Normal Insecurities

Summary: Jim and Blair are enlisted to help a nascent Sentinel learn to control her abilities. Crossover with Sanctuary.
Rating: PG
Author's Note: Mahalo to Kameka for the beta read. I didn't follow all your suggestions, but I appreciated every one. All remaining errors are my own.

Okay, I'm including this as its own Chapter just because it isn't part of the story but it's long and you may or may not need to actually read it. If you know both shows, Sentinel and Sanctuary, feel free to skip to the next chapter. Otherwise, go ahead and read the relevant paragraph below for some background.

Author's Note 2: Crossover between "Sentinel" and "Sanctuary". Here's a brief overview of each show in case you haven't seen one or the other:

Sentinel is about Jim Ellison, a cop whose five senses are all radically enhanced, making him in essence a "walking forensics lab" (Jim's a Sentinel, a role that's existed since the dawn of man: he is a protector, defender, guard, warrior, and keeper of the peace) and his partner, Blair Sandburg (Blair is Jim's Guide, a Shaman who helps Jim keep his powers --and sometimes his instincts-- under control and generally offers sound and moderate advice to counter Jim's habit of acting before he thinks). Blair was an anthropologist studying Sentinels when he discovered Jim, a living example of the topic of his dissertation, and the two have been inseparable since. Jim was largely reluctant to accept the idea that he was different (a "freak" according to his father), but he accepted Blair into his life, first as a helper and later as a friend. The two spent several years as partners on the police force (Blair simultaneously studying and documenting Jim's abilities and working at a local university as he studied towards his doctorate). During this time, Jim's abilities (and Blair's insights) were invaluable in solving numerous serious crimes and saving countless lives. Ultimately, Blair would sacrifice his academic career to keep Jim's abilities secret from the public (unfortunately not before the media got a hold of the story) and be offered a full-time position with the police after declaring himself a fraud to the world (thus protecting Jim's secret).

Sanctuary is a series that originally aired with the tagline "Even things that go bump in the night need protection" (later "Some hide, they seek"). Sanctuaries exist to protect and assist humans with supernatural abilities and also cryptids (creatures commonly found only in folklore and crypto-zoology). The Sanctuary is led by Doctor Helen Magnus, the first female to be made a doctor by the Royal Academy of Surgeons (go ahead, do the math). After an experiment that seemed like a good idea at the time, Magnus became functionally immortal. She is now 157 years old and doesn't look any older than she did at the time of the initial experiment. She has, however, learned a great deal in the meantime and expanded her interest in supernatural people and creatures ("abnormals") to the point where there are well-equipped Sanctuary houses and a network of monster hunters and abnormal contacts and associates world-wide. She is assisted in her work by "new guy" psychiatrist Doctor Will Zimmerman, who was new to the whole world less than a year ago and is still being constantly surprised. Will is insightful to a degree that may or may not be natural, and he often helps Magnus reach out to abnormals who might not otherwise trust her. In the past, Will was employed by both the FBI and local police agencies for his insights into criminal activities and behaviors. Eventually, he and his theories were deemed too "out there", and began to be dismissed, which seems to have been all Magnus was waiting for to approach him. Also employed by Magnus' Sanctuary house is the actual Bigfoot (or ONE of them, at least--her butler, grateful for an act of kindness she once performed for him and refusing to leave). Henry Foss is Magnus' technical support/equipment guy, a werewolf she encountered on the moors of Britain as a child and took in. He only recently experienced his first transformation and was initially reluctant to have anything to do with that aspect of his being, until he realized that he could be of as much use to Magnus as a werewolf as he could be as a tech whiz. Rounding out the Sanctuary team is 23 year old Ashley Magnus, Helen Magnus' daughter and designated monster-hunter for the group. She goes after those creatures that are a threat to humankind, and handles arm's deals and contacts with the underworld of abnormal who live covertly among regular humans. Ashley was conceived in the 1800s but not born until the 20th century. Her father is Montague John Druitt (look it up on Wikipedia; the girl's dad is Jack the Ripper), a situation she still has a slight chip on her shoulder over.

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