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Author's Note: This takes place a century or two, maybe three (I haven't decided yet) after the end of Queen of the Darkness. For my purposes, most everyone's long-lived, to a greater or lesser extent. I couldn't stand it if Jaenelle and everyone died after only several decades, leaving Daemon and Saetan and Lucivar alone!! Any way, Jaenelle is the un-official Queen of Ebon Askavi. Technically she's not anymore, since she doesn't wear the black, but the other Kaeleer Territories ultimately owe fealty to her etc… unofficially. I'll explain more about my story in later chapters.

*~~~~~~~ Chapter One: Misbehaving in the Great Hall~~~~~~~*

Aravian flew towards the ceiling, narrowly missing Karla's grab for her. The young girl stuck her tongue out, making Karla scowl.

"Aravian, get down here right now or I'll smack you so hard you won't be able to sit down for a month!" Surreal shouted.

The girl knew she didn't mean it; she had made similar threats often and had yet to carry them out. But she put on her best repentant face and said "Yes, Mamma," flying down to stand with her mother and Auntie Karla.

Karla, looking at them, sometimes could hardly believe they were related. Where Surreal could have passed for Hayllian but for the eyes and ears, Aravian looked just like the Dea al Mon. Except for the wings. Those looked just like what they were, from her Eyrian father.

Aravian's hair was long and straight, a shade of silver so bright it was almost metallic. No matter how much time the girl spent outside, flying or fighting, her skin was almost translucent in it's paleness. And her eyes, dominating her already deceptively delicate face at the age of eleven, were a deep blue so pure they matched the Sapphire Jewel that was her Birthright.

Falonar walked in, scowling. "You are supposed to be outside with Lucivar." His expression was set and stubborn.

"But, Daddy," her bell-like voice was wheedling. They all knew, already, that the child's mind ran along devious lines. She knew just how to wrap people around her little finger--especially big old softy men. But Falonar was used to this particular argument, and just pointed at the door.

"Oh all right, Father." The child huffed out.

Karla looked at him. "How interesting. When she wants something, you're 'Daddy.' When she is denied, you're 'Father.'" Karla was grinning.

Falonar snarled at her.

She smiled poisoned chocolate. "Kiss kiss."


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