Here's that pronunciation guide. I got the first part straight from the horses mouth, so to speak, from Anne Bishop's website. I'll update this as I go through the story, introducing new characters and such. It will always be the last chapter, so don't get confused. If there's someone I don't have on here that you'd like me to add, say so in a review or e-mail me at

Jaenelle -- Jah-nell (this is a soft j)

Daemon -- Day-mon (the difference is the ae in male names is a hard "a"
and the ae in female names is a soft "a")

Saetan -- Say-tan

Lucivar -- Lew-se-var

Eyrien -- EAR--ee-en

Kaelas -- Kay-las.

Khardeen -- Kar-deen

Khary -- Kare-ee

Tersa -- Tair-sa

Grezande -- Greh-zahn-day

Kaeleer -- Kah-leer

Terreille -- Ter-reel

Chaillot -- Shy-lah

Hayll -- Hi-eel

Aravian -- R(like the letter)-ah-vee-an

Avaesel -- uh-vay-sel *means "Flight's Claw"

Luthar -- lew-thar(is this one really that hard?) *obviously named after Luthvian

Lucivia -- lew-siv(like in 'civilized')-vee-uh *duh, named after Lucivar

Enettei -- N(like the letter)-eh-tee

Lijah -- lee-juh (soft 'j')

Teele -- tee-lay *named after Grandmammy Teele

Nickolaes -- nik(like 'you nicked yourself shaving')-o(like the letter)-lace

Bran -- if you don't know how to say this one, you're just sad.

Calida -- kal-ee-duh *means 'ardent'

Sadira -- suh-deer-uh *means 'star'

Elasia -- E(like the letter)-lay-shuh

Jaene – jane (like the regular name we have) *named after Jaenelle