasha grunted again, glaring as Kagome rushed out of the house to snag the necklace. He watched as his younger self bounded from the well, hollering for Kagome to "hurry her ass up." For a moment, the young hanyou turned curiously to where the two men stood, scent- and sound-blocked by Miroku's wards.

After a few tentative sniffs, the younger InuYasha whirled to snag Kagome by the wrist, hauling her bag over one shoulder and her over his other (she merely giggled) and leaping back into the well.

As the magic faded, Miroku and InuYasha stepped toward the shrine stairs.

Miroku peered at his friend out of the corner of his eye. InuYasha didn't notice; his gaze was glued to his fingers… which rolled the beads of the necklace thoughtfully.