Chapter 1: Wonderful Day

The sun rose on a wonderful December morning as the rays shined upon Road Rover HQ. The sun shined through the windows of Hunter and Colleen's room. They shined upon Hunter as he awoke with a yawn. He sat up and looked over at Colleen who was still asleep by his side. He smiled at the sight of his wife sleeping peacefully next to him. He placed is hands on her shoulders and gently rubbed them. Colleen then started to stir as she awoke and sat up. She gave a yawn and spoke, "Morning Huntie."

"Morning Colleen," he said as they kissed. "How are you today?"

"I'm always wonderful when you're here with me. How are you?" Colleen said.

"Perfect especially since Christmas is only a few days away," Hunter said.

Colleen smiled, "me too I just love this time of the year."

Hunter spoke, "Me too, and don't forget that we all have to go Christmas shopping later on in the afternoon."

"I didn't and can't wait," Colleen said.

"I know and this is going to be the first Christmas I get celebrate with mom," Hunter said.

"I know and it's going to be great," Colleen said. "So Huntie how are things going with mom and Shadow?"

"She told me everything is going good and how such a gentlemen he is," Hunter said.

"I'm glad they're together they look so happy together," Colleen said.

Hunter nodded, "I know, and I'm glad to know that mom is happy with Shadow."

"I'm glad you're happy also," Colleen said.

"Me too, I love so much then words can say," Hunter said.

"I love you so much also Huntie," Colleen said.

They kissed again as they got out of bed and headed to take a shower. They got dressed after that, walked out of their room and walked to the kitchen for breakfast.

Ariel and Axel had walked out of the shower in their room, after a rather passionate night. They both kissed and Ariel spoke, "I love you so much Axel."

Axel smiled, "I love you so much too Ariel."

"So what are we going to do today?" Ariel asked.

"Well after breakfast everyone is going to decorate the place, and they later we all go Christmas shopping," Axel said. "And one good thing is this is going to be the first time we have a Christmas with dad."

"I know and he's also going to have Sierra to celebrate it with," Ariel said.

Axel smiled, "I know, dad has been real happy since him and Sierra got together."

"From what you told me he was like you before you told me that you loved me," Ariel said.

"I know and I'm glad I told you or else we wouldn't be together," Axel said.

Ariel smiled, "and I'm glad we're together."

They kissed again, left their room for breakfast.

Sierra left her room and was greeted by Shadow outside waiting for her. Sierra smiled as they hugged and kissed. "How are you doing today Sierra?" Shadow asked.

"I'm doing good, you?" Sierra said.

"Just perfect," Shadow said as they kissed again. "Your so beautiful."

Sierra smiled, "and your handsome your self."

They both stayed silent for a bit just looking into each other's eyes, then they walked to the kitchen holding hands.

After having a good breakfast everyone was around decorating the place for Christmas. Hunter and Colleen were decorating the tree, Axel and Ariel were putting up the stockings, Shadow and Sierra were putting up some Christmas pictures, Shag was baking some cookies with Exile and Blitz's help. Sierra finished putting up a group photo of all of them, on top the fireplace. Shadow came up behind her and put his arms around her. "Such a nice photo."

Sierra nodded, "I know."

Shadow looked at her and began thinking about their relationship. They been together for a couple of months now and they fallen deeper in love which each other, and he wanted to do something special for her for Christmas. But he wasn't really sure about it; he was sort of worried about what Hunter and Axel would think, but most of all Hunter. Shadow then decided to tell Hunter and find out what he thinks. "Sierra I'll be right back."

"Alright," Sierra said.

Shadow walked over to where Hunter and Colleen were and spoke, "Hunter can I talk to you for a moment?"

"Sure Shadow," Hunter said. He looked at Colleen, "Be right back Colleen." They both kissed each other then Hunter and Shadow went out into the hall. "What's up Shadow?"

"Hunter you know for Christmas I want to do something special for Sierra and…"

"And what?" Hunter asked.

"Your mother loves me so much and I love her so much and it's just…"

"What is It Shadow," Hunter asked.

"Well…" Shadow then whispered it into his ear.

Hunter had a surprised face after hearing what Shadow said. "You serious?" Shadow nodded. Hunter then smiled, "that's wonderful."

"You're ok with it?' Shadow asked.

Hunter nodded, "yes I know that your love for each other is strong and I know it had to happen sooner or later."

"You did?" Shadow said. Hunter nodded and Shadow smiled, "Thank you Hunter."

"No problem," Hunter said. "Does Axel know yet?"

Shadow shook his head, "no not yet. I'm going to tell him later."

"So when are you going to do it?" Hunter asked.

"Soon but I need to buy something first later today," Shadow said.

Hunter put his hand on his shoulder, "I wish you good luck with it."

They both went back into the room; Hunter then went back to Colleen. "What did he want to talk about Huntie?"

Exile came to them with a tray of fresh baked cookies, "cookies comrades?"

"Thanks," Hunter and Colleen said as they took one.

Hunter said what Shadow told him. Colleen also had a surprised face, as did Exile. "He really is?" Colleen said.

Hunter nodded, "yes he loves her that much."

Exile spoke, "that's wonderful thought he's going to do."

The three looked at the two. "Those two will defiantly do great together," Colleen said.

"I agree comrade," Exile said.

"Me too, me too," Hunter said.

They all went back to decorating for another hour, then they all prepared to go out shopping. While they all got ready Hunter and Colleen went to the Master to tell him of their plans. When they got there they knocked and went in after hearing the come in.

The Master faced them after seeing them, "what can I do for you Hunter and Colleen?"

Hunter spoke, "Master we all are going out for some Christmas shopping and we'll be back in a couple of hours."

Master nodded, "alright you all have a good time."

"Thank you Master," Colleen said.

"Anytime have fun," Master said.

Hunter and Colleen left for their room to get prepared. After getting ready they went to the hanger where everyone was waiting. They all entered the Street Rover and drove off to the mall.

But their plans for a peaceful holiday may have to be put on hold since they will be call upon again to stop a serious threat.

A/N: hope you like, if anyone found out what Shadow is going to do good work for figuring it out. Nex chapter will be out soon.